Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Fidchuck to Doan (Qatar)
Letter 1
My dear Doan, I am here again, happy to spend another day together with you) Well, I hope you are having a good day, I miss you and wish you were here with me. Just wanted to let you know that you are wanted here;) I am feeling myself fine today too. Just before coming here, to write to you, i was having a short walk in the park the past I went there very often to clear my mind, especially when terrible things had happened so you could say that be there in the park brought back all kinds of bad memories. There is one place in this park, where I was sitting when I was so sad that I cried sometimes, on that same place I was sitting today, and it felt differently - my mind was full of thoughts you and because of that all the small and big trees seems to be more beautiful as before as before, the people are more friendly as it seems, even when it is raining I enjoy it there because now I feel so good. One day probably you and me will be walking there together and i will show you where I was walking when I was thinking of you. It would be nice if you and me were together right now, doing something together, walking the streets or just sitting on the bench in the park and speaking about something, just enjoying our time together...I have to admit, i really starting to miss you... I imagining our the very first kiss, I know that this will be great and definite moment. Unfortunately this action has become so trivial and meaningless nowadays that it is no longer a manifestation or symbol of a true love of love. Now this is something i think even vulgar: people competing over who has kissed more people on the same night, many times they don't even introduce themselves, not even asking for names. All this is just terrible, and unfortunately not that as it have to be... What a flippant thing to do! Kissing for the sake of nothing at all... I still believe that kissing, true kissing, the kissing of two people in love - it is the emotional attraction that generates the physical chemistry, and that is what gives the real flavor of love to the act of kissing. It is really a pity that such wonderful thing goes unappreciated these days: the kiss. You have no idea about how significant it will be to me, it is a dreaming thing, a gesture full of expectation and hope, it will be truly unforgettable indeed. Can you imagine it??? Our first kissing???? I wish one day we drunk a cup of coffee in cafe i am here now. You know, it is here i have met you, and it is here i was thinking everything about you... and about us) I want you to visit that place with me one day. It is really nice and, what is more, i am sure you will like it))) It is time for me to go - job is calling:) I need to do some paperwork regarding family i was telling you about previously, but i am already waiting for your letter my dear, please do not make me to wait for a long time. Well, you can to start writing to me immediately;) Have a nice day, yours Elena!
Letter 2
My dear Doan, thanks for writing to me! I am sorry for the delay in writing to you, i have been pretty busy here! I will write you more a little later, i am just having serious problems now with my job here, and thinking how to solve it... Kiss you... Elena
Letter 3
My dearest Doan, you know, I remember myself when i was a kid, and i realize now, that even a gift under the New Years Tree i was expecting with less impatience than your letters) > Need help!!!
> I am always here for you...
> Take care Actually i am waiting for your letters, as well as for spending time together with you. I just love it - being with you))) Baby, i am addicted to you:) Have you heard this famous Shakira's song?? Thanks for being always here for me Doan! > Good morning. .. I hope you solved your problem. I miss reading ur
> emails and looking at ur pics. Take care of yourself. Don't make me
> worry I will try my best to not to make you worry! The longer we are communicating, the more addicted I am becoming to you!! Normally I can live without you for a day because I read some of your letters again, look at some of your pictures... But when I have to miss you for a day or two . . . well, it gives me an empty feeling, if to be honest, because you managed to change me. And you made me such a happy woman or should I say girl?? I am not sure myself because in age I am a woman but some of my feelings as a girl are coming back . . good feelings, happy feelings and excited feelings. Somehow I am still the young girl full of expectations of life which is ahead of her but life taught her that some things you can’t control in life and you have to deal with them when they appear... Life taught her that friendship and relationship is a gift and you can’t force or push to get it. It is there or it isn’t!! But I also believed that one time I would find happiness . . . well, of course I had moments in my life that I was ready to give up. Such moments I had mostly in the evenings when during the day a lot of bad things happened at the same time. But when I woke up the next morning, almost always I saw a new day with new chances and new gifts . . sometimes very small or even tiny gifts but if you were able to notice it, it were gifts. To meet you here proofs that gifts really exists . . . yes baby, I mean YOU! I wish i was getting only good gifts in my life, but we both know that life is not a bed of roses, and when something good happens, something bad happens then in a very short time. Today we had meeting of the whole members of the stuff! And our director announced that according to the new Tax Code, which has been accepted recently, the social help is already unprotected by this law. It means that my job is not important for our state, and my salary would be reduced! I realize it very well now - very bad when you work in a public institution, because in time of crisis government trying to reduce expenses, using different ways, including people of my profession. My salary is not high now, but if it is cut really i do not know what i will do. I will barely have enough money for life... The most cruel in this situation is that i might to lose you, because i do not know if it is possible for me in the nearest future to visit this cafe and to continue to pay for the translation. I have collected some money, and for sure i will use them for the correspondence with you until i will find second job, which will allow me to keep stable income at the same level as i have now. But i think that i will not have a chance to write to you as often as before! I am so scared and disappointed because of all that, and i can't afford myself to ask you for help, because we are not even a couple yet, so why would you help me then? Second job is the only one alternative... Tomorrow i will buy gazette and will look for some options. I work from 8 till 5 at my regular job, so i need to find something for evening, something like 6-10 in the evening will be ok for me. Well, i will have to see what is in offer, and then i will decide. I miss you my dear, i miss you very much! Just want you to know this... I do not want to stop this letter really honey, I just want to be together with you... but i need to go - as my job today is not yet finished, i have couple of addresses where i need to go and to check the situation - two families are waiting for me... Sending you my kiss, thinking of you, and waiting for your letter tomorrow, yours Elena!
Letter 4

Hi my baby Doan! Thank you so much for your letter... I was waiting for it with great impatience! My love, thank you so much for your support... I also can't afford us to lose each other! I do not know what i will do with myself if i lose you! > Be surae I really care about you. You are important for me. I do not
> want to lose you. Dear I can help you regarding the translation. But
> honey send me your address, your full name and contact telephone
> number. Without these information I could not help although I want.
> Honey. I asked many times these information but you did not send. Baby, my dear, thank you so much for your willing to help me in that terrible situation! You know, i am impressed even! I want you to say the greatest thank to you... Thank you so much... I am the happiest person now... I thought about the help... As i told you i I will take your help only in part of the translation fees, and i will try to overcome all the other difficulties! I do not know what the situation with finances you have, but i would be happy if you would help me with the translation fees...You might help me with any money that you want and possible for you. My dear, regarding the way of sending money! I think that more safe way for the sending of the money is money transfer company! Have you ever heard about that??? It is, for example, Money Gram, or, Western Union! Would it be possible for you to use it??? I hope so! Here is what you ask me to send to you: my full name is: Elena Fidchuck country: Ukraine
region of the country: Luganskaya regions
town: Krasnuy Luch
address: Lenina Street, 34/3
ZIP code (i am not sure if you need it or not, but i give it to
you): 94500 After the transfer will be done, i with my ID will go to the nearest department and i will be able to receive the transfer! Well my baby, that is all i think that you need... I will be waiting for your letter Doan! I hope to hear from you soon!
Thanks again for the willing to help me... Hopefully soon we will be able to exchange long and nice letters;) With all my love, Elena!
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