Letter(s) from Ayrina Omarova to Juan (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello again,Juan!

It's nice to hear from you! I'm really glad to receive your mail.

How are you today? how is your mood and health? Hope everything is ok.
I am ok. Nothing special, but I've got extremely great mood.

But I think the most important thing you should know that I am not going to promise you big love from the first letters (I will do it in the following letter, ok? ), not going to write love poems my "true feelings" to you, because it will sound absurdly, at least now. I think that strong and long-term relationship are to be breed. And I hope that we will try to build it from letter to letter, by getting know each other better, discussing different topics. Juan, do you have the same opinion? What do you expect from this correspondence?

Please, don't worry about our age difference. Because I don't see it like a problem. I prefer my man to be older than me, that he can teach me something that he had experienced in his life. Hope, you understand what I mean.

Let me share with you my expectations from my future life with my only one, my partner. Of course, I would like to come to him in order to develop our relationship there, in his country. I want him to feel happiness with me, how much he is cared and desired. I want to be the prettiest woman for him. To cook for him, to amuse him, to bring him joy, to set his mind at rest, to make him hot.... As being an ordinary girl I want to be cared and loved. Like a little fluffy kitten, that falls asleep, nuzzled with its nose to owner's neck, like a piece of ice, that melts in warm hands. If we have some problems, I prefer to discuss them when they've just appeared. I think that it is easier to solve the problem from its very beginning. I don't like the way of so-called "solving problems" by shouting, no good can come of it. The partners should feel each other, feel the situation, when it's better to say something, where - to keep silence and give a calming hug.

Ok, my today's message seems to me rather strange. I do not want to be taken away by my thoughts and fantasies. Now it is your turn to dream and tell me about your desires.

Have a nice day and don't forget that I am eager to continue our correspondence. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards, Alena

Letter 2

Hello dear Juan!

Let me appreciate you for your letter . I am very happy that our correspondence continues. I am happy that you found time to read my letter and write yours. How was your day? Was it special or usual one?
I know that every day life is rather monotonous, but we can make it brighter by ourselves, don’t you agree with me? Every person is an architect of his own fortunes. I build my small happiness by lying in the bath with scented candles or just walking on the streets and breathing deeply, smiling to the sun, skies, trees, vagrant cats.
There are a lot of quiet places in this fast-moving world, where we can hide even in a crowded place. Have you ever thought about it? What can make you feel more happier?

How is the weather in your country? Here it is about -4 at night and +5 in a day. Today it is a bit raining.

Yesterday I had great but a little bit difficult day. It was great because of positive emotion, and difficult because of huge physical activity. There were a lot of customers in our salon. It seemed to me that a half of our city needs to buy something :)

I want to ask you something. Dear Juan, did you start to think of me more often? Please, do not think that I want to enter your heart and to know what you have there. I am just curious. The matter is that this type of communication is rather new to me and I am getting used to it. I think of you, wait for your letter. Also, I want to point that intimate part is very important in relationships between two grown up people. Please, write me about you desires, how I can bring you pleasure, how I can make you hot and mad from desire. Sorry, if I scared you with such kind of questions, but I needed to ask it.

Perhaps, it is time to finish my letter. I will give you the chance to rest a bit and, perhaps, soon, I will get your letter again and our correspondence will continue. I will wait for your letter with impatience.

Take care!
Sincerely yours, Alena

Letter 3

Hello my dear Juan!!!!

I must confess that I'm so glad to have our correspondence, I'm so glad that I'm involved in the Internet, because I have met you. I just like your letters as your personality. I like this way of communication because I know you through your thoughts and views on life and not only your appearance which is nothing for real Love, Fidelity and Honesty. Don't you think so???????

I have a perfect mood from the very morning. It's strange but I saw you in my dream. I felt distinctly that you are near with me. You were so nice and tender. I felt that you were going somewhere but I didn’t want to let you go. I was holding your hand and you were holding mine.
We were sinking in each other's eyes. And then you touched my cheek and gave me a tender kiss. That moment I was the happiest girl in the world and I wanted it to last forever. Next moment I got up. I was so sorry I couldn't see it till the end. But even the more sorry I was that it was only a dream. I really felt you so close. We needn't words. Our eyes spoke. I still remember the taste of your lips. I’m still under the impression after that dream......

I need to tell you one thing, you see I am uneasy to tell you this but I want to be open with you an you to know everything about me and my life.... Please don't be mad at me. I'm sorry to tell you this but you see I have some problems with my corresponding with you. As far as you know, I had some difficulties with my teeth and it cost me a lot. You see it is rather expensive in our country to use Internet and it is too expensive for me to pay for the translation of the letters now. So it is the last letter I can allow me to write to you. I will not able to write to you till the time I find the money to pay. I know that you may say that it is only my own problem but you see I really don't want to loose touch with you because I really like you and want to be with you. We understand each other in half word and I feel something special to you. You are the only man I stay I write with and I really don't want to loose you dear. Be sure that if the situation wasn't so difficult I wouldn't ask you for help but I really can't solve the problem by myself. Because I can't anymore pay for us both, I told you about this now because I don't want to lose you as you are very special to me. Please, if I really mean something in your life......

Your Alena