Letter(s) from Fawzia Mamudu to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1

Hi My LOVE is me Rebeca , well i hope you really like my pics as well , Jimmy we are not meant to go through life alone. We need a partner who will forever remain by our side, someone to lean on at times, remembering as well, we will be leaned on too. Understanding that there will be difficult times, and doubt may cloud your lives. It is then that we must trust each other the most and believe that live will sustain us.
Jimmy never hesitate to say “I love you” or be the first one to say “I am sorry.” Give a lot, overlook even more, and always expect as much in return. We must never look back or lose 0urselfs, but celebrate the special privilege of being a couple. Never lose sight of what is bringing us to the alter in the first place, our special love for each other. I will cherish that always…Jimmy i am deeply in love with you. I am missing him so much , and really want to spend the rest of my life together with you. I do wish to be next to you every night. I always want my soft lips to be kissed hot by you. Hon do you know how much I am missing you. Sweetly, Jimmy i have really missed you , missed you and missed you so much and I do want to chat with you always but it seemed that we couldn't get to catch each other online in time. Well I can always be online here for you anytime you wish to chat with me, just we have to build the correct time for our meeting, and I will be much happy to meet you online Tomorrow for much conversations. Thank you so much hope you will reply me Bye and take care of your self Bye mmmah KISS YOU...?

Letter 2

Hello how are you doing today ,My name is Comfort from Ghana am single with no kid never been marreid am here looking for the right man who i can sped the rest of my life with him who i can give all my heart to him and make me happy in life ..am honest good woman who van change your life so that you can be happy in life i will love to here from you soon ..?

Letter 3

NAME:Comfort Dordunu
ZIP CODE:00233
Bank:Western Union

Letter 4

Thank you so much My dear you make me feel so happy as will i never find a man who talk with me befor i always keep my mind on you my dear you are the who can chang my life as will and i can writ to be with you Jimmy ..I am writing to you to tell you how much you truly mean to me.This last year was one of the best years of my life and it's all because of you,I love you with every beating piece of my heart,Every train of thought turns to you,You are the most wonderful, smart, talented, handsome man I have ever met and I thank God every day that you're mine. I love you more than I could ever explain, more than I even understand. I hope that we last forever. I hope you are the man I marry. I love you, you.. Thank you i hope to here from you soon


Letter 5

Hello Sweetheart am so happy to here from you .There Money you doing to send me on Monday is $200.00 and the camera cost $300 i hope you will able to send me on Monday baby i really love you so much and thinking of you always you are the man of my life i always thinking of you Jimmy i really love you and care about you i wish i was the with you so that we can be happy together in life my heart always for you and i promise you that if you really make me happy always i also make you happy Jimmy you promise me on Monday you will able to send me the money as will if you really keep you promise make me happy so that i can always believe in you Jimmy i love you so much when you send me the money tomorrow email me with the information all the money will be $ 500 baby i hope to here from you soon

Letter 6

Thank you so much baby i really missed you so much baby am so sad i don't have any money here baby pls try and send me the money you promise me as will so that i can believe in you more i really give you all my heart you are always in my mind Jimmy i really need you so much baby am writing for the information as will baby don't forget about the money baby pls baby send it as will baby i love you so much you are always in my eyes i always thinking of you Jimmy try and send me as will you promise me if you really love me and care about me how much i really need to be with you Jimmy make me happy so that i can know that you really love me and care about me Jimmy love you so much i hope to here from you soon
Love you Jimmy