Scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Jeff (Brazil)

Letter 1
Where can I send you my new photo?
Letter 2
I'm glad we meet and I want to know you.Maybe even spend time tgether?
I hope that you want it too. And I hope you're waited for me to answer you. And how my picture? Do you like? I hope I look good for U and you're really intersted at me.
What is your real name? How your firends and family call you? And how should I named you? What I'm interested in you? Why did you choose me?
I have many things to tell. But I do not know where to start. What you want to know? Ask and I'll answer your questons.
Answer me. I'll wait for you soon.
Letter 3
Don't have time now. I'm sorry. At work, something happened. And the urgent need to go there.I'll write as soon as is possible. Please don't be offended.
Jeff I'll try to write U soon.
Letter 4

Sorry, yesterday I wrote so little. Jeff I could not answer anymore.
Colleague came to me yesterday and said that at school fire alarm. I at once run in there. Jeff but all is well. It turns out it was just a failure in the fire system. It's just crazy. I am glad evreything has calmed down now, and I can safely write to you.
Here are some new pictre for you. What do you think? You like it? I hope you like the way we look. It is important to me.
Thank you for your pictures. I love your pictures. You're a very nice man. I'm glad you send them to me. Jeff and you can send me somthing?
Jeff I understand what you are telling me. I also think that the distance is not a problem. I did not travel. But I think it's not a problem. I want to find the man of my dreams. And for the sake of it, I'll be ready to send to the ends of the world.
I also want to talk to you over the phone. Because I want to hear your voice. But I do not have my phone. And I'll try to find a way to talk to you.
I told you I was a teacher? Jeff I have two classes from 9 to 11 years. I graduated from Teachers College. I received the diploma and the state to give room. I thought I will give a normal apartment.
Jeff but I live in a small village. And I have allocated only a room.
My village is in Nizhny Novgorod region, named Krutaya. I am 28 and have no family. Not even brothers and sisters. I do not know them.
Jeff but I have a friends and aunt.My aunt lives in Croatia now. She met a man on the Intrnet and moved to him. They married and happy. So I decided to try to get acquainted on the Internet.
I have not used the Internet before. Sometimes came in the Internet cafe to write my aunt. But, now I'll comehere every day, and wait for your letters. With English, I have no problems. And I think that with you I'll know it even better. Do you understand me well Jeff?
And you tell me about you? Describe yourself. Tell us what you love and that love is not. What is importnt to you? Your dreams and plans?
Jeff I want to know you better. I'm glad that we meet. And I'm sure it's not by accident. Do you think so, too Jeff?
I have to go now. Now, go to bed early. Tomorrow back to work. And then I come, and will be waiting for your email. I hope you will answer.
I am waiting for your answer, and maybe pictures. Kseniya
Letter 5
Usually after work I go home. Jeff but now I'm in the Internet cafe.
Because now I have you. I like this change. Jeff I have long wanted to change anyhting in my life. And you helped me with this.
I am intersted to learn more you. I like to read what you say. So, I know you better.
What is my height? My height is 1.70 cm It is a pleasre to read, what you tell me. You make me smile and I like that.
Why is my profile not from my country? I have tried many times to Russia. But I could not get it. I decided to try your country. And I was able to do it. Jeff I do not know why. I do not need proof. I trust you. I believe that people should be trusted. And I hope that you, too, trust me. It's important to me.
Here are some new pictures for you. I like to send you my pictures.
And I hope that you like to receive them.
How do you spend your free time? What do you do for fun Jeff? And with whom? What do you like? May have a hobby? Jeff or wanted to try somethng new? What are you doing after work? Meet with friends? Or stay at home?
Jeff I am almost always home. But, meeting with friends on weekends.
Jeff we do a lot of funny things. Sometimes we go to movies and dances. It is a pity that need to go to a nearby town. And like to spend time in the park and just walkng in the countryside. In winter, go skiing and go to the rink. In the summer we like camping. Jeff have a small lake nearby. It is beautiful and good beach. Sometimes watching TV and listning to the radio after work. I like the program of travelers on Discovery. It's very interesting.
Jeff I have always wanted to be in the mountains. Probably, it is difficult to describe the feeling when you see the world in front of him. And you were in the mountains Jeff? I never. I have never travled to other countries. But, I was at sea. One time. They gave me a voucher from the school. I was in Sochi. It is a city resort on the Black Sea. I will not forget it.
And you want to be somewhere togther? Where Jeff? And what would we do? Tell me.
I'm grateful that you came into my life. You are like a breath of freedom.
Do not forget about me and answer soon.
Letter 6
After work, I walk through the park and thought about you. I was hoping that you answered me. Jeff and I am happy that you did it.
I am glad you are spend your time well. And maybe one day we'll do it togther Jeff? You do not mind? Do you think we would have had a good time?
Jeff I'm glad you like to write to me. I also love to read your letter and write to you. I'm glad you like my photos. I too am waitng impatiently your pictures. I hope that you will be able to send them soon.
Today, chose a photo for you Jeff. I would hopethat you like. I try to do pictres for you. But perhaps I did not always get to do it beautiful. Or, everything is fine? You like? Do you know who makes my pictures? U intersted? Maybe you own guess Jeff?
Jeff want to talk about friends? I do not have much. Real friends only a few people. Yes, I have familiar, colleagues and neighbors. And we communicate with them. But rarely. Basically, we spend time with two bestfriends. Do you have bestfriends? Tell me about them? Jeff that you enjoy doing together? Where to go? How common? Jeff and other people besides bestfriends? Alot of familiar? Colleagues?
Perhaps you have many different friends and loved ones. And the family? Do you support a relationship? Jeff you have many relaitves?
Neighbors said that I changed. Iwas told that I have a gleam in his eyes and enigmatic smile. Jeff I feel it. But, I do not think that this notice others.
Jeff do you? You have introduced me to your friends? Do you want to meet my bestfriends? You would have loved my friends quickly.
I guess I'm tired you? ButI like to talk to you. And I hope that you will have the strength to answer my questons.
Answer me soon. Jeff I can not wait for your next emails.
Letter 7
I'm glad you told me. I guess I would be a bit upset, if you did not answer today. But I'm glad that I can read your email.
I am intersted in reading about your friends and loved ones. It is important to know with whom you communicate. I'm sure they are wonderful people. Jeff I want to meet them in person one day.
By the way, the pictures did my friend. Just about all she did. Jeff she likes it. And she said that he would try to help me with this. So what do we do more pics. Maybe you will make a new one?
Jeff I'm sorry I could not write to you. On the weekend the Internet cafe did not work and so I have not had the opportunity to write to you. I really wanted to do it, but it was impossible. I'm glad I was able to write to you now. It is very important to me.
Yes, I would like to visit the places you're talkng about. Jeff yes, I would also like to spend time with you. I think that together we could have a lot of fun. I am also sorry that we are far away from each other now. But I think it's only temporary.
Jeff thank you for your photos. I long to look at them before writing this letter. You are very important to me. And I really love your photos. I'm glad you also like my photos. I am pleased to hear that.
I love to talk with you. You know, I think we have a little talk?
Jeff you not you think? I tried to find other ways to communicate.
But, I do not find it. Maybe you have ideas on how to comunicate more quickly? I do not know how to do it diferently. In addition to emails.
Jeff I would like to talk to you over the phone. But we do not have cellular communication in the village. The school has a phone.
Stationary. But the director does not allow to use it. She said the phone for emergency communications. The Internet Cafe is also denied to me. Jeff I have requested the Administrator to call from their phone. And even offered money. Hesaid that an Internet cafe, and do not call office. Maybe you know other ways of communicating? Through the Internet? Jeff if you explain, then I'll try to do this? What do you think Jeff? I'm not good at it. Becuse I have no experience with computers and the Internet. But, I will do as you say. Jeff maybe, shall communicate to others, the easy way? I want to talk with you more. And not just talk ... I want to hold your hand and talk. Do you think it will be like this? Jeff though, too early to think about it.
It is necesary to know us better. Jeff I hope you know how to talk to us more. If you know, be sure to tell me more about it. Ok Jeff?
I have to go now.
Jeff I hope that tomorrw we will learn other ways of communicating.
I'll think of you ......
Your curious Kseniya
Letter 8
Your letter made my day better. Jeff thank you, you answer me. I'm always waiting for your emails.
And what you wrote to me on the Brazilian language? I do not get it.
Jeff I hope that tomorrow you translate it for me.
Jeff I am glad to receive your photos. I was intereted to see you and your friends. I see that you like sports. And it's really good. I also love sports.
I understand what you're talking about the voice recording. And how can we do this? Where can I make such a record? I'm not good with computers. And I'll be glad if you explain it all to me.
Yes, I do think that one day we will meet. Jeff I would like it. We can really share all what we think. I like you. And I want to see where it leads us.
And how are things at your work Jeff? What are you doing there?
Everything is good there? And how long have you been working? Jeff You have a good collague? You often talk? And what is your team? Big?
Or small? How many people? Who you working? Women? Man? Probably, you have fans there? Tell me the truth? Jeff you have a good relatonship with them? Maybe meet after work? You have a corporate party? Or not?
Jeff I love my job. We have a good team.Director - an elderly woman.
She likes to joke. We often drink tea with all the teachers and a lot of talking. All told diferent stories, we argue, to remember something and think about the future. But today, I blabbed about you.
Jeff they said they undrestood why I changed. I asked a lot. I told him everything. They are happy for us, and asked to tell you Hi.
But that changed after I appeared in your life? Jeff you feel the same way or not? Jeff tell me? I'm curious. What do you think?
And when you answerme? Soon? I hope so.
I look forward to and even a little miss you.
Your, thinking of you Kseniya
Letter 9
I waited, when you write to me. And I really missed you. Jeff and I'm glad to get your answer now.
Jeff I really wanted to write to you. But I have not had the chance.
My students now will break and I had to carry out test work. I had prepared for it. I was leaing the office late at night. At that time, the Internet cafes are not working. And I did not have another opportunity to write to you.
Thank you for your photos. Jeff you look very good. As always love to see your pictures. They are an important part in my day. And I'd also love to see your letters. I like to read them and look at you.
I will try to look for the name of those places that you wrote to me.
Jeff I am glad that you help me with this. Thank you for that.
I understand what you're talking about the voicerecording. I have an mp3 player. But I am not able to write something. And I do not have a recorder. But I will try to find an opportunity to speak to you on the phone. Then we will be able to hear each other's voice.
But I also believe that we can have all the dreams that we talk to you. I want everone to become a reality one day. And I believe that we will succeed. Jeff day by day more and more it seems to me that you are exactly the man I was looking for.
Sometimes I really spend time with colleagues. We walk in the park or go to a cafe. But I think you can not find these places. Our park has a name.
And tell me about your day of Jeff? As usual it goes? What time do you wake up? And then what? You have to get up quickly or you love a little lie? What to eat for breakfst? Or you do not eat this morning?
And for diner? What do you eat? If I was there, would you let me cook for you? And what do you want? Jeff I would surprise you delicious food. Would you like what I see off and welcome you with a job? You think about that? Andwhat if it becomes reality? Not now, later. Tell us your thoughts about this? However, there is nothing to hide? Ok?
Jeff I think a lot about life together. If we were together, it was fine. Imagine that? And how does it feel? I have butterflies in the abdomen and tingling all over your skin. You come to work, and I welcome you. Jeff we eat dinner or lunch. I'm in a pretty dress or only your shirt or jacket. As in the films about the love.Do you remember Jeff? Would you let me wear your clothes? For example a shirt? I think that you would like it. Jeff and me too. We eat and spend the evening togehter. Watch TV, just talking and laughing. Or maybe listen to music and enjoy the open arms? And then to sleep in the sweet hugs and kisses and touches. Jeff do you want? You have such dreams? Tell me the truth? If not, imagne that. And how? Feel the same thing as me?
I miss you all stronger. Jeff and I love that feeling. I will wait your email with dreams and thoughts.
Your dreaming Kseniya
Letter 10
I waited, when you write to me. Jeff and I even missed you. I thought alot about you. And you? I was in yur head? And what were you thinking?
I'm curious to know about your day. I hope that one day I'll be part of it. I'm sure it will be wondreful.
Jeff yes, I know about Kseniya Ryzhova and Pavel Bure. It's really a very famous person. And I'm glad that there are any in our country. I tried to open your video. But give me some kind of mistake. I do not know why. But I was glad to see your photos. You're a handsome man.
I'll print it and store at home.
I understand what you're talking about the call. I'll find out how I can call you. I really want to hear your voice. Jeff I hope that I get it soon.
I smile when reading, what you tell me. You make me smile and I like that. Jeff yes, I think we did it would be good to each other. I was pleased to read how you represent our life. Yes I agree with you.
Here's a new photo for you. Jeff I did it recently. You like it?
Let's talk about happiness? Jeff what is this? Happiness? I think this is alot to say.Do you agree? For every man have his own personal happiness. Someone is happy to risk. For example, jumping with a parachute. A quiet life for others. Jeff someone happy when a lot of traveling, or eating a favorte food. All my happiness. And it can not be sold, not bought, you can not win the lottery. Happiness can be grown in myself. Jeff I believe that any man can be happy. I do not have a lot to be happy. Perhaps it is trite, but I dream of a real, strong, mutual love. Well, what else would you Jeff? Nothing. Only a beloved man will be able to do so. Jeff everything you need to do to just be together.Waking up in the morning, kissing, whispering in his ear all sorts of nonsense, take care of each other. Keep the arm.
Nothing to refuse, spoil, and execute any desire.Is it not happiness Jeff? Or maybe you are my happiness? What do you think? Jeff I hope so. But something makes you happy? Jeff or someone? What for you hapiness? Tell me your thoughts on this.
Do you think we'll be happy together?
Jeff It's too late and I need to go. I already miss you.
Answer me soon.
Your waiting for an answer, Kseniya
Letter 11
I am glad to see your email. Jeff nice to knowthat you don't forget about me. Yesterday, I could not sleep for a long time. I thought about you and how can I make you happy. Probably need more time, to find out.
Jeff I was very interested to read what you think of happiness. It's really cute. I'm glad you talked about it in such detail. And I totally agree with you. Perhaps all of this will becme a reality for us.
I'm glad to see your photos. You look very nice. Jeff I like to look at you and I hope that one day I can see you face to face.
Are you ready to talk about past relationships Jeff? I am, yes.
Because I have nothing to hide from you, and it should not be a mystery. Jeff I agree? It all started in college.I fell in love and hoping for a mutual feeling. We spent time together. Yes, we even had a good while. But after the first *** has changed. He began to be rude and hurt me. Once he hit meall over. Jeff I have tried to meet with other men. One just wanted *** and fun. The other was married. And that's not what I need. Jeff I dreamed about my favorte man. About the man whom I can make happy. And who will make me happy. Maybe it's you? Maybe we did not meet by chance? It turns out that I was waiting for you? And you're the man? And now, God has joined us to Jeff? What do you think? Maybe we are meant to be togehter?
Jeff tell me why a man like you, have not found a woman? Tell us about your women? How do they change your life? And what prevented you? Why does it ended Jeff? I know this is important. Sudenly we're together? Better find out now and do not make mistakes. Do you think as Jeff?
Internet cafe is closed and you need to go. Now go to bed and try to come to you in a dream. Tell me if you suceed?
I'll miss you.
I look forward to your email soon Jeff.
Your Kseniya
Letter 12
I am happy to see your email. Jeff I like to receive and read it.
Your letters are an important part of my day. And they make my day better.
Thank you for your sincerity. I'm glad you did not hide it from me.
And I hope that we will have no secrets. Jeff I am confident that we will have a wonderful and happy relatonship. And do not make mistakes and stupidity.
Jeff I understand what you're telling me. I'm glad you're okay. I hope that you will not have problems. And your business will be fine.
Yes, I know all that you told me is true. I believe your words. And I hope that you, too, believe me. Jeff I was pleased to read that you all speak to me. You make me smile, and it's realy cute. I think that together we will be happy.
I'm glad to see your photos. You look good. Jeff thank you for your photos. I love to receive your letters and photos.
Yesterday, I spent a long time in bed and could not sleep. Becuse you were in my head and I dreamed bout you. And you Jeff? Also wanted me to sleep? By the way, I was able to come to you in a dream? Tell me the truth! And how was it? What are we doing? Tell me Jeff.
You know, I can do many things. I love to cook, sew a little, dance, and even a massage. Jeff certainly not a profesional massage. But, it reduces fatigue, and you're feeling the freshness and strength. If you want, I'll do it to you? Jeff and you? Do me a masage? One time?
You're doing massage girls? I am sure that you are gentle, warm and strong hands. Jeff I would like to feel it! Very! Jeff I think alot of you. And you know, I like to think of you. We can talk about everyhting with no problems. On any subject. To say what I would not say to another person. We trust each other. Jeff and I think it's right. Because, in the decepton and secrecy is not good. Agree? Jeff trust - is the key to a good relationship. I do not know what I feel lately. You change me. And I love it. I love to read your letter and sincere answers. And every day, I want to know you more. And you?
Jeff I want it too? Or are you tired of my questions? Do you like to be sincere with me? I hope so. Need to finish writing and go home.
I'll post it and wait a little bit. Jeff sudenly, you answer me now?
And then we can comunicate by sending messages to each other at once.
Jeff I think this will work?
I wait for you sooooon!
Your waiting and dreaming of you, Kseniya
Letter 13
Today I came to internet cafe earlier. Jeff I sat and waited for your letter. I thought that you write, and I will answer you imediately.
And then you, also answer immediately. Jeff let's try again? Maybe now we'll get success? And we can find out how long emails goes.
I'm sure we will like to massage each other. One day we have this opportunity. Jeff I am sure that my massage will help you. You relax, and you will feel a burst of energy and freshness.
Jeff I'm glad you sent me a photo. Your letters always make me feel better. I'm going to print this picture and look at you when I will become lonely.
I do not know, why not have a family. I have only aunt. And I do not know what happened to the other members of my family. Jeff I have not met a man who will love me. And I hope that maybe it is you 're it.
No, I can only speak Russian and English. Jeff I am a teacher of elementary grades. I have been teaching for children. Age 7-11 years.
I teach them the basics of all sciences. I teach them everything from the start. Jeff is a very demanding profession. Because of me concerning their future.
Jeff yes, we may have found each other. I like you, and I want to see where it leads us. Maybe we did something happen.
I think a lot about you. Do not even about you and about us. And I like it Jeff. With each letter, you change my life. Jeff you make me happy. Despite the fact that while you're away. But, it is only now.
Every day the distance beteen us becomes smaller. I feel it. Jeff you become very close to me. This is a new feeling. Jeff I do not feel this before. I think I'm in love. Yes, that's weird. But, I love that feeling. And I know that after our meeting, you woke in me this.
Jeff to me at work came a family couple. Imagine, they were of different ages! But they were so happy. They held each other's hand and not let go even for a minute. Jeff I want as well. I want to hold yourhand. To feel your kisses, caresses and cuddle. To see and hear you for real. Or even just a walk or go to the movies. Jeff I can not be alone. I want to do everything together. Jeff I miss you. Do you mind that? What do you want to do together? Do you think I'll change your life if I'll come to you? For the better? Everyone says that I have changed. My friends, coleagues and neighbors. Almost everyone I know! How can they see it? Jeff they say that everything is visible into the eyes. They see the shine and luster. I've become more kind, happy, talkative, and always smiling. And you? Jeff you feel it? I want to know it. If you feel the same. What is this? Love? I think I love you. But, I think it should be checked. But how? How to check our feelings? How to check the love? Jeff tell me if you know.
Jeff it's a pity that now I can not kiss you before sleep. However, this will changed. In life evertyhing changing. And for now, I am sending you my kiss.
Answer soon Jeff.
I'm waiting... I miss without your emails, and waiting.....
Your in love and tender Kseniya
Letter 14
was looking forwardto your letter. Jeff and I am as always missed you. You were in my head all the time. And you know, now I have no doubt that we'll be fine.
Jeff yes, I have you. And I'm glad. I am very pleased to know that you feel me. I feel the same. And I want to see what we get. I hope that we can have a beautiful and loving relationship.
Thank you for your photos. Jeff I have to smile when lookng at you.
Your photos make my day better. I love you and I want us to have succeeded.
You know, I keep thinking about our meeting. Jeff and I realizedone imporant thing. For me, it is important that you were glad to see me.
You'll be glad to see me? Tell me the truth? If I come to you Jeff?
Do you kiss and embrace me? Will you hold my hand and smile for me?
You want it? I am, yes. Jeff i want to feel your love and tenderness.
And I hope that your heart wants it too. And how would our meeting your close people? They will be happy? Jeff or I'll a secret from them?
Jeff we chatetd with friends yesterday. And all with one voice saying that we need to meet. My aunt said the same thing. Everyone wants that we met. They is said that only when the meeting will understand. Will we be happy or not. Jeff I think we will. In his spare time, I know all about it.
I hope your day is awesome. And I believe you have a wondrful dream.
Jeff I am again going to dream about you. My best friends said, if you believe in dreams, they will become a reality. And I believe it.
Jeff do you?
Waiting for your email, as usual soon. Jeff I enjoy reading your sincerity answers. And I send my kiss to the letter. I hope you get it and take it with you in bed. KISSSS!
I miss ....
And it is really looking forward to you.
Your gentle and missing for you Kseniya
Letter 15
opened my mail and get your email. And just a ray of sunshine iluminates my heart. How are you Jeff? What is your mood? My great.
Because I got your email now.
Jeff I am very glad to see your photos. You lookvery nice. I smile when looking at you. This Brazilian outfit? You look really cute in it. And what did you send me another? This is the song? I could not listen to it. There is no Speaker.
If I come to you, then I think that we would not want to leave. I think that we really would be good to each other. Jeff perhaps very soon all these dreams become a reality. And I think we'll be really happy. I was interested to read what you think of our feelings. And I totally agree with you.
Jeff do you have plans for us togehter? You've already figured out what we do? Or are we going to do spontaneously? That want, then do?
What do you say? We'll meet. Jeff I am sure that the first time will be every minute together. Jeff we will enjoy hugs and love each other. Jeff give affection, tenderness, and caring. Feel the beat of the heart and the tension in the chest. We willbe doing massage, keep our hands. I'm going to cook breakfast in bed and cook a delicious flavored coffee. We will walk around the city or just in the park.
Maybe movie or dancing. Go into camping. Going to the beach and cuddle in the sun. Jeff we do evrything together. All dreamed about! When I imagine this, my heart wants to break out of my chest. I want to into your arms. I forget about everything when I think about it.
Do you like it? Do you like this idea? Jeff or you have other ideas?
Would you help me? For example, would have rubbed my back? When I bath? Or to cook delicious food togther? Jeff we can walk to shops?
Buy items or products? I could get a job. I would did everything we need. We would created a perfect couple. And our world will be filled with love, understanding, caring, affection. We are made for each other. Jeff but that would be sure, we need to meet. And you know I'm ready to take the risk.Jeff I am willing to risk leavng my country and fly to you. Yes, I know nothing in your country. And I do not have anyone but you. Jeff but you did not leave me alone? If I come and wait at the airport? You exactly meet me? Jeff promise me?
Jeff I really miss. With each day, I miss you more. You, your letters with thoughts and dreams. I want more and more aware of you. You have such a feeling? It is importnt to me. For us. You're the best man Jeff. I am happy that God has joined our fates. Tell me you did it on purpose? Fascinated me, and I'm like a schoolgirl in love with you?
How did you do that Jeff?!
I'm really looking forwrd to your letter. Jeff and I am sending you a photo. I think it will beautify your day and night? What do you think Jeff?
Answer soon......
I look forward to and miss, kiss and hug.
Your gentle and love Kseniya
Letter 16
forward to your reply. I read your letter for two to three times. I wouldlike to talk more with you. But I think that soon I'll be able to fix it.
Jeff I was glad to get your photos. I was inteested to see where you live. You have a very cozy and nice. I like your house. And I really will be happy with you there. Jeff I hope that we can be there for each other very soon. And I also want to meet with your daughter. I'm sure she is very nice girl.
Yes I would love to teach English there. Jeff yes, I see the flags on the wall. I think that there is a place for the Russian flag. Jeff I understand that it was difficult to find a Russian man. But for me the most important thing is that we will be there with you. I'll be happy in your arms. That's all I need.
I understand what you're talking about your temperature. You really hot. I think that with you I would not like to wear clothes at all.
Jeff I am more and more I think about you. About our meeting. And I am more and more it seems that it is inevitable. I do not care where.
You come to me. Or am I to you. Jeff but I think it needs to be done.
What do you think? I keep thinkng about it. I think that if do not do this, we can spend a lot of time and live far from each other. But it's time could be is well spend together. What do you think? Jeff I would like to know your answer.
Jeff today I worked hard. Jeff I am very tired. But I not for a moment forget about you. I am in every man to watch your image. I think I'm crazy on you. And you? How are you feeling? Do you want to hug me? Pinch? Feel my kiss? I think I know everything about you. And I do not knw anything. But I like what I know. I just love your attitude towards me. Jeff what do you think? How long does a man and woman can live with, Jeff? Do not swear at all? I do not know. I saw the movie as a man and a woman swear, and then in the strong arms enjoy of love. For me it all very intersting. And you?
Jeff I have many, many, and constantly think about what we will do.
And I think that place in the 1000 letters is not enough that all this that would describ all this. And you? Jeff Have you tried it?
Tell me. I want to know.
I love you Jeff!!
I miss and I wait your answer tomorrow.
Your loving and in love Kseniya
Letter 17
Jeff I am glad to receive your letter. I really wanted to find out how many pages enough for your desires. And what would you do and feel.
Jeff I understand what you're talking about a visa. I'll find out about all this. I have not been to a travel agency. Once I know more, I will inform you.
I'm glad to see your photos. It was intersting to see the place where you work. I would like to go there one day. Jeff I really imagine how you hug me. It's very romantic. I'm glad you changed because of me. I also changed. And it's really good.
I would love to learn Portuguese. I think it's very beautiful. Jeff and I will be happy to teach you Russian language. First, I will teach you the words of love. I smile when writing about it.
Jeff I told you that I think about you constantly. I've come up with something. But for now I will not tell you. I think it should be a surprise. What do you think? Do you like surprises Jeff? I think that you like. Or not?
Yesteday night, I could not sleep. I thought to do or not. Thought over many things. And I want to make this a surprise for you. I did not sleep at night. I watched TV and thought of us. Time goes and we can not click on stop.Suddenly, our meeting is fated to us. As we have been able to meet? You're in the one country. I'm in the other. Jeff but we met. Began to talk. It's not by acident. Something attracts us to each other. Can it all be accidentally? I think that no? And you Jeff?
I spoke with all my friends and colleagues. All said, this is needed.
And I think that I take the risk.
Jeff I will cometo you? Do you mind? I learn evrything about how and what to do. And I'll tell you when I can do it. You do not mind. Are you glad that I'll be with you? Jeff I want you to think and told me.
You want, what You want me to come?
I need your answer is "YES". And I'll do it!
If you say "NO". I hope this is not what you say. I willnot even think about what I do.
I am waiting for your answer. Jeff and I am very excited. I hope that you will not make me wait. And you say honstly and candidly, "YES! YES! YES!!!"
Jeff I am waiing for your letter.
Your excited and loving Kseniya
Letter 18
Jeff I understand what you are telling me. But I'm ready for that.
I'm ready for that to try to build a relationship with you. I think that together we realy would be good to each other. I'll wait for the moment when we can be together. Then we can get to know each other very well.
I was interested to receive your photos. I see a smile on your city. I would like to go there. You have beautiful.
Jeff I can not descrbe in words how I feel me now. My heart wants to jump out of my chest. I'M HAPPY! I can not wait for the meeting! And see you at the airport! Jeff I am confdent that we will be happy!! I go tomorrow and find everything. I'll do whatever is necessary. I do it! I love you Jeff! You're my man! You're the man I was looking for a lifetime! Jeff I do not know how to describe this feeling. I'm just happy! This feeling I have to lift off the ground.I can not stand any more! I'd go right now. And to know everything. But now it's too late.
Jeff even if I run, I still do not have time. But, tomorrow morning, I know. And tell you, whenI come.
I want to into your arms right now Jeff! I want to feel your tenderness and affection. I want to cuddle up to yourchest and feel your heart. Jeff I love you! This is what my heart! This is a new feeling that you gave me. And to make the happiest in this world! We will be good together. And you yourself know it. Am I right? Jeff I will do everything that we were happy. No one separates us! And nothing will prevnt us. NOTHING! NEVER!
I have not slept the night and thought of you. Jeff afraid that you just do not answer. I do not know what would happen to me if you had not written. Jeff probably, I just cry. And do not come to the internet cafe. You're my man! You're the most wonderful man! And men like you there is no! I am glad that you enter in my life. And change it for the better. Jeff I know and I'll come. And change your life for the better. I willmake you happy. I promise!
I LOVE YOU!! And very very very much love you! Youwill know how much, when I come to you.
I will do my best. For your sake I am ready for anything!
Jeff answer me soon.
Your loving and waiting for our meeting Kseniya
Letter 19
I understand what you're talking about the wedding. I think we need to talk about it more when we meet. Jeff now we need to solve the problem of meeting. I believe that everything will be fine and we can meet soon.
Sorry for the shortletter. Jeff but I did not know how to tell. I'm sorry, I had to immediately tell you everything. Jeff I was in a good trvael agency. I learned what and how. And I was extremely happy that soon we will be together. But when I heard the minimum cost of travel, I have dark eyes. I sat down and cried. Need to have at least 1240 dollars. Jeff and the money that I have, not enough even to documents. At first, I thought I'd find the money. However, it is very difficult. Jeff and I can not get it. I'm not traveling so far. I was in Sochi once. It's too far. But then I got free tickets from my work.
And so I had no idea what the cost might be.
Jeff please forgive me. I could done it. But,I need a lot of time, that I could get it.
What do we do? Jeff can you come to Russia? I'll meet you. I learned everything. You need fly to Moscow. There are several international airports - Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo. Moscow is far away from me. But, I'll meet u there. I'll come at any time. And I will wait.
What do you need to travel? Passport? Visa? Maybe you learn it? How much does it cost? A ticket? You do not need a hotel. We can live in my dorm room. I promise that I will meet you. Required. But, tell me where and when. Jeff and I'll be there. Waiting for you with flowers and kisses.
Please do not leave me.My life has no sense without you now. You become my life. I gave you my heart. Gave my love. And I do not want to lose you. I am sure that we are meant to be together. I can not live without you. Jeff now, I'm pretty sure that I love you! And I want to be just yours! Forever! Being a woman of yourdreams and make you happy!
Whenyou know all about the trip? Jeff I believe that you will know all soon. And you can come to me. I'll wait.
We must find a way to be togteher. And I hope that everything will turn out.
I love you!!!
Your loving and gentle Kseniya
Letter 20
I read your letter very carefully. I understand what you're telling me. And I undestand that you want to make in me. But I really was not pleased to hear that. Jeff I do not expect to see it after all your words of love. But if it's really important to you, I will try to make a copy of my passport. I'll scan it in the internet cafe. But I can not make the photo that you're asking. Because I sold my camera today.
I did it for us. I find money for our meeting in any way.
Once again I have not slept all night. Jeff lay and thought of you.
Hugging my stuffed toy. And dreamed about you. And you know, I understand. Everything should not be so. Between us there should be no distance. Jeff why should we suffer? Time goes by. Do not stand still. And we are also far away. It is necessary to make each other happy. And it needs to meet. Am I correct to say Jeff?
Jeff and I have decded. I will do everything herself. Who wrote the aunt and told her everything. Maybe it is what will help. I will ask friends for help. Jeff I will go to the bank and write a statement for the loan. I am selling my room and all my stuff. Leave only the most necessary and essential. I already sold mycamera and a few things. But, I will try to send photos. The most important thing is that soon we will be together. And then we will not have photos and letters. Because we see and hear us in reality. Will do everything we dreamed about! I'm sure we'll be happy. Do you agree? How do you like my idea of?? Like it? I know how and what to do. And I will do everything in my power. Even more. Because I have our love in my heart. I'll tell you what's going on.
I hope that all happen. Jeff and I am comng soon. And we will enjoy our love. And not to suffer a great distance. Jeff I do not want to live alone anymore. This makes no sense. Soon we will be together. And we begin a happy life together. Jeff I will make you happy. Now I am more than confident. You gave me life and made me happy. And I swear I'll make you happy! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
It is a pity that I can not kiss you for real. Jeff but I hope that these kisses to make your day a little better.
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!!!
Your happy and sweet Kseniya
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