Letter(s) from Alina Butina to Max (Japan)

Letter 1

Hello, it is my Kseniya again ; ) Well, I am very glad that you answered me Karl. I really like your pictures, you are surely a very good looking man! I am sure that you know it ; ) Wow, I feel so inspired. I am happy that you also have a desire to get to know me better and to be honest I am so much excited about that as well. First of all you should know that my job is a fitness instructor and as i told you I do like to keep my shape and also I help people to do that ))) So, I work mostly with women because men have another body structure and more over they do not trust this kind of question to a lady : )) haha : )
Whatever, I should say that first of all I was studying to be an interpreter from English to Ukrainian language. After my graduation I understood that there is not that much job with my profession and that is why I decided also to develop my passion in sport and to become a fitness instructor. It is ok for me, I like doing that!
I live here in such a place like I live here in such a place like Zbarazh town in Ternopliskij region, it is a small Ukrainian town. I like together with my parents still... even thought my parents already are so much worried that I am still not married but to be honest I am not that much worried about it. I will get married only when I feel that I found a really decent person and by the way I am absolutely sure that you can be that decent person,you looks like ; ) But I will not jump into conclusions. I just hope that you are a good man and that something good will turn to be between you and me.
I think that it would be really great idea to talk to each other on the phone... Just it would make our communication closer to the reality and if you are ok about that, then here it is my phone number for you +380962876571.
To tell you little bit about my family, my mom and dad are married for 30 years, they are a great example of good and respectful relationships for me.
I am really excited to find a man who will love me, respect me and who I will be able to share all that love and tenderness with someone special.... I am a very tender lady ; )
I surely want to know more about you, you life there... I want to know how do you see your future and what kind of lady you see by your side?
I have never been there in your country... actually I have never been abroad before even though it seems so silly. So, I want to know everything about you! I hope that it is the same for you!
I will send your the photos of my and some are from my work ; )
I can't wait to hear from you back. You have a nice day there and write me back just as soon as possible. If you have got any question to me, you are very welcome!
your Kseniya