Scam letter(s) from Alina Kovalyova to Carl (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Carl. Are you interested in me? I want to correspond with you. It would be better to tell you about me. My name is Alina. I am 26. As for my character, I am honest, cheerful girl, with good sense of humor. I am sociable, have a lot of friends, because main my feature of my character – I can trust people despite everything. My friends can trust me with everything, I never let them down. If you want, you can tell me about you some special secrets. I am interested in this. I hope our correspondence will continue, we will know about each other more information. I will be glad to get your letter. Wish you good luck, and wait for your letter. Alina.
Letter 2
hello my honey Carl) thank you for your photo!!! I like it so so much!!!! So nice write letter to you and I hope we can build not only friendly relationships!! I am looking for honest, courageous , independent man, with good sense of humor, I want to be a little, pretty lady in your strong hands!!!! So I decide to find man in Internet!!! I hope we can establish good relationship!!! Maybe internet not good way to find love But we need to try how do you think??? I think we have the common aims!!! Do you want to find partner??? Me too!!!! So let’s know much more about each other and why know maybe we will be good couple!!! Darling I think you will be interested to know more about me and I will tell you!!! My name is Alina and I am 26 year old I live in small town Antratcit in the east part of Ukraine! My family not so big. I have mother and my granny who live in the village! I love children and I want have my own But now I am looking for man who can be good father for my future children! I work with children, I am babysitter in one of the family in my town .
I have difficult But interesting job. And what about you? What do you for job? Do you enjoy it? Honey I am honest, open person, with good send of humor. About my character I can tell that I am ambitious, creative, easygoing person. My friend tell about me that I am friendly, honest, reliable, trustworthy friend! I have a lot of friends and I like spend time with them! I am optimistic and good-natured person! Honey I like active rest and spend time on nature, in my free time I like read book, cooking, with friend I like play Badminton and barbecue do you like this? Can you tell me how do you spend your free time?? Do you like different activities? Honey I told you I am looking only for serious relation which based on trust and respect! I don’t understand how man can beat woman and I don’t respect such man ! I hope you are not such man! Honey can you tell me more about you??? Do you have big family?? What do you do for job?
What is your purpose in your search? Do you want to find love or simply friend? Honey I will wait for your reply and I hope you can tell me more about you!!!! wait for letter with big desire! Your new friend Alina!
Letter 3
hello my dear friend!!!! thank you for your photo!!!! I like it so so much!!!
dear you are right about my town!!!! we have problem with water!!!! and I send you photo from my house!!! i rent flat!!!!! dear I send you photo of my mother too!!!!!about my passport I have only Ukrainian ID!!! you know now difficult situation!!!!! I have seen the news on tv about Russian troops invaded the Crimea, with military equipment and weapons They took possession of airport and administrative buildings in Simferopol and Sevastopoli They provoke Ukraine for military action. I cant believe but it could happen a war between Russia and Ukraine!!!!! now i tell you about my childhood!!!!
Honey I don’t want to hide From you something I am open and honest with you! I want to tell you about my family because I value my family!!! And it is very important about me! Honey I have my mother and my granny who live in the village! I live with my roommate in the town! I visit my mother every weekend!. I really want to know your better and I want to tell you the story of my family from the beginning. I live only with my mother. I haven’t ever seen my father, I never heard something from him. My mother told me about my father as I grew up. as a child I often asked my mother about my father but she is always evaded an answer. I noticed she was sad when I asked her about father. But time passed and she told me the story. it was a long time ago. My mother was a student and met a young man. He was older than her on 6 years. it was love at first sight. but only from my mother’s side. He was a worker who came into your town to build new houses to earn money. They spent three unforgettable months together and then my mom found out that she was pregnant and told about this him. But he don’t want to make me life, he don’t want to keep the baby. My mother was so upset she didn’t want to live but then she decided to keep baby despite all facts, but she expected transaction shock. My father go out from town without any explanation. He only told my mother make decisions by herself or to keep the baby or get rid of. I am so grateful to my mother for life. I love my life. She decided to keep baby, For All best things in my life I should say thank for my mother. she always supports me in difficult situation, she can give me a good advice. But I can understand my father, heart will not order. Time passed and I want to track him down and tell him how hard we were without him, how difficult to live without father. My mother was not able to find a man and get married. she did not trust men, She devoted her life to me, I love my mother very much But now she is happy!! She found man and he is really good man!!! And can you tell me more about your family?? About your brothers or sisters?? Do you have common traditions?? What is relation in your family? Do you respect your family? I will wait for your letter and I hope you will replay soon!!! Your new friend Alina
Letter 4

hello my darling) thank you for your photo!!! and of course letter!!!
my name Alina But for friend Alynka and my second name Kovalyova! darling I know English i can talk with you I studied it at university it is not problem for me!!!!! I am glad talk to you again and continue our correspondence! You are open person and with you easy to talk! I like this and I hope we can talk free about everything how do you think?? I think we will have a lot of common and day by day, letter by letter we will know about each other more and more!!! Are you agree with me? Honey do you have experience in communication on Internet? Do you communicate with a lot of girls?? I want to tell you that it is my first time on dating site and I don’t know is it possible to fall in love on Internet or not?? Time will tell us!!! But I know one things that if person in love even distance and difference counties don’t prevent from love! How do you think??? one of my friend met man from Italy on such dating site and now they are happy!!! At first she told me it was very difficult because it is different country and different culture But now she is happy and she advised me looking for foreign man in Internet! Why not??? Honey maybe you have question ! why so beautiful girl looking abroad and looking in Internet?? I will tell you!! The answerer very simple! In Ukraine a lot of good people and man of course! But … such man who educated, who has money. Who clever he never be with such girl as I am! Because such successful man looking for such girl who looks like model or who from rich family!! I am not such girl!!! I am simple! Such man never look at me!!! And such man who clever and intelligence he never cherish woman Only play like with toy because he has money and power! Another type of man only drink a lot and play with friend!!! don’t take care about kids or wife only drink and lay in the sofa!!! Honey it is my reality! I don’t want this life! I want be happy how do you think?? do you want the same?? What kind of woman in your country? Why you looking abroad?? Maybe your friends have wife from Ukraine?? Can you tell me?? I would be happy know this and know your opinion and maybe we will try build relation??? I am looking forward to get and read your letter!! Hope for your soon reply! I will wait!! Your new friend
Letter 5
hello my dear Carl can't imagine HOW people live abroad!!!! in Ukraine only rich people has big house!!
darling I don't know about skype I use computer only at work and there no such equipment for skype like microphone or headphone my boss give me her old computer to write letters or look something in Internet!!!!
I am so sorry maybe we will talk by phone? how do you think?+380965143867 I will wait for your call Ok? or can you send me sms before you call ok? I don't want missed your call But sometimes I don't hear melody I use simply phone Ok? Or sometimes I don’t pick up phone from unknown number!!! Due to advertisement!! I have never been in Moscow! on this weekend I go to my mother to village what about you??? to tell you the truth I never ride horses.!!! But I want to try!!!!! I was studied at pedagogical University and I have bachelor degree ! what about you??? Now I am so glad talk to you again and I hope you too!!! Darling I am such girl who can enjoy this life and I am very optimistic! I want to meet my day with energy and I want enjoy this day! I meet every day with smile!! Honey tell me about your day?
What first things you do when you wake up? What do you prefer for breakfast? Do you like coffee in the morning? Honey I like coffee in the morning and I can prepare good coffee! Or maybe do you prefer tea?
Tell me your habits OK? Darling I heard from my friend who were in Italy that in Italy so tasty coffee do you know this??? To tell you the truth I like Italy of course I have never been abroad But I watch on TV that Italy is amazing country! I like pizza and pasta do you like this? And I hope I will visit Italy one day and I will try coffee!!! And I would be also happy to visit Paris!!! Have you ever been in Paris?? I heard that in Paris the most tasty cake and pastries I want to try this!!!! Darling can you tell me how many countries have you been??? What did you saw? What places do you want to see?? I have dream and I hope in future I will see Italy and Paris!!! I hope my dream comes true!!! And I will try Italian food Honey and tell me what do you prefer in food?? Do you have the favorite food??? Tell me so you like suchi??? Darling I would be happy prepare for you Ukrainian food I am good in cooking!!! Honey I hope you will send me reply soon!
I will wait for your letter with great desire!!! Take care !! see you soon!!! Your Alina.
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