Scam letter(s) from Racheal William to Britt-Marie (Sweden)

Letter 1
Good Afternoon can i call you mom, How are you doing today I guess you must be fine and doing pretty good. Am Jennifer , the daughter of Mr. William Rich.I have to make a 20 miles journey to get here to send you this mail cause of the good things my dad (Mr William Rich)has told me about you currently we don't have a cafe in my location it went down and I don't have a laptop I wish I could. Am writing you base on the relationship you and my dad has in common, Because dad have told me a lot about you and i believe he loves you a lot, I asked him if i can send you messages once in a while so i can get to know the woman that has brought this joy and happiness to my dad again after his divorce with my step-mother and he gave me your email address so i can write you.

Am a student of LIVING STONE Italy my field of study is science, I wanted to studied hard and become a Doctor in the future so i can be able to treat people and am really enjoying my education, I love to hang out with friends and going to the beach and mostly spending time with my friends here in school, And also am a very obedient girl that loves to go to church and i enjoy every single moment i spend in the house of God. I was so excited when dad was telling me about you and dad said we are going have a wonderful family and a happy home soon. And my instinct told me you are the reason why dad said that, Because for a very long time dad has been a lonely man and have not been happy with that at all, So when he told me about you I knew it was for real because dad haven't told me about any other woman, but you. And i think you are very special someone. So Ma i see you as a blessing to this family. Daddy has told me a lot about you and i believe he is more than happy having you in his life now. I think you are special to him telling me about you. Actually i would like to let you know that my dad is the best father in the world and i love him so much and i wouldn't want anything to happen to him, I do not want to doubt his love for you or to think that you may not love him the way he loves you, I just want to believe that what my dad said about the love you both have for each other is true. My dads feeling and happiness is important to me and i will not allow any one to play with his heart ,He said you are a very nice woman which i believed Because i know my dad too well not to make any mistake about finding his rightful woman but please Ma i want to beg you never to hurt my dad,,, I know he is in love with you and i am happy about that because he is happy having you. And i can't wait to call you mom cos you are now going to be my new mommy soon and since i lost my late mama i have been so worried and lonely... Now i believe there is some one to show me motherly love again...I told him i was going to write to you because i wanted to meet the woman that is making my dad so happy again and at this i want to say thank you for accepting the love my dad have for you and for giving him your love too.
I think this is all i have to say for now Ma and one more thing my Birthday will be coming up soon this month and i will be celebrating my birthday, I will be very glad to hear from you soon but for now i have to say goodbye. Your's Sincere, Jennifer William
Letter 2
Good Afternoon Mom. How are you doing this lovely Sunday hope all is well with you i want to thank you for the reply and am happy know that you promise never to hurt dad or me and i also promise that i will do my best to be a good daughter to you and try to make everything work out for you and dad well..Mom i have to work down here again to see if you have reply my email and is good to know that you write me back i just want you to know that am happy i have told all my friends about you and they are happy for me wish you and dad can make it for my birthday party it will be nice but no problem i understand that he will be with you by then and he told me of his trip to Germany before joining you in Sweden..Mom i am happy to know that you have grandchildren and i pray one i can meet them and get to know the very well..As for my laptop am trying to talk to dad if he can get me a new one but he say no cause the last one he get for me didn't stay up to a month before it get bad. Anyway i will have to stop here now i hope to hear from you soon and please send me any of your pics if you have i will be looking forward to that. Your Daughter.
Jennifer Rich.
Letter 3
Good Morning Mom, How is everything over there going i hope all is well with you and i want to thank you each time i come to check my mail and i see your message it she that you are caring and lovely to me and you like me also..As for my birthday i have no problem with that i do understand that dad will not be around he is going for his business right now i have no time cause i am in the school just want to send you a shot note to let you know that i really do happy with you and dad. Your Daughter.
Letter 4

Good Morning Mom, How are you doing i hope all is well with you over there i just want to say hi and i want you to know that my birthday is around so that you will be ready for my gift that you will send me i know dad will be going to Germany today and after he will be with you i hope you give him something to give to your daughter i will have to stop here.
Letter 5
Good Afternoon Ma. Am Anita by name Jennifer friends Ma something happy to your daughter today and ask am writing you right now your daughter Jennifer she is in the hospital not feeling fine today in school she pass out and she was taking to the hospital and i have been trying his dad number but i can't reach him so she give me her log in to her inbox so you talk to the doctor cause she really need help badly. Please try and write back and let me know and if you can send your number so that the doctor can call you and you too can know what is going on please i will be here to take your number to the doctor. Jennifer Friend. Anita.
Letter 6
Good Evening Ma, Is good to know that you and Jennifer have talk the doctor told me that she is going to be i will be here with her today and keep her company she is doing okay now and one more thing Ma the doctor ask me to ask if you have sent the money to the details he give to you people so that they can carry on with her treatment.
Letter 7
Good Morning Ma, How was your night i hope all is well with you over there i just want to say hi and to know what is going cause the doctor did not give Jennifer treatment last night and i ask why they say we have no pay the bills they ask us to pay that is why i am writing you and your daughter Jennifer also ask me to write you and let you know that she miss you and appreciate all you have been doing for her now that she is not feeling fine that she will never forget this day in her life i hope to hear from you soon Ma. Anita
Letter 8
Ma the doctor say that the money is 500euros so when you get there you we tell them to convert the money to Euros and send it.i will be waiting for your reply Ma.
Letter 9
Okay. Since you will be sending it in Us dollars Its Equivalent will be 642.554 USD Says the Doctor.. I am waiting.
Letter 10
Ma. Is over one hour ma and i yet to get anything from you. Jennifer is in pain and she needs attention but the doctor is not happy with us right now because he has given us enough time to get him the money and jenniffer is not been attended to.
Letter 11
Good Morning Mom, How are you doing? I hope all is well with you over there mom i just want you to know that i will be leaving here today and i really want to leave this place so i want you to talk to dad to talk to the doctor cause i need to get myself ready the doctor say that we need to pay him $320 as bals then he will give me my drugs then i can leave so i really want to leave here i can spend a night here anymore.please mom talk to dad so that they can send him the money today i love you and i miss you thanks for your help you are the best in the world.
Letter 12
Hello Mom, How are you doing and i hope all is well with you over there i am sorry that i have not reply you for long you know i just came out from the hospital and i need to rest for a while before i can get to write you and thank you for all you did for me when i am in the sick bed mom my friend Anita told me all you did and i want you to know that i will never forget you and i did not now i can thank you and once again i want to also thank you for sending me a birthday message.Mom you know i am not feeling fine now i will have to stop here.
Letter 13
Good Morning Mom..
I am not happy with the both of you cos you abandoned me and leave me here to suffer. Well life has been so miserable for me cos i didnt hear from you and did even i mailed him more than a million times. Well i am not happy and as it is now i am out of school cos i was unable to pay my school fees.
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