Scam Letter(s) from Alena to Andris (Latvia)

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Letter 1

beautiful lips, a beautiful body! You're my beautiful big amore.I want to be a great painter to know how to paint your beauty .Amore my life to me you're like 'water as indispensable as the' aria.perche you are the man who has always been in my sogni.sei my life, you're something special, you're importante.Il our love is as big as the sea, beautiful as the sun, vast as the sky ... our history is becoming infinita.L 'love releases a rush of emotions, warms the soul and rekindle the passion. Releases a trail of happiness.'ve Read in your eyes, I read in your lips, and I found my soul gemella.Amore, express what I feel for you is impossibile.Tu are the most precious gift a person can receive.
filled with peace and happiness. My heart was beating for you.
it was morning again, my love. Again, I woke up one day without you.
Come, my love. I can not fight anymore.
..Need your love, affection and closeness.Need to show how much I love you. I searched high and low for love.But I searched in the wrong places.I'm glad I came to see you.Glad that you were willing to wait on me. My love for you will find no limits.I spent half a lifetime to find you.Now I will spend the rest of my life loving you.And I'll never forgive myself if I lose you. and right now I can only see you in my dreams with me, but when I'm awake, I think of you. but miss you .. and the need to see you are very big .. I love you very much .. I have told you that before you came into my life, my life is half, .. and together with you, my life is perfect .. I am ready to do
whatever it takes for us to be together. so tell me beautiful: how can we be together? what should I do, that we can see - and be together? I will do everything and I will go through hell and fire and water .. and return again and again .. if I know. it gets me closer to you beautiful .. and I mean every word! .. I may soon take some time off from work .. and then we can meet, . ... I want to know more about you and your life and how you grew up? and what shaped you as a person?
Unfortunatelly i can't pay for my trip
its very expensive for my family and I have no enough money to start to prepare papers like paspsort visa tickets and insurance
will you help me. I
hope you will connect with a travel service and help
me a little bit ? Here is e -mail in my town: you can send them your letter about trip info

I'm dreaming of you and wish to be with you soon




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