Scam Letter(s) from Valentina Gorobchenko to Marco (Norway)

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Letter 1

The next step for our meeting Marco will be knowing each other closer…I really want to know a man to whom I want come)))))
Dear I really do not want waste time for chatting because I want real meeting and real date with a man.....not endless letters....
I guess this is not hard to learn something more about each other and than plan meeting, agree?????
I'm not here to find sponsor or rich guy.....
In this case, you shouldn’t worry, because I’m not a material woman and I earn my self, so I won’t ask you for money or for something….
I’ve heard that foreign men think that Ukrainian women always need money, so this is not truth…and I will prove you this…
The good start will be exchanging photos by privet mail, agree???
I will send you my daily life photos and you will do the same for me, ok???
I also want to ask you some questions, very privet questions…
My first and very important questions for me, will be about kids.
What do you think about women with child???
Will you meet with such woman or it’s not your way???
I hope to hear your true answer and i will send you photos as soon as I could get to the Internet cafe, hope you wouldn't mind???)
Your Valentina.

Letter 2

Dear Marco, I’m mature lady not a little girl and not a girl who see this world in pink colors.
I’m serious woman, who work in serious company and who want to change her life, meet good man and start new page…and I really can’t explain my self how could I all the time think of you????))))
I haven’t known you for long, just some letters between us and I can’t help thinking of you….imagine us together, how it’s possible???))
Please tell me that I’m not a crazy)))) maybe you also feel the same???
Because I can’t understand how you could win my attention in such a short term???))))
All that I dream about now is to meet you one day and see your eyes, see you for real…
My heart start trembling all the time when I start thinking of you..
I guess I even feel butterflies in my stomach)))) please don’t laugh at me, because I do not know what is going on with me)))
I so shy to tell you all this now, but I’m very open person and just can’t keep this inside of me)
Please tell me about your feelings and tell me that I’m not crazy now)))
Tender kiss for you)
Your Valentina)

Letter 3

Marco, I guess that this is my biggest problem)))
Men think that I am unreal model))) I always smile when here this))) because it's just was like a hobby for me....and in real life ...I work like an interior designer and dream about usual sincere guy in my life)))))
Funny right???)
I do not think that I'm unreal beautiful, I'm just a woman who is trying to find her happiness....
I do dream to start simply life with my man, enjoy the sunsets and sunrises together, enjoy every time together, have long walks and take the hands...maybe now this sound like in romantic melodrama but this is what I really want...
Sometimes I feel men afraid of me, or just think that I'm a nice picture....this is not true and I'm sure that when you know me closer you will see this....
You will see me real and this will change your mind....I hope only for better))))
You are good and very attarctive man, so I will be happy to know you and to see what will happen)))))
Imagine my self abroad.....well I guess yes....because if I'm here this mean I'm thinking about this and I'm ready for this......
So what if I'm jsut a usual pretty woman and not a model start, will this suit you???)))
I send you kisses and hope to hear from you soon)
Your Valentina

Letter 4

Marco, of course I'm thinking about the communication out side of this site, of course we will find the way....
What about sport....I like sport..I like golf, I like football))))) I'm sport woman)))))
My daughter is the best pupil in her class, and I'm proud of her)))))
Her name is Angelina and she is 9 years old, very smart and nice girl)))
She also like sport))) sometimes we watch the football games on TV at home)))) this sound strange maybe because we are mother and daughter))))
One more sunny day and one more sunny kiss from my lips to yours))))
Sweetheart, to be totally honest with you….I will tell you something about me…..
Well, dear you should know that I’m totally in love with the good weather and that when I have time I like to go out and spend time near the sea side……and one of my most desirable dream is to spend romantic day near the sea side with my man…..with bottle of wine and sandwiches…with smiles….and with true and sincere feelings, when we can breath the air, when I can take your hands…see your eyes….ohhhh even now when I write this words I have such a wonderful feeling inside, maybe this sound stupid and too much romantic, but I want this….and I want to ask you, will you be agree to spend such day with me????
Will you be happy to have such day for us???? Forget about everything for one day, agree?????
I wish you to have great day)))
I’m thinking of you…..all the time)))
Hope to hear from you soon.
Your Valentina

Letter 5

My dear Marco, please don’t think that I’m a woman who always cry and who like to cry…never…
This is not about me and to be honest it’s very hard for me to see me not smiling…but when I come back home and after I take my little girl bed I start feel such a terrible loneliness…..this feeling killing me and in such moments more than everything in the world I want to be in your hugs, feel that my man with me and that what ever will happen in this world I’m not along….
Sincere feeling, real hugs and kisses this sound so easy….sound like just words….but this words mean everything for me….because this is all that I miss in my life….
In the moments of loneliness I have tears in my eyes…of course this happen not every day, but all we have such evenings….when we just feel lonely…and need love….
I think you understand me, right????
What do you do when you feel lonely?????? How do you cope with this????
I kiss you dear and so much happy that with you I could openly share all that I have in my soul…
Thank you for understanding….
Hope to hear from you soon.
Your Valentina

Letter 6

Good day my sweet man Marco, good and nice day to you…..
I’m so much happy to write you, happy because I was thinking that today would be real crazy day…
I have so many work, work with the project and I also need to finish decoration for the one romantic place for the St. Valentines Day…..but I’m happy now to have this few free minutes and write you…because with you I feel real pleasure…
Honey how are you this day???)))
I’ve heard such a funny thing that on St. Valentines Day people divide on two parts, first will be celebrating with their beloved and get candies and flowers and other part will be drinking because of their loneliness))))
This sound really funny, because I will be lonely tomorrow too, but be sure I will not drinking)))))
Honey what plans do you have for tomorrow????
And what if we could to spend this day together, how it will be and how do you see our Valentines Day????
I kiss you and hope to hear from you soon.
Your Valentina))))

p.s about my English-- I'm working on it now....and I really hope that I could communicate freely.....but of course this will take time....

Letter 7

Dear Marco this sound perfect, because nobody did this to me...and I never heard about men in my country who cook for their I just have no words)))))
About meeting, I guess that you understand that I like this idea, the only is that we need to plan the date, because of my crazy work and also I have a daughter so we need to make plans for this.....
My honey, so it’s a most romantic holiday today…you are so far away and this make my heart cry from loneliness, but our true feelings also warm me…warm my heart and my soul….
This mean all that we have is not virtual and I ask you not to become my virtual Valentine, but become my Valentine for life…..because I want us treat each other every day and only on 14 of February…
This day people tell about their feelings and I also will tell you about my….I need you honey and with every new day my feelings grow…and I want to save….
This day I want to be your Valentine….this day I want to wear my red dress and my red lingerie and drive you crazy at day and at night…..this day I want to give you all my love and passion….
Happy Valentines Day my sweet man, just remember that far away you have your Valentines who is dreaming and thinking of you today))))
I miss you and all my kisses for you, all my hot and sensual kisses for only your lips)))))
I hope to hear from you soon)
Your Valentina

Letter 8

My dear Marco, well little bit more about my day....
Early in the morning I start working and decoration one cafe for this evening party of the Valentines Day.....and I'm very happy that I did's look really great and I even little bit proud of my self))))
Than I also work with other my projects, bought heart shaped cake for my parents to say that they are great couple and I love them))))
So than I took my Angelina from school and can you guess what????!!!!!!
She told me about the boy in her class who presented her a post card with heart)))))Ohhhh my God)))) If only you could see her smile and how shy she was...and so cute)))))
I guess I will have great problems with this super girl)))))))
It's a nice day, now I take her here with me to write you, because I want to share this with you, share this my day with you and say that more than everything I wish you could be here now.....
We run home, and will wait for my parents and hope they will like the cake)))))
Hope to hear from you soon.
Your Valentina

Letter 9

Good weekends my sweetheart Marco))
Yes dear, boys nowadays are so fast))) and I even worry about this, but I guess all parents feel the same when with every year their kids become older......
My daughter is proud of me and always say me mom you are so beautiful you need to be with real prince)))))) I always smile after this words))))))
Yes dear I will try to send you email tomorrow ...maybe some phrase and photos...ok????
I like that you are so enthusiastic because this make me feel you are real and serious...
I can take the days off after I finish my two big projects and this will be in Spring time, April I guess....what do you think??????
I feel totally crazy because even during my weekends I run to the agency to write you, because only when I start day from letter to you I feel much better…
Today is weekend and this is great, I will go to the market to buy products and this day I want to start with something testy, I’m going to make pancakes with mushrooms….and also to make apple pie…my little Angelina loves apple pie…..
What about you honey??? What about your plans????
I feel like I never stop miss you during the weekends especially…because while work you always busy but on weekends you always want to do something special want to rest….and I always think that it will be so nice if you could be here now and we could go out to the nature and enjoy this time….
We have here so many wonderful places that I want to show you… will be our own romantic film, agree?????
My dear, I wish you to have very nice day….I’m thinking of you and dream that one day you will test my pancakes, agree????))))
Kisses to your lips)))
Wait for your soon reply…
Your Valentina

Letter 10

My sweetheart Marco, ohhh I wish good luck your little daughter on the concert!!!))
I can only imagine how proud you feel)))) Please let me know how it was....
My Angelina had some lessons of the piano...but she prefer to pain....and now she paint so great pictures.....and also she like to sing)))))
How I see life in Belgium...this is hard question, just because of course I worry.....I see my life happy because I feel that you are great man....I will find work for my self, and hope that Angelins will like Belgium...the only problem is the language, right?
This is day I’m a cooker and yes I love to cook)), because whole day long I cook for my little Angelina))))
So now in the evening she ask me to take her to her friend, she is there and I’m here again, because I’m missing you)))
This evening I have very playful mood and I really want to ask you some very privet questions…..
I’m shy…..and I have read cheeks, but we both mature and I could ask you any questions, agree???)))))
Dear, sometimes I want to be like a little kitten, I want to be playful….I want to be naughty and seduce you…I can do this with touches…..or kisses or with my dance for you… would you like this???)))
Will you let me to be your little kitten sometimes????)))) purr purr to your ear???)))))
I send you kisses and my tender hugs…and all my love…all my love for you!!!)))))
So much wait for your soon reply)))
Your Valentina

Letter 11

Hi dear, I decide that it's time for next step, time to change something and more further than the site!
Mail is rela and privet communication...I will try to practise my English and also will try to use the Internet translater......and we need try diretc contact....agree???
I just want something real and not only virtual site communication????
WIll you agree???
I can't write here so often, but I will try and we will try to contcat here...and it will be our privet space.
Kiss you and have a nice Monday)
Your Valentina

Letter 12

Hi dear, I decide that it's time for next step, time to change something and more further than the site!
Mail is rela and privet communication...I will try to practise my English and also will try to use the Internet translater......and we need try diretc contact....agree???
I just want something real and not only virtual site communication????
WIll you agree???
I can't write here so often, but I will try and we will try to contcat here...and it will be our privet space.
Kiss you and have a nice Monday)
Your Valentina



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