Scam letter(s) from Elena Petrenko to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1
In this letter I want to explain you why I am alone and don’t have a man now.
It’s a pity but most of men which I know look at me only like at a beautiful toy and they are not interested in me like in a human, they don’t care my feelings.
When I have started communication with you I have felt from the very beginning that my appearance for you is on the second place and my feelings
and human female qualities are on the first. It’s very pleasant for me and I like it in you very much.
Actually I like you more and more with every letter. We have so many common.
I am sure that when we meet we will match one another perfect and we always have something to talk about or to do together.
I am spending all my free time now for getting student visa. You couldn’t even imagine how many paperwork I should do for it.
I think only about the future when I get the visa and come to your country and finally everything will be perfect!
I’ll do everything to get this visa.
Are you ready to meet with me when I come to your country? Do you think that we have special relations already?
I like you and I take you as a close friend of mine.
It’s clear that we don’t know one another perfect.
That’s why I want to meet you and to talk to you, to find out about you more and to become closer. Do you want the same?
When we finally meet we could do so many things together, for example:
walking, watching movies, cooking and eating, sitting in the silence and enjoying presence of one another.
I think it’s great that we begin our acquaintance with letters for a start it helps us to understand each other better when we meet.
And at our meeting when we are able to see and touch one another we fill understand our feeling more clearly.
What do you think about our meeting? Do you want it? It’s very important for me to know your opinion.
You are my friend and when I come to your country I need someone who I can rely on and I can share my life with.
I trust you and always tell you truth.
Please, share with me your thought about our possible meeting. What do you think and feel about it? I need to know it.
Letters are very good way of communication but now they are not enough for me and I am ready to meet with you and I want to feel you close to me and to fell that I can rely on you.
I’ve told you about my friend Val who is a photographer-amateur.
When she makes my photo she usually makes compliment to my body and she likes to make photos of mine. I like to pose for her.
She works as a shop-assistant like me in a shop which is situated close to my working place. We often go to work together.
Today Val has made 2 good photos of me and my passport which I am going to send you in a next letter.
Today I’ll get more news about my visa and I hope it’ll be good news. I want to get this visa very much.
I have meeting concerning the visa in a half an hour and I’ll get more information then. P.S. My birthday is on the 31 of April. And when is yours? --
Letter 2
here is a pic with your email address to show that I am real.
I have made mistake in my previous letter. My birthday is 30 of April, sorry :-))) how are you today?
Letter 3
At last I’ve got all the information about documents for visa to your country. I’ll prepare everything and we shall be able to meet, isn’t it wonderful? It will not be a problem for me to do all documents.
I am very glad that we meet in the nearest future.
Please, don’t judge me to quick and don’t think that I am like a child. I just really want to meet you and to feel you close in real life. It’s my strong desire.
I’m going to prepare all the document for visa and then I need to pay for it.
But to my big disappointment there is a problem for me here. You know that I have been saving money for visa to your country and I have put by money from every salary. I have been told that I have to pay right now. But I think that I will be able to pay later and I don’t have the whole sum for visa now.
I really need your help in this problem and I hope that you want to meet me too.
The documents which I prepare are:
- Travel passport;
- Police report;
- Medical certificate,
- Documents from the bank and from my work and others…
I’ve made a calculation how much do I have to pay more for documents + visa fees. The sum is about 500 USD or a little more.
Of course it looks like very expensive but this money will cover very many expenses connected with visa and documents.
I have already paid and received new foreign passport and I’ve got it on hand. My previous passport became invalid as its period expired. I could not even imagine that they will do visa so quickly. But here is one important rule: if I don’t pay for visa now it’ll be a problem for me to get it next time. I can’t miss this chance now.
I want you to know that I am a real woman who lives in Russia and I am sending you a copy of my passport for you to trust me.
If I pay for visa now I’ll have it at once in my passport. I have a possibility to pay for it during 10 days.
The duration of my visa is 3 months. In this period I have to enter the University in your country and after it they’ll extend the term of my visa for the whole time of my study.
When I find a job I’ll be able to get time-unlimited visa. Do you remember I’ve told you that I’m going to work? I need money both for education and for living. I am a self-dependent person.
Please understand me right, I don’t ask for a gift of 500 USD. Could you borrow me this sum of money? When I come to your country and find work I’ll give you money back with the first possibility.
There are many different ways for transferring money, for example: RIAfinancial, Money Gram or Western Union. If you want to use regular post I’ll warn you that it doesn’t work correct at my country. They work very slowly or money simply can be stolen.
Would it be convenient for you to use RIAfinancial, Money Gram or Western Union for sending money? It’s a good way for getting money for me too.
All you need is my address (I’ve sent you in my previous letter) and my full name: Elena Petrenko.
All the information about these companies you can find in internet:
you could choose the most convenient way for you to send money:
- Find and go the nearest office and transfer money there whether with cash or credit card;
- Use web-site at home to transfer money.
You could send money anywhere at Saint-Petersburg.
Could you please help me? I really need it. Could you send me 500 USD?
I’ve got a problem now I am asking for your help and understanding.
I hope for your help very much.
I am waiting for your answer and your decision about it. P.S. Some more additional important instructions:
When they ask you at the office the purpose and destination of a transfer and you don’t want the delay, you’d better answer that money is for your friend, relative, business partner and etc.
It’s better to tell that you know the receiver personally and this money is earned by yourself.
These are the simple requests of financial regulations in receiver’s country and you’d better do not delay while answering these questions at the office.
Have a nice time!
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