Letter(s) from Ayrina Omarova to Dan (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dearest John!

Now I am sure that my day will be bright and lucky for me as I found your reply today. Your letters make my days happier and positive. I will tell the true :) - I was waiting your letter so very much. Today in the morning I waked up with the feeling that I miss to talk to you so much, so I decided to go to the office of the translation firm and to write to you. When I write to you my letters I feel myself in other world. It is so nice to feel myself closer to you with our letters. I am always natural and I cant keep anything inside. If you could only to see my eyes now :)))))..... Dear, I am so thankful to you that you accepted me without having the English skills and didn't stop our correspondence. I understand it makes our communication a bit harder, but now I know your personality better. You are not a person who can be scared with some difficulties and barriers in life. Am I right? It shows that you have a very strong personality.

My dear, I want you to know that I read your letter very well and I just want to try to know more and more about you and your life. You daily events and that is why I always ask a lot of questions in order to read more about you. As for the Skype, I do not have my account on it, but I will try to arrange it for us as soon as possible , ok? By the way, is it possible to see the photos of your kids? Do you meet often with them?

How are you doing today? How is your mood? How was your day? Was it hard? Did you managed to relax a bit? How is the weather in your place? Does it influence on your health? Being a very sensitive girl, I can feel the sharp changes in the weather so much. And what about you?

Dear, today I want to talk to you a bit about how I see and how I think about relationship and love. I truly belive that the difference in age, religion, race and social position doesn't influence on relationship. Of course if it is true feelings between a man and a woman. Perhaps, you have another opinion and view about it, do you? Of course it is your right. And I respect it. I don't want to ask you which bad habits you will not accept in your future life partner, as everyone has bad habits, but that's the beauty of the one you love, do you agree with me? To my mind, it is not right to change the habits in a person. We should get use to them if people love each other. I am ready to get use to the future beloved's and he gets to use to mine (except drug addiction and alcoholism). That's True Love. What do you think about it ? Could you be so kind to share with me your thoughts about True Love??? Do you believe in it?

Oh, I have almost forgot to tell you about my dislikes :)))). I promised you to tell you about it in my previous letter, but the topic of " True Love " enticed me away so much :))). So, I cant accept only two things. The first one, I don't like the hypocrisy. I prefer to say something right to somebody's face then behind somebody's back. I don't believe in " White Lie ". And the second, I cant live with the word " Laziness". What can you tell me about it?

Dear, I really hope, that my today's letter will help you to understand "my inner world" better. Understanding, care and respect is everything I need. I hope that you will not make me to wait too long your reply. Please, take a special care of yourself and remember that one Ukrainian Lady waits some news from you so much. Have a nice day.
Sweetest kisses and hugs from Natalia.