Letter(s) from Ayrina Omarova to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello:)It’s a pleasure to be the object of your interest. I’d like to get to know you better and hope our communication will lead to something special. Would you like that?
I am new to this internet thing, but I have witnessed a very romantic story happened like this and decided to try too. You never know sometimes what life can bring you, right? I am 23y.o. I live in Rovno. It’s a small town, but I like it, because I was born here and I have my family and friends there. I have college education,but now I work at the furniture shop. When I have free time I enjoy sport, especially aerobics and fitball.I like to lead healthy lifestyle, and I don’t have bad habits.I like also cooking and trying out new recipes. My family and friends say that I am a good cook and always ask for more:)

I believe a woman should be a good hostess.I also enjoy travelling and learning new things. I adore being at theseaside and in the mountains.When I have an opportunity I go there for vacation.Do you like to travel? Have you ever been to Ukraine? I am very communicative person, I like people and to get to know them, I am cheerful and sweet young woman.

In people I rate honesty and belief in good things.Here I’d like to find sincere and serious relationship. I think you can meet your second half just elsewhere. Now I finish and hope to get your reply soon. Please share more about

your personality, lifestyle, occupation. :) And of course I'd like tohave your photos too:)Have a wonderful day,Sincerely,Olya

Letter 2

I was so happy to get your letter!!!I really felt very attracted to you even though I haven't seen your pics, but it's so easy to communicate with you and I feel we can talk about everything without being afraid of being misunderstood.
I wonder are you emotional person? Do you prefer to show your feelings or keep them inside? Are you romantic? do you need some space or are you the person who always needs to do things with your partner?
you are right honesty and trust are essential elements in a happy relationship. I think it's also important to discuss things with your partner.
As for my city, Rovno is not a big city. We have about 250.000 people living. It's also quite old town. We have several enterprises, but the most well-known I would say is the factory where they make jewelry and process amber.
Now it's cold here, today we had -4C, but we are used to that. Not so long ago we had frosts up to -25C That was really cold, brr:)

I think it will be great to meet. What do you think? Seriously I wouldn't enjoy too long correspondence. I think it's more special when you can see each other in reality, feel each other, see smiles, hold hands...

Look forward for your letter with impatience!!! And for your photos:)

Letter 3

I am fine and I am very happy to hear from you. It was wonderful to speak over the phone, although the connection wsan't always good.
Well, I guess I am used not to have internet at home:) The only I miss it when I can't write you a letter right away.
I am very excited to meet you. Today I went to the travel agency and they offer lots of tours to Sharm el Sheikh. They showed me the variety of hotels and they were fantastic!!! Wow, it would be a paradise to be there with you.
The prices start from $600 for 4 star hotel all inclusive and together with the flight for 7 nights. The manager told me that it's better to get not less than 4 star hotel. I will have to fly from Kiev, because it's there only a closest international airport. And the flight is on April 14th.
I feel sooo excited, that we can see each other sooon!!!
Here is the contact info from this tourist agency I went to
email is FrigateTravel@i.ua
Please contact them.
Even if you don't dance, I still want to meet you very much!!!!
Send you a very big kiss and wait for your reply with impatience,

Letter 4

I'm in a big trouble in Kiev now!!!
I found with GREAT difficulties internet cafe to write you my situation. I MISS my flight and now I'm sitting in the internet cafe and don't know what to do.I feel shame and and I'm in despair now.
My train was late because in Ukraine we have Euro 2012,schedule is very busy,therefore my train go to Kiev not in time!!!I came to Kiev before 1 hour at my flight.I left railway station and took a taxi,driver tried to move fast,but traffic also was busy.When I got to airport ,it was too late. I tried to change my flight,but it turned expensive,it was necessary to give additional payment for it.I was in despair and much time couldn't concentrate at anything. I just was sitting and cried.It was too early to go outside and look for internet cafe. Later at noon I found this cafe to write you.I don't know what to say, I'm afraid that you'll hate me,therefore I couldn't call you... I feel big shame,because I spoiled everything,I broke our sweet dream to meet.It happened,because I'm not experienced in travels.Forgive me,dear,if you can...
With love