Scam letter(s) from Ayrina Omarova to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Timothy!!!
I ask a pardon that I have not written to you yesterday. Yesterday at me was a lot of work.
I worked on looking that all had a day off. In hospital many sick children.
All of them require my help. And on it I could not leave them.
I hope, that I have not forced you to worry.
I wish to tell to you about my hobbies!
In our country all people listen to foreign music. You when or listened to a song from Beatles-yesterday?
It is a beautiful song, it very much is pleasant to me. You heard this song?
I as like to go to the cinema. In our country show many foreign films!
Most of all I like to look films about love but as I like to look adventures!
You looked a film "Titanic"? It is very beautiful film about love.
If you did not look this film, I advise to look to you it!
I as liked a film "Ashes Potter", It is very interesting film!
Nevertheless I I many times looked a film "Titanic"!! I very much like this film.
When I look this film, I always cry. It is very beautiful history about love!!!
Except viewing of films, I like to spend time on the nature.
On the nature I like to breathe fresh air. And to admire its beauty.
As I like to spend a free time about water. I well am able to float.
And on it in the summer I often come on the river which is near to our city.
I as will be glad, if you write to me about your hobbies.
Letter 2
Today I have told to my mum that has got acquainted with you!!!
I have told, that I have got acquainted with you by means of the Internet.
My mum worries about me. She says, that is very dangerous to get acquainted with people from other country by means of the Internet.
But I have told to mum, that you very good person and cannot make to me bad :)).
With you I again feel the woman, you my loved one!!!
My mum trusts me and wishes my of good luck!!!
I think, that our acquaintance, have already brought to us great pleasure.
I very much wish to continue our dialogue.
It is very pleasant to me to read your letters.
Letter 3
Hi my dear Tim!!!
I am glad to read your letter! To me it is very pleasant, that you answer me!
As I ask to forgive me if I did not answer some your questions.
Simply sometimes I do not understand that you wish to ask me.
On it I could not answer your question.
I remember, when I wrote you the first letter, I very much worried. Also there can be I spoke a lot of the superfluous.
And now I think, that my dreams start to be carried out!!!
I am happy!!! I am very happy, because you have answered my messages. I am happy, that between us such warm and pure relations!
I am grateful to all world, that the world has presented me you!!! I think, that in the world all people - worthy happiness!!
The life gives the chance to us to be happy.
Only now I understand how you have changed my life!!!
Today I had a free day!!! Today I did not work! And I do not know than to me to be engaged.
I have got used to be in hospital all the day. And it is very a pity to me, that we cannot go together to cafe or in park.
I think, that we could spend together good evening!
I hope, that in the future we can spend time well together. I am confident that it will be good time for us.
I hope, that you were good day. I will write to you later.
Yours Darya!!!
Letter 4

My dear, I wish to learn how you spend your free time.
I very cheerful person and often think out different entertainments for myself and for my friends.
I like to help to my friends to do a life interesting.
It can be various things: dances, cinema or entertainments on the nature.
But if it is fair, all these entertainments occupy only time. And I have less pleasures from it.
I often dream of romantic evening with the favourite person. It can be a supper or simply walk.
I think, that in it there is a lot of charm.
You the romantic person, you think of such things? You like to spend evening with your native?
It is pleasant to me, when we all family gather behind one table.
Excuse me for a question: you have a woman whom you love?
I think, that you the good person and the attractive man. You draw attention of many women.
What at you a private life now? Please tell to me about it.
Possibly you want, what that to ask me? I will answer your questions.
Write to me in more details about your feelings to me.
I wait your messages. My embraces!!! Yours Darya!!!
Letter 5
I wish to divide with you my dreams. Actually, I feel alone.
I have mum, the daddy, sister. But in my heart loneliness.
And even when I read the book go I watch TV, I understand, that I am deceived.
And the favourite person is necessary for me. The person with whom I can spend good evenings,
To meet new day and to see off the old! To speak about the future and to recollect the past.
I wish to go and feel, that the strong hand of the beloved supports me.
I understand, that the life without love is impossible! It is necessary to enjoy a life and the love is necessary for this purpose.
You can understand, that the life is really very beautiful, when you love!
There can be you will tell, that I live in dreams, but I know, that dreams will be carried out in a reality.
The main thing to trust in it and all dreams can become a reality!
We live in a real life and on it we cannot dream all time.
To be happy, it is necessary to work. I think, that all in our hands!!!
One Russian poet Sergey Yesenin has told: "We are born, that a fairy tale to make the truth!"
You can be heard about the Russian poets?
They are very known people and their products very valuable!
I will possibly read verses to you when-nibud if you certainly love it.
When the dream becomes obsession, it can bring only a pain and disappointment.
The dream should be an asterisk at night as a beacon at life ocean, the dream should spend you to a victory!
I think, that it is impossible to live without dreams and hopes! When the person has a dream, his life is filled by sense.
Belief and Hope - eternal companions of our life!
And irrespective of that fact, that it - win or the subdued tops, in the end we will remember the best moments!!!
We have forgotten about disappointment and a defeat pain.
You agree with me? I am surprised, that I so write much.
At me when there was no person with whom I can share my dreams.
But now I have found you and is very happy. Forgive me for my frankness.
Yours Darya!!!
Letter 6
Hi my love!!!
How are you? If could, I would bring to you coffee or tea in bed. I wish to awake you every day and to speak to you "Good morning".
I wish to give you my kiss before you go for work!
I am confident, if we are together every day, we will give each other pleasure and happiness!
My love, I want, that this letter has brought to you pleasure and a smile on your person.
And as I wish you successful day!
As I want, that you knew: I always think of you and is ready to give you my love every minute to your life!
My love, I think, that two persons who have such warm feelings, should be together!
On it I try to write to you each free minute.
I want, that you have understood that I love you and I give you half of mine heart! Also I hope, that you will give me your half of heart.
I feel very much strong feeling of love in my heart! I when did not feel such fine feeling and is grateful to you that you have presented to me it!
And now I hope, that it will bring to you a smile on your person :))))!
That I can make all in this life is to be near to you in any situation!
I think, that we should meet and I am confident, that searched for you all life!
And if you want our meeting just as I want it, I can study all concerning my arrival to you!
Therefore I ask you write to me, what you think of it?
I wish you pleasant day! Now I am confident my feelings on 100 !!
I hope, that my frank letter has not frightened you! I write only that I feel!
I very strongly love you and with impatience I will wait your letter.
With love yours Darya!!!
Letter 7
Hi my dear Tim!!!
I very much miss you my charm! I could not fall asleep at night! I all time think of you!
I do not know, that with me happen, but your letters have changed all my life. I am afraid to write to you such words!
I ask to understand me correctly, it is very pleasant to me to receive your letters. I with the great pleasure read your letters!
And each time when I read your letters that occurs round me, I pay my attention only to your letters.
I simply imagine, that you concern me and as I concern you.
Now at us cool weather. I very much want, that you have warmed me your love, this cool day.
Or to spend with you evening and to remain on all night long.
I wish to go with you under stars and yellow month will shine and show us a way to our happiness.
I ask you that you have closed eyes and have imagined, that we sit in cafe at sea coast, and in our hands glasses with red wine.
And only the fresh wind blows on from the sea. And we one on this this world!!!
I am ready to dream of it all night long and weight day. My love, you want, that these dreams became real?
Of what you dream, when think of me? I very seriously concern to that has written to you.
Probably I am mistaken?
I do not wish to be mistaken, simply I wish to be happy, I simply do not know that, what do you think of my words.
I ask you, tell to me, whether you divide my dreams.
It is very important for me. I very frank girl. I speak you only the truth.
I very strongly trust in sincere love and happiness!!! And I do not wish to be mistaken in you.
With love yours forever Darya!!!
Letter 8
Tonight I spoke with my parents about ours with you relations!!
Mum has asked, what at me with you of the relation! Even my father has become interested, that between us occurs.
I have told, that I love you!!! I have told, that I wish to be with you!!!
I have told, that my life will lose sense if I is not near to you!!!
I have told to my parents everything, that I know about you. I have told, that you very kind and when you will not injure me!
My mum has told, that we should be together! I as think, that it is necessary for us to meet!!!
I very much was afraid, that mum will not support me. My mum agrees with me.
She wishes us happiness and as wants that we were together!
Now I will try to learn the information, on how I can arrive to you.
Now all already sleep! I wished to tell to you, that my mum agrees, that we were together! My father as not against!
Therefore I learn the information as I can arrive to you!
I hope, what you not against if I arrive to you? Or you wish to arrive to me?
My daddy has told, that very dangerously foreigner to arrive to Russia.
There were cases when people abducted and demanded payment! On it I do not want, that you have arrived to Russia.
I when will not forgive to me if with you to happen something bad! I very much love you! I cannot live without you!
I will study the information concerning a trip to you! I will write to you tomorrow!
With love yours forever Darya!!!
Letter 9
Today on work I talked to my director!
I have told to the director that I am fast I will probably cease to work. The director has asked, why I wish to leave work.
I have told, that I wish to be near to you!!!
There is my director did not know, that I correspond with you!
I have told to the director ours with you history! My director the woman!
She has listened to me and has wished our with you of good luck!
There is her daughter too lives abroad with the man! They as have got acquainted through the Internet!
It has gone to it and they have got married! I did not know it earlier!
I precisely do not know in what city they live! The director spoke, but I have not remembered! Very difficult name of a city!
She has told, that her daughter collected many documents to receive the visa!
She has advised to address to me in travel agency! She has written me the address!
After work both I will go to travel agency and I learn the necessary information!!!
I love you!!!!! I will write to you in the evening!!!
With love yours forever Darya!!!
Letter 10
Hi my favourite!!! Now I already at home! I went today to tour agency!
I have learnt the necessary information!
It has appeared, that I need to collect many documents to receive the visa!
I need to receive the passport, the insurance, the visa and other documents!
I have written down on a paper what are necessary to me documents!
Tomorrow I will start to collect all necessary documents! I even should show the reference!
To me have advised to go to you under the tourist visa! This visa will operate 90 days!
I can be near to you of the whole 90 days!!!
If you want, we can even get married! It is remarkable!!!
I so am happy, that I can go to you!
Today to me have told, that I have started to collect documents for the visa!
As soon as I will collect all documents, I should go to tour agency!
Will check there all my documents and will start to do the visa! To me have told, that I should come to them with the passport!
I with impatience wait tomorrow!!! I so worry!!!
I when did not think, that to a smog to go to other country to meet the person!
I love you!!! Now I wish to sleep!!! I will write to you tomorrow!
Good night!!! Yours Darya!!!
Letter 11
Hi my dear Tim!!!
I am glad to your message and thanks, that you understand me!
You which I can always understand!!! How there has passed your day? I hope, that at you all is good!
I have some news to you. Today I called in travel agency.
They have told to me what to receive the tourist visa in your country very difficultly, but they I can help me with it!
The travel agent did not begin to discuss a detail by phone and we have made an an appointment tonight.
Tonight I will meet them to discuss a question with my visa.
I hope, favourite, all will be good!
I have some excitement concerning all it but as I have firm intention to arrive to you!
Therefore no difficulties and expenses of money will stop me!
Write to me! Your messages give me a lot of happiness, forces and energy.
I with impatience will wait your letter. With love yours Darya!
Letter 12
Hi my darling Tim!!!
I am glad, that you have written to me my charm.
My love, I congratulate you about the Valentine's day!!!!
It is very a pity, that we not together this day.
But I hope, that we can soon celebrate the first day, our happy life!!!
My surname: SHACHENOK. Colour of eyes: Grey. My growth 178.
Now I should go to travel agency! I simply wish to write to you, that I always think of you!
Tim, I have a considerable quantity of ideas, concerning the one whom as we can spend together our time.
As I will make to you some surprises and I think, that you will like it.
I will inform you on some my thoughts in following messages.
But you should know, that when you will be in my hands not soon you can get out of my embraces!
I now will not write about things by which I will do with you, but you will long remember it!!!
Now I finish wash the letter! I will write to you after I will return from agency!
I love you!!!! With love yours forever Darya!!!
Letter 13
Hi my darling!!!
I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait, when to a smog to tell to you HI my LOVE - personally.
My day was very strained and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract.
According to the contract, the agency will prepare for me all documents for travel.
Some information on you is required to my agent!
Inform me, your post address both the present name and a surname!
Today I paid in it the first part of money for the visa and other documents to travel.
It was several times more than I thought. I did not plan that is necessary so many money to receive all documents and to go to you!
It appears on all documents to me it is necessary approximately 580$. Cost of the passport, the medical insurance and other documents Here enters!
The passport for travel abroad costs 250$, the medical insurance 97$, the visa 200$, photos on the passport and the visa 30$!
Today I have paid 200$! I had now very few money.
Other sum I should pay under the contract before taking away the visa. My visa will be ready approximately in 2 weeks!
I now cannot pay cost of all necessary documents. And consequently I will try to ask the help for my uncle.
It works in one computer firm which is engaged in working out of various programs for the computer. I hope, that it can help me!!
I have informed you all news on advancement of our meeting and now I go to have a rest!
I am very tired today. I hope, that soon I can to embrace you! I wait for your messages my favourite. My kisses and embraces!
Letter 14
Hi my love Timothy!!!
I am glad, that again I can write you the letter.
I could contact my relatives. But unfortunately, they could not help me.
It is very a pity to me, but I do not know that to me to do now.
And to whom to address for the help. I already asked money in all whom I know. But who cannot help me.
As in Russia it is very difficult to earn money.
My love, it is very awkward to me to speak to you about it. But you can probably help me with a trip to you?
At me does not remain to possibility to find money to pay for my documents. You my last hope.
I have made everything, that I could. I asked about the help of all whom I know.
But unfortunately I managed to pay only a part of money, from cost of my documents.
I very strongly love you and I hope, that you can help me.
For us it is very important to meet. Our future depends on it. And I when will not lose belief that we will be happy together!!!
I hope, that together we can find a way how to find money for my trip.
And all our dreams will be a reality!!!!
I very strongly love you and with impatience I will wait your letter!!!!
With love yours forever Darya!!!
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