Romance scam letter(s) from Ramilya Schunn to David (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello Dave! Thank you for your reply! I am sorry but you didn't send me your picture. Will you send me some? Please! I am sorry but I thought I wrote you I had got your message on the website You just gave me your email address and asked to write you and send you my pictures. I guess you had read my profile and you wanted to be friends because I wrote in my profile I had been looking for friendship. I am sad a bit because you don't remember me as I had a lot of pictures in my profile. And it was you who wanted me to write you. So, how are you doing? How is the weather in your beautiful country?
It's not so cold here. Here I mean my city Lviv, in the country Ukraine. By the way, in what city do you live, Dave? First of all I want to say, I am really grateful to you for your offer of friendship. I am going to come to Australia in about 3 weeks and I will be very glad to be friends with you! I am coming for vacation, for about 3 months. I am going to go to Whyalla, South Australia but I would like to visit some other cities. Dave, please, write me more about yourself! I would like to know you better. Of course, I will write you about me, too. I am 28. My height is 168 cm. My weight is 49kg. I am a widow, single at the moment. I don't have kids. I work a lot, I am a vip-room manager in the local night club. So, mostly I work in the evening and at nights. And I sleep in the morning and sometimes till 3pm :) I rent an apartment with my colleagues. It has 3 rooms, I live in the smallest one because both my colleagues live with their boyfriends. I don't need much space because most of my time at home I sleep :) More about me: I listen to different club music as I don't have choice at work :) When I am not at work, I don't listen to anything! :) I like watching comedies. I like playing volleyball and swimming. I don't have hobbies. I read detective stories of modern authors (mostly when I have bubble bath). Dave, I have written enough about me. I hope you won't have many questions and you will be able to write me more about yourself. I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards,
Letter 2
Hello Dave! I am glad to read your reply and to see your nice pictures! How is your day today? I hope sunny and funny :) I am writing you after googling the best views of Australia. What a beautiful country! I am a great traveller. I love travelling and seeing new places! I think I have seen every city and town of the sea coast here in Ukraine. I graduated from the university and I am a hotel manager by profession. That's why I speak good English because it was one of the main subjects at the university :) I haven't had a chance to get a good job at any hotel here because I need to move closer to the sea where there are many hotels and a lot of tourists. My parents live in Odessa. They ask me to return home where I can work in the local hotel. I don't think hotel manager is the profession I want to have. Dave, do you like your profession? Have you ever been disappointed in it? Besides my parents I have a sister. I don't have any other siblings besides her. She is married. He husband is an Australian. That's why I go to Whyalla. They bought an old house there half a year ago to settle down. It's old and needs renovation. I will come and do the garden :) I will come for 3 months, that will be enough for seeing some others cities besides Whyalla and for making my sister's garden perfect! I can't wait to come to Australia! Getting visa takes a lot of time. I have been waiting for it for about 2 months. Very soon I will receive it and I will be able to buy tickets. Dave, if you want to know something about me, just ask. I don't know what else you want to know about me. I will be very glad to answer your questions if I am not in rush to go to work or to sleep :) Right now I have to go back to work because I have come only to change my blouse. Accidentaly beer jumped out of the glass onto my sleeve, it wasn't me who is hook handed :D I am running away. I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards,
Letter 3
Hello Dave! Thanks for your reply! How are you doing? How is Australia getting on? :) I can't wait to see it in spite the fact I am coming to Australia alone. It's the first time I am travelling alone but I am sure, I will like it! I will be absolutely alone in Australia because my sister and her husband work abroad and they will return home only in June. They visited my parents 4 months ago and I was very glad because all my family got together. My sister offered me to visit Australia. It was unexpected and unplanned. But she left the keys of their house and money for me to go to Whyalla and spend there 3 wonderful months! You know, when I think about the things I want to do in life I think about landscape designing. I hope I found the right words for this :) Last summer my parents bought an old house in the country side. They like country side life. My sister and I helped our parents to buy and renovate the house. I liked the most to deal with the garden. I planted different flowers and bushes. I ordered pergola, beautiful benches and 2 hammocks for my parents :) When I visited my parents last time, it was very beautiful there! I did everything perfect!! And I liked it a lot! My lilies of different colors are really magnificent! Dave, if you could change your profession, what would you like to do in life? I am sure, my sister will like the things I will do in her garden! In a couple of days I will have some news about my visa. It will be a very important day for me because when I get it, I will be able to buy the tickets and know the date of my arrival to Australia! I want to ask you something... Do you have a picture of your favorite place nearby? Can you send it to me? We can meet there when I come to Australia :) I will be very glad to meet you in real! Well, my lyrical coffee break is over. Drunk people are waiting for me at work :) So, I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards,
Letter 4

Hello Dave! It's nice to see your reply! How is your day today? I have just finally woken up. I have my day off today, the day when I can sleep very long! I can't say I slept very tight because my neighbour's cat decided to drive me crazy. My room is very small but I have a tiny balcony in my room. My neighbour's cat sometimes visits me through my balcony and the balcony of my neighbour. When I am at home, I always have the small window open. Well, I was sleeping and seeing sweet dreams when I was woken up by a terrible loud Meow! The cat was sitting on the floor, looking at me and loudly terribly meowing like someone was chewing his tail. Cat is a male with an angelic name Fluffy. I took the cat and put it into my neighbour's balcony. But 15 minutes later the cat was again on my floor interrupting my dreams. Again I put the cat back into my neighbour's balcony. The same things repeated a couple of times. I had to shout for my neighbour and ask to take her cat. The cat was very lucky today. My friend wasn't at home, she doesn't like him because this cat ate her humster. Terrible story with tears and chasing the cat. I couldn't hate Fluffy because he resambles my parents' cat. I love my parents a lot and their cat, too. I hope you've had a better day today :) May I ask you to give me your phone number? Please! Dave, I can call you when you have evening, I know the time difference. It would be great to put your voice to your mails! I don't have any phone of my own but I can call you from the phone booth. I hope you'd like to hear my voice too :) I have an important day tomorrow, I need to visit my travel agent and ask about my visa. I should receive it within next several days. At least they promised me that :) If I am very lucky, I will be able to come to Australia next week! Well, I need to finish my mail. I need a cup of coffe! By the way, Dave, do you like coffee or tea? What kind of coffee or tea do you like? I like any kind of coffee. And I like green or herbal tea with no sugar. So, I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards,
Letter 5
Hello Dave! Thank you for your writing back! How are you doing? I have had a very busy day today. My visa is ready, my travel agent will get it within next couple of days. Yahoo!!!! :) Also I have talked to my boss about my departure. I can't leave my work, it's a long story connected to the receiving my visa. I must have a place of work :) So, I have asked about a 3 months vacation. My boss said I can go only when I find someone to work instead of me.
Tomorrow several girls will come and I will have to test them, choose 3 of them and show everything. If I am a good teacher, I will come to Australia very soon! Dave, I know, it won't take much time and I will be able to take the plane and see Australia. Also I thought a lot about my itinerary. I am thinking about meeting you first. I mean I will come and stay in a small hotel for a week. We could meet and get to know each other better. Then I can go to Whyalla. I will need to clean the room for me, unpack some things and it would be ok for living. The house is old, my sister and her husband only brought their things there and didn't stay any night. I guess it will take about a week to make everything cosy for my vacation. When I clean the house, you can come and visit me in Whyalla on weekend! It's an official invitation :) Of course, there is no much to see and visit there but I am sure, you will like my company! I am a good cook, I will cook your favorite dish and we will have dinner in the garden :) Dave, what would you like me to cook for you? I am not picky about the food, I can eat anything, except for the worms and bugs :) So, today I am in good mood! In a couple of days I will be able to book the tickets. I am looking forward to knowing the date of my arrival! By the way, I didn't ask you. Would you like to meet me in a week or so? If you don't mind meeting me, please, let me know the exact name of the nearest airport. I am finishing my mail and I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards,
Letter 6
Hello Dave! Thanks a lot for your reply! How are you doing? I need to say that I was very happy to have talked to you over the phone! Unfortunately we were disconnected because my calling card ran out of funds :( I have a busy time now because I have 2 girls who I need to teach working as a manager. I could choose only 2 because most of them were too young and shy. Being shy is a bad thing for a manager in the night club. Most of time I have to deal with drunk people. If I don't know what to say when they are rude, they could eat me like a crocodile eats a little roe at the watering place. So, I am very upset because I don't feel like those 2 girl could work instead of me. One of my colleagues said her cousin worked as a manager in a cafe and now she is looking for job. Tomorrow she will come to the night club and I will talk to her. I hope she will be the very girl I am looking for to work instead of me! Dave, also I wanted to say I have talked to my travel agent. I feel I will be able to take the plane in several days!! That's why I have asked her to finalize my papers because my visa is ready and I am almost ready to come. We've discussed everything. First of all, I will fly to meet you first. My travel agent is looking for a cheap place to stay. I can stay there for a week. That's enough time to see the sights and meet you. Of course, we will be able to meet when you want and when you are not busy. Don't worry, I am not leech type of person :) I won't disturb and irritate you :) Well, my travel agent will take care of everything, including the detailed instruction how to get to Whyalla after visiting you. Dave, I am looking forward to coming and meeting you! I know we have been corresponding for not very long and we almost don't know each other. I have many things to tell you about me and I have a lot of questions for you but I guess it's better to leave it for our meeting!
It's better to talk than to write and read :) I need to finish my mail now. I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards and kisses,
Letter 7
Hello Dave! Thanks for your reply! Do you have a nice day today? I hope so! I need to confess... I am afraid of dark :) I mean when it's really dark and when I am alone. No, I don't have sea sick. I love swimming and I am sure, in one of my lives I was a dolphin! I am not scared of caves if I am not alone and it's not absolutely dark there :) I can't ride a bike. I am in absolutely good mood today! My colleague's cousin is a perfect person to work instead of me. Today I have shown her everything and she understands everything very quickly! Today I will work my last night in the night club. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will be a happy girl on vacation! Dave, tomorrow I am going to meet my travel agent again to buy tickets. I will try to get tickets to take the plane in 2-3 days. I think that will be enough for me to pick up my luggage and clean the room! The flight will long for about 2 days, with several stops in different countries. It means I will come in 4-5 days. Now it's a moment when I am really happy! In my thoughts I am in Australia. I am sitting at the computer, sipping black Brasilian coffee and eating Snickers. That's my favorite chocolate! I am sorry for asking, may be you can think it's a stupid question but what chocolate do you like? I like any kind of chocolate, I do have a sweet tooth! I like everything sweet! But I don't like jellies and candies.
Chocolate only, with any kind of nuts! In 20 minutes I have to go to work. Also I wanted to say, when I get the tickets and write you the date and time of my arrival. I hope to see you in the airport ;) Also tomorrow I need to do several medical tests for my travel insurance. I hate quequing at the doctors'. But I need it because I must have insurance and I need to prove I am healthy :) So, tomorrow I will have a busy day but I will be very glad to finalize everything and get the tickets! I am finishing my mail and I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards and friendly kisses,
Letter 8
Hello Dave! Thanks for your reply. How are you? I hope you are doing fine... I was in my travel agency to talk to my travel agent. I have some problem which can be solved but it needs some time. I don't know if I postpone my trip or even cancel. My travel agent did some things to finalize everything and finish her work with me. She found out I took loan from bank. Yes, I did. I helped my cousin to buy an apartment. Me, my cousin and her husband took loans from bank to buy that apartment. I don't pay for that loan because my cousin and her husband pay everything. I even forgot about that. But right now I can't leave Ukraine because of this loan. It's a law in my country because many people leave the country and never pay back their loans. I need to pay about 12000 USD. I have almost all this amount because my sister left me the money to go to Asutralia and live there for 3 months. I can pay this loan. But that's all money I have, I won't be able to buy tickets and live in Australia. Dave, my sister and her husband from Australia can help me. I have asked for the help. But she and her husband are in the Atlantic ocean now. They are working on the ship. My sister said they can transfer the money but only within Australia.
I mean they can send the money online from their Australian bank account into any account in any bank in Australia. This is the only way for them. They can't send the money neither by Western Union, nor Money Gram. They can't send the money aroad. My sister wrote if I trust you, she can send the money to you into your bank account if you agree to help me. I mean I want to ask you, if you can help me to receive the money from my sister. When you receive it, you can send this money to me by Western Union or Money Gram. I will ask my sister to send 4000 dollars and of course the necessary amount to cover all your expenses connected with the transfer. Your won't spend any dollar of your money. My sister wrote if you agree to help me to receive the money, you can write me the bank details where my sister can send the money to: Account name (your full name):
Bank name:
Account number:
Bsb number:
Your address: My sister wrote also, you can give any bank account, even which you don't use or where there is no money. The most important thing is that this account must be valid, so you can receive the money into that account and then pick up the money in cash to send by Western Union or Money Gram when my sister sends the money. Of course, it's not comfortable for me to ask for your help but I really want to meet you and I don't want to cancel my visit. I am absolutely serious. To prove I am real and I have serious intentions I attach the scanned copy of my ID. So, I guess I only need to wait for your reply because if you can help me and write me the details for my sister, I will pay the loan and I will be expecting for my sister's money. If you can't help me, I will cancel my trip and pay penalty to my travel agency. Dave, your reply is very important for me, please, write me back even if you can't help me. I am very short of time and I need to take a desicion as soon as possible. I hope you will be able to help me and we will be able to meet! I hope to have your reply soon! Best regards and friendly kisses,
Letter 9
Hello my dear Dave! Thank you very much for your reply! And of course, thanks a lot for your help!!! Right after writing you, I will write my sister the details you gave me. I will ask her to make the transfer into your account as soon as possible! Sure, it could take some time. I know, bank to bank transfer could take up to several days. But I am sure, very soon I will get some news from my sister. Dave, I am very glad I have someone who I can reply on, who I can trust and who can help me when I need it a lot! I am very grateful to you!
Thank you! Tomorrow morning I will meet my travel agent and I will inform her I don't cancel my trip. It was hard for me to make her waiting for several days. I had to leave my passport as a guarantee I will pay.
Now I can tell her, I will pay when my sister sends money. Also I need to pay the loan and I need to have the paper confirming it. So, now I have to wait when my sister writes me the news about the money. As soon as she sends it, I will write you and let you know about it! And I need to ask one of my friends to help me to receive the money. Because when you receive the money from my sister, you will have to send it by Western Union or by Money Gram. One of my friends will help me to receive the money from you. I am not stubborn :) I need to pay urgently and that's why Western Union or Money Gram could help a lot. Anyway I don't have any bank account for excepting international transfers. But, Dave, please, don't worry! It will be very easy to receive the money from my sister and send it here! I will help you with everything because I used Western Union and Money Gram when sent money to my parents from France where I worked. I know how it works! Well, I am finishing my mail, I need to do some things around the home. I mean I need to change the towels in the kitchen and in the bathroom. I do it every day because I hate dirty and rumpled towels.
Some friends say I am crazy but I do like clean and ironed towels. Now you know one thing about me which I like and don't like :) Dave, do you have something like this? Something that make other people think you are crazy a bit? :) By the way, knowing this, my friends present me different beautiful towels of good quality (as the New Year gift for example). Ok, I am sending you my mail and I will be waiting for your reply! Best regards and friendly kisses,
Letter 10
Hello my dear Dave! Thanks for your reply! How are you doing? I hope you are going fine! I am very sorry to say but my sister hasn't received any notification about the money transfer yet but I sure, very soon her bank will finish the transfer. My sister knows, I need money urgently. She won't do any delay intentionally! I wish I could tell you something that could make you happy! Or at least something making you laugh :) I have many stories to tell you! I want to cheer you up! I would like to tell you the story from my childhood! This a story about me - a brave little girl who is not afraid of anything and who can defend herself :) I was born in the country side, there was a little pond not far from my house and many frogs lived there. I wasn't afraid of them while all the girls I knew were very afraid of them :) I liked frogs :) Once, when I was about 6 years old, a girl I played with called me an ugly fool, I was very upset but I didn't cry, I caught a basket of frogs from the nearest pond and dropped all the frogs onto her head... she never ever called me bad words :):) I know, I was very bad sometimes
:):) Tell me, Dave, have you ever done something like that? I hope you did otherwise you could think I am too bad :):) Well, I finishing my letter because I don't want to bore you with reading. I wish you to have a nice day and I am waiting for your reply! Rami with many kisses!
Letter 11
Hello my dear Dave! Thanks a lot for your mail! How are doing today? I hope everything is fine! I am fine here! I have no news from my sister... it kills me! I know sometimes they are in the blind spot in the ocean where there is no reception of internet for several days. But you shouldn't worry, she knows about the urgency and she will contact me soon and she will make the transfer as soon as she can. I will inform you about this right away. Well, now you tell me, my dear Dave, how is your day? How is the weather at your place? What are going to do in the evening? As for me, I am fine, I am going to go to the beauty parlour in the evening. I need to refreshen my hairdo and nails. So, I will spend a couple of hours to make me beautiful! :) My friend's cousin works in that beauty parlour and I can do all those things with a great discount. Today I've found my old perfume. I like it very much!!! When I was young I liked to use mom's perfume, she never shout at me for that, she only smiled! When it was raining I stayed at home and took mom's shoes, dresses, hats... I always dressed them on and I imagined that I was a princess! I liked mom's shoes with high hills! So, I am wearing them since... oh!!!... since five years old!!! Tell me, Dave, what was your favorite game when you were a little boy? I can bet you were a cute one!! Well, I have to stop now and I will be waiting for your reply! Have a great day! Rami with hugs and kisses!!!
Letter 12
Hello my dear Dave! Thank you very much for your reply! How is your day today? I hope you are doing fine! As for me, everything is good here! I am writing you to say that tomorrow is the birthday of my colleague and she invited all of us to go to the village where she has a country house. It's a kind of going for barbeque which lasts several days :) We are going to be back home on Sunday late evening or Monday morning. Tonight I am leaving and it's my last mail for this weekend. I will write you on Monday because they don't have Internet there and that's why I won't be able to write you. But I will be missing you :) I know the time will fly fast because all my colleagues and their friends will take their children. It will be a noisy company :) But I like children. The daughter of my colleague likes my hair, she always try to make a hairdo of my my hair but it's not a pleasant thing :) Because I think I lose half of my hair after her combing it and making different pony-tails :) I hope I will be back home not bald :) And you, my dear Dave, how are you going to spend your weekend? I am very glad I have a chance to join the nature. I like walking! Well, I am finishing my mail. I need to be in a hurry because my colleagues will come soon to take me with them for our little holiday
:) I wish you to have a great weekend, my dear Dave! Rami with many hugs and kisses!
Letter 13
Hello my dear Dave! Thank you very much for your mail! How are you doing today? I am very glad I am back home from my friend's birthday! I had good time there! It's very quiet in the countryside and the air is very fresh! It was great to forget the city noise for those several days.
We walked, talked a lot about different things :):):) In the evening we had barbeque. I was with my friends and I had good time but I thought of you too! I played a lot with the kids because nobody else wanted to do that :) Parents are very tired of kids but I was the only one who doesn't have kids and I had enough forces to play hide-and-seek and run around with the little ones :) Well, everything is fine and I am glad that very soon I will come. And you, my dear Dave, did you have nice weekend? How are you? I even don't know what to do today :) May be I will wash clothes :) And of course, I will sleep because we didn't sleep much. The kids didn't want to go to bed and I had to read different fairy-tales till 1 am :) I haven't received my sister's reply. May be she is very busy, may be they don't have Internet connection. Anyway, she will write me as soon as she can. This is all my news. Now I am waiting for yours! I wish you to have a great day! Rami with warm kisses and tender hugs! P.S. I am not bald :) My hair is safe :)
Letter 14
Hello my dear Dave! Thanks for your reply! How are you? I hope you are doing fine :) I am in good mood because I know we will meet very soon! I have good news for you! My sister and her husband sent money into your account for me! You can go to bank on Thursday morning, the money will be in your account! I have details of the transfer for you, you need it to pick up the money and send it to me: I ask you to send the money to the name of my friend. I don't have my ID because I left it as a guarantee in my travel agency. But she can help me, we worked together and I trust her. You can send the money by Western Union. You can send all the money at once. I give you the details of my friend. You can send the money to this name: First name: IRYNA
Last name: CHMILENKO
Country: Ukraine
City: Lviv
Address: Zhdahi street, 4 - 92
Zip code: 79020 You can send 6000 AUD (minus the fee of Western Union for the transfer) to my friend. But please, ask the manager to send the money in American dollars. Western Union will make the exchange the currency themselves. Just give them the money in Australian dollars and ask to send the money in American dollars. These details are correct. Please, don't make any mistake otherwise we won't be able to pick up the money and you will need to go there to improve the mistakes :) When you send the money to my friend, you need to write me the details of your transfer. It's very important!! You need to give me all the details which you will write for Western Union!!! You need to write
me: Name: David
City from where you will send money: Perth
Amount: (in American dollars)
MTCN: MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) is a 10 digit number of the transfer in Western Union. It consists of 10 digits. It will be written in your Western Union check. If you don't know it, you can ask a manager. If you can, you can send the scanned copy of your Western Union check with all that information. You need also to pay for the money transfer. But you don't need to pay your money. You can ask the manager of Western Union to take the necessary amount from my sister's money. I am glad we will meet very soon! I will thank you in real life! Sorry, Dave, I need to send this mail to you! I am waiting for your reply! Rami with many hugs and kisses.
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