Scam letter(s) from Arapa Zagirova to Dan (Australia)

Letter 1

My name is Arapa. I want to find serious man, and to have with him family. I'm 22 years old. I live in Russia. I want to have serious attitudes with you. I choose you!!! I think that you want the same to find the woman for the serious attitudes, and for creation family. I could not find the man, which love me at myself in Russia. I search for the serious, clever, mature man, which is able to appreciate the present love and fidelity…………………………………………
Write me in letter you e-mail for relationship with you. Write me on my private e-mail address or write me your e-mail address. Not write me letter on this site.
write me immediately on my e-mail address
With regards,
Letter 2

Hi Dan!
My name is Arapa. I live in Russia. In Kaspyisk city. It is about 2100 km from Moscow . My height is 167 cm and me weight is 48kg. My eyes are brown. I have brown hair. I am female and tender inside of my heart. I like a home comfort, warmth and calm in family relation.
I was born on 10 of december in 1982. In 1998 I finished the school and entered to the economic faculty. My specialty is the bookkeeper.
I learnt English at the university. I work as saleswoman as it is difficult to find the job of my speciality. I sell clothes for the women. I live with my granny now. We don't have a telephone. I write from internet. cafe, as we don't have a telephone at home.
Letter 3

Hi Dan!
I am really happy that I got your letter. I want to tell you something about my enthusiasmes. My favorite colour is white the symbol of the cleanest. As you know I like to rest on the nature.
Also I like pets. I have got a cat her name is Asa. When I come home from the work I sit my cat on the kneesand hear nice music. What music do you hear? I like to hear classic music, reggy, soul, pop. But the choice of the music depends on the mood//- I like to cook russian dishes most of all. Have you ever eaten russian borsh, pelmeni, pancakes with honey? I am very happy and sociable and I have a of friends. We often gather together and sing songs under guitar.
PS I to overlook to give to you the address. It is my address: zip code 368300, Contry Russia, Kaspyisk city, Hizroeva street, home 2/35,
name Arapa last name Zagirova. My birthday on December, 10 1982.
Letter 4

Dear Dan!
I very much to want to speak honey with you. If you to send me of money I to buy phone, it is required to me 250-300 $ US. I to go to bank and the manager tells to me that I can to receive money through the Western Union this very day when you to send me of money.
You will need to know my full name, the address that you could do it.
They: last name Ismailova, first name Kamila, Contry Russia, city Stavropol, zip code 355012, street Lermontova house 64. Dear when you will do it to you will give number on which I could to receive this money, it is rather simple. I also need your full name.
Letter 5

Dear Dan!
I to allow to you a detail for the Western Union incorrectly. I casually to allow to you the data my cousine. My details: last name Zagirova, first name Arapa, Contry Russia, city Kaspyisk, zip code 368300, Hizroeva street, home 2/35.
Letter 6

If you to want to send me phone and simcard I shall be glad to this.
Send on my address by mail.
Letter 7

Dear Dan!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. Yes, I very much to want to stay in your country. I to want to get acquainted with your country. You can show me the city? It would be magnificent! It would be a fine vacation! I never was in your country. I would be very glad to visit at you. If you are ready to meet me write to me the airport in which I should stay. After that I shall address at once in travel agency. It is necessary to do all very quickly. I consulted also to me have promised to make the visa in short term. In agency one of my relatives works, it has good communications in embassies and has promised to me to help. He/she is my uncle, it has told that my visa will be ready in 8-9 days! It is very fast. The agency incurs all efforts (the visa + the international passport + information + consultation). It is very convenient. I hope that we shall meet. I very much to want it. Write to me more likely and I already tomorrow shall go to agency.
Letter 8

Better I shall arrive to you it we can to save money. I can arrive to you as the tourist for 3 months. The manager to explain to me that it is necessary to do. It will tell what to help us. If to do all I can quickly arrive to you in 3 weeks I to think it perfectly. We can work 3 months together and save to arrive in Russia together. Then in 3 months we to arrive back in Russia that gets acquainted with my parents. Dear at you the fine son I to think that I to love it very strongly, but one more girl as you to think will be necessary for us.
Write to me that you to think
Letter 9

Dear Dan!
I am very glad to receive the letter from you. I also very much to want a meeting with you. I visited, the price of the ticket there shocked me, it is 2981 US and it will be only the ticket without the visa!!!! It is very expensive. Today I went to travel agency of my city in hope to find cheaper ticket. I learned about flight to you. The manager has told that cheaper ticket up to Sydney it will cost 2236 US. To me spoke that I should reserve as soon as possible the ticket and do the visa in Australia. But I have small problem with it. I to not have so much money. The manager has told that the ticket to you costs 2981 US + the visa and international passport 300 US + the medical insurance 50 US + the ticket up to Moscow 150 US. In the sum it is 3481 US. But I to not have so much money. To me I was necessary to find this money differently cannot arrive to you.
It is the cheapest ticket and the visa. It is very inconvenient for me to ask you money, but without it our meeting will be impossible
Letter 10

Dear Dan you should understand her, in fact in our country there is a set of cases when the Russian girl leaves to work in other country and then vanishes without a message, many speak, that she gets in slavery and her involve in prostitution! You can present yourself it?
My mum to allow to me 450$ US, money which she could rescue all this for me, and 150$ US more is at me, only 600$ US, it is more I cannot find money. It is a pity to me that dearly for you, but you to understand that if for you difficultly to find so much money I cannot find in any way money especially in Russia where in a month I to receive on the work 85 $. I to not know as us to be! I to miss you!
To me I was very difficult be without you to miss! I hope that you can to help somehow to me with trip soon
Letter 11

Dear Dan!
I planned my arrival to first half of November. As I seriously agreed about it on work. I probably wrote to you, that I worked the whole summer, and planned then to take still holiday in the autumn. I could not do it, but understand me,//- Dear Dan yes I to want to continue with you connection. But I to want to continue it any more on correspondence, and in a reality.
We cannot have correspondence eternally. Really you cannot plan our meeting in the middle - the end of November, and till this time we can do my visa and the passport for travel abroad. Dear Dan we should plan our future happiness, I want to you will suggest to be engaged in all it beforehand... I have enough my money only for registration of the passport of the visa and other documents. Two days ago I to allow this money to the manager and he began registration of all documents. You needed to buy only tickets, the agency demands 2981 $ US. Dan this cost with the returnable ticket and it is the cheapest flight. Besides my agency demanded from you a x-copy of your passport, you can send it on mine email, it would be very fast and convenient both for me and for you. You in fact understand, that our Russian mail works so poorly, and we can wait very big time before I can receive it...
Besides my mum categorically insists that I did all documents in Russia and had the ready returnable ticket. You understand me? I speak you the truth, and to me is very insulting think of that that you can to not trust me...
Letter 12

Dear Dan!
I have taken from the girlfriend phone for 3 days. You can call to me under number +79604071867. Call me soon, I very much to want to speak with you
Letter 13

The manager in the Internet of cafe to tell to me that there is a program for dialogue Skype with the help of this program it is possible to call through the Internet on mobile and home telephone numbers. The program is on a site to you it is necessary to proceed to this site to be registered and pay the credit 10 EURO with the help of a credit card (I cannot make it as I do not have credit card). Then you should send me a login and the password on which you to be registered. Dear it seems easiest way to me is. You to write that at you soon will money I so is glad to this.
I to start to worry that we never to see each other. I tomorrow shall go to travel agency and I shall give the documents for registration of the passport for travel abroad and the visa. I will think for this purpose are sufficient money which at me are available. Tell to me Dan we can meet in December
Letter 14

I shall call to you tomorrow. When you want to send me of money? I do not have bank account. You can as to send money through the Western Union, it is very easy but they for services take the big percent. I think it will be better to use the bank account Write to me soon that you to think
Letter 15

I shall give you the bank account of my cousin because in our city to open the account it is long procedure. Write to me you will arrange such way.
Letter 16

I shall give you the bank account of my cousin because in our city to open the account it is long procedure. Write to me you will arrange such way.
SWIFT Correspondent bank IRVTUS3N
SWIFT Beneficiary bank SABRRUMMSP1
Beneficiary account: 42307840760329400065
This was account I was to send approximately $4500.00 Aud to. She was to receive a little more than $3000.00 US after fees and tax however I told her I would send a little bit first to ensure the system would transfer funds.
Letter 17

I tomorrow with the cousin shall go in bank to check up the account.
As soon as I shall receive money I shall write to you. I shall try to search for you in skype, I was bad to understand it because I to not make it earlier. I shall ask the Internet of cafe to help the manager to me.
Letter 18

I have received money which you to send me. In bank to me have given out 92 us dollars. Dear now you can does not worry and to send money,
it works. I to try to use skype much but at me to fail it. I was very a pity to me so to want to speak with you. To me much is necessary to you to tell. When I to you shall come we shall speak much, I to not allow to sleep to you:) I too to want to embrace and kiss Austin.
I shall love it as mother. I to miss you. Dear to you will allow the credit. Write to me on what it has stopped, whether there is I of us hope that we can to see soon. At me soon birthday and I very much wanted to carry out this day with you.
Letter 19

I do not understand why you about me so think. I am confused with your letter and in bewilderment. I understand, that you write also I try to express the feelings through the letters. I to not think to forget you or to stop loving you. I became other woman and to start to think very much of you, and certainly not only about you, but also that we could have in the future and as we could meet. I want to tell to you,
that I to make one decision which now to want to speak you, I want that now we to start serious relations.
Letter 20

Honey I have received yours letters. I am very glad that at you all to turn out and we can so soon to see. I cannot believe in it, I pay with which happiness I test. Write to me when we can see. It is the biggest dream of my life. You mine the man and I shall stay yours to the death. I shall share today good news with my mum, she too to love you. So write to me that to me to make. Use that bank account which I to allow to you. Dear Dan you dream of my life. I grieve without you
Letter 21

Honey it is very glad that we now can to buy tickets. I went today to agency and have given the documents for registration of the visa and the passport. You only need to pay tickets. The manager to tell to me that tickets up to Sydney cost 2250 us dollars, up to Melbourne they cost more expensively 2800 us dollars. Where I should arrive I should arrive, how it will be convenient for you? And still he to ask me on what number I I want to reserve tickets shall tell to him what to ask you. You should transfer money for tickets to me as for tickets it is necessary to pay in agency. When you can transfer money and for what date to reserve tickets it important.
Letter 22

I had problems with a letter box, I cannot open your letters. I to think what to lose you. Now all is good. Yes I have received money you can does not worry. I want to reserve tickets 24th December because I want to meet new year together with you. You have written to me many letters I is glad that you to worry for me I to understand you. If I to reserve tickets 24th December to me it is necessary 19th to go December to Moscow in the Australian embassy and to receive the visa.
I shall be in Moscow 5 days and then I shall come to Australia. Write to me soon you to arrange date of my arrival.
Letter 23

I have reserved tickets 24th December. I need to be in Moscow 19th December, there I shall be there are 5 days to receive the visa and then I shall come to you.
Letter 24

Dear Dan!
Honey today I went to embassy and have received the visa. But we had the friend problem. I do not know as you it to tell. I was ready to burst into tears when to learn it. In embassy to me have told that I should have with myself the certain sum for entrance to Australia differently me to not pass at customs house. I should have at myself near 2000 AUD. I to speak them that you to wait for me in Australia but they to not listen to it. To me have told that I should be solvent. I do not know that to me to make, I cannot transfer it. I cried all the day long in number why me to not speak it earlier. Dear Dan as to us to be what to make? Write to me soon, I shall not sustain it one.
Letter 25

Dan as you can write to me it " YOU ******* ***** ARAPA..... " What for you it to write to me, I to not deserve it. You have wounded my heart. You to not want to listen to me and to write to me it. I not think that you can to write to me such letters. I have got in police,
I was interrogated by the inspector. You to not know all that with me happened. I cannot write much now, I shall write to you tomorrow all what to occur to me. I have fallen a victim to a deceit.
Letter 26

I was deceived by the manager, he was gone with our money. I have already testified the inspector. I to ask agency to return our money but agency do not want to give money yet there will be no proceeding and the fact of a robbery will not be proved yet. They have told that I can receive back money, only after proceeding and it will be only a part of money. And that the court has taken place it is necessary to find thieves. But the inspector assured me that will find thieves.
I not the first person undergone to an attack and consequently to take business under the special control. It is very a shame to me from you.
You to work to receive this money so much. I am guilty to you. All people around are pleased and I pay all the day. We probably never can see, dear Dan as to me to be, what to us now to make? I very much love you! And it first of all. I very much regret about that that with me happened. I went to bank, received money, all was fine, I had good mood and nothing foretold troubles. All seemed to me that difficult behind. But you should know that it not my fault. I as the careless child did not think that can deceive me. I to not know as now to look you in the face. I hope that you also love me and can be not malicious. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.
Letter 27

You do not trust me. We communicated by phone, you spoke that love me.
And now you do not trust me. It very much is not pleasant to me. I can send you a photo with your name on a sheet of a paper, I shall make it tomorrow that you to trust that I the real girl. I know you to love me actually. You very much do not trust me. I do not deceive you, I have never given an occasion to doubt of myself. I want that you trusted me. I am fair with you. And from your party I see only mistrust.
I never deceived you and I am not going to make it. I am fair with you.
I deserve your trust. And it is very unpleasant to me to hear about that that you do not trust me. I love you. I do not want to hear more about mistrust.
Letter 28

I want to shower you with hugs and kisses, bring you nice gifts, and spend romantic evenings with you, every day. All I' ve ever wanted,
was to fall in love, and be loved, as you have made this possible,
for me. Fate has brought us together, and our love will enable us to overcome any obstacle. I welcome any display of affection, which I will always return. When I am with you, I will express my true feelings for you, openly and honestly, as I do in my letters. You are very special to me, and I am grateful we have found each other.
I want to make you as happy as you've made me, to see your beautiful smile, and to hear your lovely voice
Letter 29

I to go yesterday to agency and to me will tell what to return while a part of money. The inspector has told that they search for the manager which to deceive me, I hope that they to find it soon. It is very a pity to me that so it has turned out.
Letter 30

Dan I had a big misfortune! My mum has got in failure of her the big automobile has brought down on road! Therefore I could not write to you all these days. I to sit all these days in hospital with it. It happened so suddenly, on January, 16! She till now in hospital. To mum have already made 2 operations on a head, she very much in a heavy condition. The doctor speaks me that she can to not survive. I all time sit with it, I am afraid of her to lose. I have spent all my money to her for medicines. But doctors do not guarantee that she will rise on legs. The doctor to her has prescribed medicine, but I do not have money to buy it. Dan to me have returned in agency 1600 us dollars I to want to ask you to give this money for treatment of my mum. Dan, we with you know each other already for a long time, you became me very much the close person. To me any more whom to ask the help. Dan I ask you to help me. I to spend all my money. I hope you will help me. You know that mum is very dear to me. You even cannot imagine as I shall be happy, if my mum will be alive. I should go now in hospital. I shall come to read your letter tomorrow. Dear Dan with me there were so much misfortunes, were gone money, mum in hospital I to not know what to make.
Letter 31

I in despair, my mum became even worse, I sit with it all time and could not answer you. I am very grateful for your help, I hope that will be good mum, but doctors speak that it is necessary to lead one more operation. I am afraid that mum will not sustain this operation.
Mine the daddy in despair he started to drink alcoholic drinks.
I cannot think of anything except for it. Dan I want to tell to you,
that you very reliable person. I always dreamed to cast in the lot with such person. Probably we in the future shall have serious and warm relations. But while I cannot think of it, itself understand why.
I very much am afraid to lose mum as I without her shall live.
Letter 32

Excuse me that I for a long time to not write to you, I time to carry out all this with mum. It became good her the doctor all has told that bad already behind. I so will be glad that mum to live and I shall not lose her. Dear Dan I am grateful to you for money which you to give for mine mum. She asked me to tell to you thanks and to thank to you.
Still she to tell that you the present gentleman, mum admires with you. We probably now never can meet as we cannot collect necessary money. It is very a pity to me that so has left. I cannot look to you in eyes. I do not know as me now to return to you of money in fact our meeting have not taken place. I am disappointed, I regret about that that we wanted to meet. Now I should much, I to not know as to return to you of money. Dan I very much to regret for that that our meeting was failed. I think that it is my fault. I as the careless child did not think that can rob me. I to not know as now to look you in the face. I hope that you also love me and can be not malicious
Letter 33

Honey excuse me that I for a long time to not write. I again was ill at me there was a high temperature of 7 days. It probably from for nerves because mum still lays in hospital but she goes on the amendment. I am very tired to work my organism began absolutely weak,
but I should work much to support and the grandmother. You know that at us in Russia hardly to live and consequently I want that my children grew in other country. I want to grow our children together,
we shall be happy together. Dear Dan why you to doubt of my feelings.
I want to shower you with hugs and kisses, bring you nice gifts, and spend romantic evenings with you, every day. All I ' ve ever wanted,
was to fall in love, and be loved, as you have made this possible, for me. Fate has brought us together, and our love will enable us to overcome any obstacle. I welcome any display of affection, which I will always return. When I am with you, I will express my true feelings for you, openly and honestly, as I do in my letters. You are very special to me, and I am grateful we have found each other. I want to make you as happy as you've made me, to see your beautiful smile,
and to hear your lovely voice. I LOVE YOU I am ready to speak you these are 1000 times. I want to live at you, another is not necessary for me the man.
Letter 34

Today at us very warm weather and it very much pleases me. At me since morning good mood,as though I wanted that we together were during this moment, have joined hands, and walked on park, have then gone to cinema, and after it we came home and I did to you massage, I think to you very much it was pleasant,and that there would be after massage I to you to write to me it shall not be a shame, but I think you know about what I write. And having woken up with morning I have prepared for you for a tasty breakfast and coffee, and you would wake up from a pleasant smell of a breakfast and have seen as I go to a bed to you with a breakfast on a tray to feed you and during this moment, you would tell to me, my beauty it was the most remarkable night in my life, I love you most in this world and have kissed passionately me.
Letter 35

I placed my head in a pillow and begin to display you near me in the same bed. And a kiss you from your head up to your leg, It is so pleasant to divide to me you, every second you live it so I want you to describe me, that you make all the day long, I want to live each moment from your alive.
Only your love in my heart.
Letter 36

Oh dear! I so am happy what can to find such person as you!!! I to not see such fine and kind person! I cannot without you I very much want to see you! To me as it is difficult without you as for a flower without the sun, as to a fish without water, a bird without flight in the sky, as a wood without without singing birds! I to not know as to express feelings to you! I probably can tell it only verses (I to translate them up to as if from Russian and it will be possible in English not a poem):
Oh dear, oh prince from far away, I to not know what now to do, and as to us to be to me so melancholy without you!!! Probably we to have faster meeting? To be possible it in this spring? I to dream to be near to my favourite person, but YOU are very far! Write to me soon I very much to wait for your letter, I shall go to Internet - cafe every day to see your letter!
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