Scam Letter(s) from Christy Repp to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Dear Michael,
How are you?? Oh I am sorry I did not reply your e-mail soon, My day was really busy today when I got an e-mail update from the bank in London asking me for a Approve code by phone call so that my mother inheritance will be paid out.. I have a good news for you and a bad one too..I think I should start with the Bad one...I Just found out detail about all this when I wanted to send you an e-mail today about what I think and feel for you, Than I got an e-mail for the Bank of Nat west asking me to give them a phone call with the approve code so that my late mother inheritance money can be pay out, so I did e-mail them right away, that my mother inheritance should not be paid out to any body on my behalf, So the Nat West Bank Of London contact me and told me to come over to the bank on 03 Mar 2014 to submit every document for the clearance of my Inheritance which have being pending since the death of my mother in London. I love you and I believe I can't keep thing away from you any more. I just believe you have brought me good luck and that is why I want to keep trusting you as my husband to be.

NAT WEST BANK told me the London Government had submitted some document on 1 Mar 2014 for payment refund into Government property, I was really mad when I found out about this and I told them they should stop the London Government trying to get my inheritance at government property, So they contact me by e-mail with attach document ask me to print out and do paper work and have them filled and submitted in person at Nat West Bank head office on 03 Mar 2014. If I really want to stop the Government from getting my inheritance..

My dear I have been worried about all this, I wish you where here to hold me... My day have been really bad because London Government are trying to get all what belong to me...I attach a copy of the document sent from the NAT WEST BANK asking me to come over to London to open a bank account to claim my late mum inheritance before 03 Mar 2014 at 4:00 pm....

I am sorry my dear that is the bad news for you, I have to show up in London on before 03 Mar 2014 because I have to submit every paper and document for my inheritance in London... So I have to sell my gold jewellery at the jewels store to come up with so money just to get a ticket to fly to London....I am sorry I have to tell you this now please let me know how to send back your $210 or just support me in any way you can....

I just hope you will understand me and support me as I work on getting my inheritance into my hand, So I will have to pack up my laptop in my luggage so that I will be able to check and reply your e-mail as soon as I get ready for my trip to London tomorrow.. Bank e-mail below..

Kisses and Hugs



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