Scam letter(s) from Alla Gulyayeva to Jack (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello,my dear John!
I have looked through your profile and I have decided at once that we have to continue our correspondence. I am not sure what these relations will lead to,but life is too short if not to try every chance it gives us. I think that we have to use this luck,meeting each other in the Internet.
How do you think?
I know that love can move the mountains and make two people the happiest in the whole world!I want to find my love,who will help me to be the happiest,beloved woman, and I will give all my tenderness and love in return!!!
What is our life without the dearest,caring and smiling man next to you?
If you agree with the things I am saying,write me on this address:
I am waiting for your letter impatiently!!!
Letter 2
Hello my dear John! I am happy to start our communication. Probably it is a beginning of something special in our life.:)
My name is Alla. I was born on the East of Ukraine in a small mining town Krasnodon. I am only one child in my family.I have only my mom. She is a wonderful woman and I love her very much. My dead died in 2008. He was a very wise and good man. He was a miner and he was killed in the mine while the methane exploding. It was a shock for me and for my mom. We will never forget that day.
We keep a good memory about him and he is always in our hearts. Unfortunately my town is very small and I have to work in a big industrial city Lugansk, which is not far from my town. I rent a flat in Lugansk and sometimes, when I do not have too much work,I come back home at the weekends. I try to support my mom as I can, but of course we are lack of a strong shoulder now. It is very hard to survive in this cruel world for two lonely women, when you do not have a protection.
Now some information about me. I was born on the 17th of March. I am 38 years old. I am divorced and I have a daughter. My ex husband refused me when I gave the life to our daughter. He was afraid of the hardships and he was not created for the family relationship. So, all the problems were on my shoulders:sleepless nights,lack of money, problems with the work, but I do not regret about that. I have a wonderful daughter.She is 19 years old now and she is going to graduate from the Pedagogical university after two years. Her speciality is a teacher of Music.She is my proudness. She plays the piano and violin very well! Her name is Masha. I haven't heard about my ex husband for a long time and I even do not want to talk about him. I do not forgive a betrayal.
You know, I am in a search of my true love here. I do not need a money wallet. There are a lot of rich Ukrainian men here. I need my soul mate for the rest of my life. So, your nationality and age are not important for me.
Also I want you to be sincere with me from the very beginning. You can tell me everything. I do not want to have any secret between us.
Unfortunately my English is poor, but I want to improve it as soon as possibly.The biggest problem for me is I do not have my computer. That is why I use a service of a private translator, which helps me a lot. My working days are very busy and I do not have a time for Internet cafe. So,it is an only one way for our communication, but I will do the best to change this situation, because I understand the importance of a common language between us.
As for my plans for the future, I am ready to relocate to another country and to create my family there with my beloved man. My daughter Masha has her beloved man here and she will support my mom of course. My dearest daughter and my mom would be glad to see my happy smile and they do not mind if I find my love in another country.
So, if you are still interested in me, I will be happy to know you better and to tell you about my interests. I will answer all your questions with a great pleasure.
Please, tell me about yourself and send to me more photos of you.
I will be waiting for your letter impatiently and if you want to continue our connection, I will be happy to write to you my phone number to be able to hear your voice. With the warmest regards, Alla.
Letter 3
Hello my dear John, I am very glad to have your letter and nice photo. It seems to me that we have got a lot of similar things and the same interests. I think it would be comfortably for us to spend our time together. You write me your thoughts and it seems to me that you read my thoughts. It is really very nice! :)
How was your day? As for me, I have too much work today.By the way, I work as an accountant in a woman shop.
I have a high economical education. So,I have a possibility to make my career,but frankly speaking,it is not my purpose. My family is my priority. I would like to give all my love and tenderness to my beloved man.
I like to take care about the house and to make it cozy. I like to work in the garden and it brings to me a lot of pleasure. My mom gave to me a lot of secrets how to be an ideal woman.:):) Now I try to give all these secrets to my daughter. So, I am not bad at cooking and I can say that I am a creative person. You will not be bored with me!!!
I can be jolly and funny, but at the same time,I am a very romantic person. I like silence of the mountains and sunset on the sea. I am not a bad dancer also.:) I adore sport and I like jogging. I like to take care of my face and body. That is why I do not smoke.
As for my soul,I am a woman of one man and if I fall in love,it is forever. I will not be able to forgive a betrayal, as I couldn't do that in my past, you know.
I didn't think about my happiness when my daughter was little. I gave to her my care and love, but now it is the time for me to think about my happiness and Masha insists on it.:)
Unfortunately a lot of men consider me as a beautiful woman and it is my biggest problem, because I am only a beautiful toy for men. They do not want to look into my soul. They need only my body.
Maybe it is the main reason, why I decided to use the Internet. I am sure our letters will help you to know my inner world before our meeting and to make your own decision about our future. I do not want to make any mistake in my future. I a mature woman and I want to be happy with my beloved man, whom I devote all my life.
To change men as gloves- it is not for me. I am looking for my one and only forever.
I should confess that I am ready to relocate to another country for the sake of my love and future.
Now I would like to know your opinion about my letter. You can be honest with me and to write the truth. I appreciate it very much.
I want to hear your vice very much! My phone number is +38-063-15-86-175. The best time of our phone connection for me is from 1p.m. till 5p.m. Ukrainian time.
So, I should finish my letters and I am waiting for your response impatiently.

With the best regards,Alla.
Letter 4

Dear John! Thank you very much for your response. I can feel more and more attraction to you and it is hard to explain, because a huge distance is between us. I can say that I wait for your letters very much. I spend my lunch time for the visit to the office of my translator and it is the best relaxation for me. I reread each word from your letter very carefully, trying to catch your mood and trying to imagine your life.
Yes, I am interested in you a lot and I should confess that our connection is very important for me.
It is a very hard time for Ukrainian people now and I pray for a better time. Many people were killed in Kiev and now we have a mess in our city. I am scared a lot now, but I never lose my hope.
How are you there, my dear?? How are your children? How was your day??? As for me, I have too much work as usually. Sometimes I even do not have enough time for my lunch. I come back home very tired, but I must work hard because I do not have another way.:)
My evenings are not special. As a rule, I take a shower after my work and cook something for my dinner. I like to listen to the music and it sounds always in my house. I like reading very much and sometimes my friends come to my place. I like to communicate with nice and interesting people.
I want to ask you one question. What is your dream now??
As for me, I dream about my woman happiness. I think you understand what I mean.:)
Also I dream about travelling. I have never been abroad before and my dream is to see this wonderful world. Travelling is a luxury for me. It is very expensive and I can't afford it to myself. I look at the pictures of such big cities as Rome, Chicago,Paris,Vienna.....and I dream about my visit there.
I like nature very much and I would be happy to spend a honey moon with my beloved man on a beautiful island. Sorry, I am very romantic today.:):)
You know, I do not like to come back home after my work because nobody waiting for me there. I should say that thanks to our correspondence, I do not feel a loneliness in my soul anymore. I can't stop thinking of you and I have a special feeling inside.
Ok, my dear, I should finish my letter now, because it is a time to come back to my work.
Let me to send to you my sweet kiss. I am waiting for your response very much. Your Alla.
Letter 5
Dear John!! I am grateful to you for our special virtual world and a pleasure, which I get from our communication.I think our letters help us to understand each other better and it is very important for our relationships.
How are you there, my dear? I should confess that it is very hard for me to concentrate my thoughts on my work now... I think about you very often and when I read your letters, it seems to me a huge distance between us disappears and you sit next to me. :)
This feeling is new for me, but...... it is warm and pleasant.
You know,yesterday I felt an emptiness in my soul again, when I came back home.
I was lack of my loving man, I was lack of warmth at my home.
My life is a hall of waiting now because I am waiting for my future life.I want to open a new page of my Life Book.I am ready to write a lot of bright and colorful pages in it and I want them to be connected with you.
My dreams??
You know, yesterday I was listening to the music of the rain, being in my bed, and I was thinking about us. I wanted to snuggle to you, feeling your breath,warmth and strong hands.I would give to you my sweet and soft kiss,purring with a pleasure like a small kitten.
Together, under the blanket,feeling each other and whispering loving words... Dreaming about the future and making plans together.
What can be better than a true love??? Now I will write to you something very important. Please, read these lines carefully. So,I am happy that you have entered into my life. Your existence is not a filling of an empty space in my life. It something, which I was waiting for all my life. I want you to know that each word of my letter has been written from my soul. I am sending to you my sweet kisses and I am waiting for your next letter very much. Sincerely yours Alla with love.
Letter 6
Dear John, thank you very much for you letter. I like you very much.
It seems to me I was waiting for you for all my life.
Thank you for your existence. My mom says hello to you.
I would like to visit her soon. My dear, you know,I am very sad today because I have a big problem with my job.
Please, forgive me for my short letter. I am very disappointed today. I kiss you and I will be waiting for your next letter very much. Your Alla with love.
Letter 7
Hello my dear John!! You know, it is a very hard time for Ukrainian people. We are scared of a possible war here and we pray for a better time.
John,if I had my wings, I would fly to you right now. I want to meet you very much!! It is a pleasure for me to get your letters and to have our communication. It means a lot for me. I can feel that your feelings are serious and your words can't be empty. I want to believe that I do not mistake in my thoughts. You know,we can write a lot of words in our letters, but sometimes the actions speak louder than the words. I am in a big trouble now and I want to share it with. I do not know your reaction on it, but I am not afraid to tell you the truth.
So, I have some problems with my work. As you know, I work as an accountant in a shop. A director of this shop is close to the bankrupt. My salary and the salary of other workers will be reduced from the next month and it is a reasonable changing for me. As an accountant, I can say that she will not be able to improve her business. Our laws are ****** and they try to **** a small business, which is not able to develop in such circumstances. I think, I should start to search another place of work, which is not easy now. I didn't tell to my mom about it and I do not know how to do it because my salary was tiny and now we will not be able to pay even for some necessary things. I can feel that a very hard period of time is waiting for me and my mom now and frankly speaking I am afraid of it very much. Probably it is very difficult for you to imagine the feelings of a lonely woman when she gets in a trouble, when there is nobody to rely on and when she is impotent to change something. I do not want to complain and to explain anything, but I do hope you understand me without any words. I am in a deep desperation now.
Please, sorry for my sad letter. I should finish it now. I will be waiting for your respond very much.

Sincerely yours Alla with love and hope.
Letter 8
My dear John!!
The situation in my country is very bad now, but we have a hope for a better time. We do not stop to pray.
I am very sorry about my sad letter. Please, do not judge me for it. I truly believe that my problems are temporal, because I am not going to give up, but my situation now is terrible. I do not know what to do. I am in a desperation.
My wage will be reduced and delayed and it means that I should refuse from my food or from the payment for my bills or from our correspondence.
I can't die because of a hunger and I can't live on the street in the case if I do not pay for my bills, but also I can't lose you, because you became too dear to me and I do not imagine my life without our connection now. What should I do??? A political and economical situation in my country is like a nightmare now and I do not know what is waiting for us tomorrow, but I know exactly that my life will be empty without you.
As a woman, I have my proudness and shame, but I must overcome them now, asking you for help. It is a big humiliation for me, but I do not have another way.
I do not ask you to give to me the money for my needs. I just ask you to help me with our correspondence, because it is only one way of our connection now. I do not have an access to the Internet and my computer is only a dream for me now.We need our letters to be able to plan our future and it would be so silly to lose each other now, when I realized that you are a very special man for me and when I have never had such feelings inside before.
But to be honest, from another side I do not want a money question to spoil our relationship and I ask you a forgiveness about my request, but I know, if we lose each other, we will regret about it later. I hope for your understanding.
I should pay $8 per one letter or $250 per one month of unlimited correspondence,which is cheaper. If to pay per two months at once, it will cost about $370.
My full name is Alla Gulyayeva.
My home address is Ukraine,Krasnodon,94430, Koshevoy Street,88. My phone number is +38-063-15-86-175.
I can get your help with my passport and ID code, using such kind of money transfer systems as Western Union,Moneygram, Anelik, Unistream or Contact.
Please, forgive me for my letter. I have never felt such humiliation before in my life, but I do not want to lose you. Really. I kiss you and please, write to me soon. Sincerely yours Alla with love and hope.
Letter 9
Dear John, my name is Natasha. I am a private interpreter and I help to your lady Alla with a translation and sending your letters because she doesn't
have an access to the Internet, she doesn't speak English well and she doesn't work with a computer.
My work is to translate different kinds of texts,**** translations and teaching English. I have enough experience in it because my speciality is a teacher of English and World literature.
Your lady Alla is not able to pay for my service anymore because of the problems with her work and she relies on you in this situation because she is interested in you very much and she doesn't want to lose your connection.
If you are a ready to help to her with the payment for your correspondence,I will be happy to inform her about it.
Please, let her to know about your decision.
She is in my office now,waiting for your response. Warm regards,Natasha.
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