Scam letter(s) from Maria to Mart (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my clear sun Mart!
Sweetheart in the amount of 497 euro includes everything needed for my flight to thee is:1) medical insurance.2) airline tickets.3) The registration of my documents.4) tourist visa.
Mart I do not want and would not when I lie to you.I really want to fly to you and I am writing to you just what I''m told employees travel company.I was in a different travel company and learned about how much money they take for my flight to Europe or the USA, they called in the amount of not much more than 497 euro times their prices were between 1100$ and above.
This is the cheapest tourist office that I could find.Fly to Germany, I would be very expensive, I do not even know how much it will cost. When my girlfriend was flying there, then she paid something around 1300$ or 1350$, that something like that. I did not understand Mart where would you like that would happen is our first meeting?What shall I say of the tourist office? To which country they were preparing my documents? My heart is happy it is in the cradle of the most delicate hands, and it likes.
He likes a clean, bright, not demanding love. He does not need anything except the opportunity to be with your loved ones.And it is necessary for me ... to be with you Mart, to feel the warmth of your body, the tenderness of your hands, feel your stupefying odor, melt in your arms, to feel the taste of your kisses.
I had a need to go to sleep and wake up next to you, caress you, and you realize that the nice thing is what I do. I like to relax with the thought of you and gratefully accept the happiness that you you give me. You''re the dearest person in my life.And I love you very much and looking forward to the moment when we are together. With love in your loving Mariya
Letter 2
Hello my dear Mart!
I am pleased to write to you again my answer your letters and I''m looking forward to reading them with great interest. Dear Mart I want to be everywhere and always with you.
I want to rejoice with you when you''re doing well, sad when something does not work, feel need a man in your life. My dear so that I could fly to you I have to pay 497 euro travel agency employees. I asked you to help me because for me it is a very large sum of money and I do not find it the most. I hope you do not mind helping me, and you''re ready to send me money for my documents?
Yes Mart in my country currency is really Rubbles, but I wrote to you in euro in order that you would make this clear. Mart I could not understand your question, and on this I did not answer you on them in my previous letter. The only question I get is about my phone, I never took it out of the repair.
I did not go there no longer is the time and I do not know whether he is ready now or not yet.
Take it from there I do not have any desire, because I do not think about it now. You are a very good light, good that happened to me in my whole life.
Letter 3
Hello my love Mart!
How are you? How are you up? I am very glad and happy to receive your sweet and very beautiful letter! It has brought me so much joy and happiness! My Prince Will you dream of my life and I am so happy that I met you! My dream has come true for almost half because I met a very handsome prince! Yes, another name I can not think of you, because you really are my prince!
Photos that I sent to you were not made just few weeks ago, they did not like you?
I also wanted to tell you something about the prices that I do not quite know what to say to the travel company and I am writing to you. Still would like to ask you, and where would you want that to our first meeting? You will be willing to help me with my stay? I miss you! I'm so lonely! My love this morning I woke up and it seemed to me as if you are right now in my room, because I had the feeling that my most favorite person beside me! I have long sat on the bed and thought of you! I remembered all of your last letter, your sweetest words Mart! Such words I've never heard! I'm so happy that I was able to hear those words from you is my sweet! These words are not just warmed my heart and my soul, but also brought a charge of love for my whole day! For me, it was nice to start the day by reading your letter! My prince all day I can not forget you! You're always in my thoughts! Even when I was talking with my girlfriend, I was forgotten, and introduced me talking to you and called her Mart! I imagined the moment when we first meet with you and our very first conversation. I can imagine how I'm talking to you "HELLO MY LOVE! I'M SO HAPPY TO MEET YOU, I JUST DO NOT HAVE WORDS I JUST happy and happiness will swallow my words and my words!" In response, are you telling me the same thing! Then we have a long time to sit and look at each other's eyes! Our eyes are full of love for each other and we all understand without words! I see in your eyes only your heart full of love! I see only love and tenderness! My prince is for us to be the most memorable time!
My prince of course then I realized it was just my imagination! But for me, it was so sweet to represent it, because we met and found each other! If between us really is the strongest and sweetest love, that we will overcome all obstacles and barriers and always be together! My love, we just have to believe in love and live for the sake of our love, and never to doubt its truth! My prince I am very happy to send you this letter and I hope that I will soon be able to get your answer! I love you and I will love you forever! I will always love you!
Your loving Mariya!
Letter 4

Hello my love Mart!
I'm good my prince. But I really miss you! I'm so lonely! I do not understand you, you're asking to find half of the required amount of money to me the most, or are you willing to give me only half? My passport I will update only when we will pay my documents. Please tell me when you're ready to help me with my documents? Mart, even in spite of all our problems because of which we are not together, my love for you is not reduced, on the contrary, it is only growing. It grows by the hour and the minute. My love, my prince, my treasure, my dear you are to me everything in the world! I am ready to give you the love and tenderness, and more just for you or anyone. My darling you're the man who owns all my heart, my heart full of love for you!
Mart I want to in a moment all our dreams come true, all our desires that we've been dreaming of. My dear but the most important thing now is the desire and the ultimate dream for us - it is our reunion with you love!
Mart every morning I wake up and all my thoughts right about you my dear. I think how beautiful you are, I remember all your kind words and I feel so good for the heart. But I understand that you are far from me, and you're not around. And for me it would be so nice to wake up every morning to you when we will be able to wish good morning to each other, so that we have a nice day. But unfortunately there is nothing that you and I have not. But I hope that soon it will become a reality, sweet and most importantly enjoyable for us and our true happiness! Mart I often think about you, about our future. My dear I am so pleased to introduce our future, because dreams are always pleasant. But reality often brings just the opposite. But you're the kind of person that I just can not be unhappy, that simply will not allow me to suffer. My love I am also very happy that I can write you these words, my words please you and your pleasure from it. My love but when we're together I think you will be even more enjoyable. After all, we are so similar to each other, we have so much in common. My dear in this world for me there is only one person that I loved, whom I love and whom I will love until the end of his days. The man's name Prince Charming Mart!
I love you Mart!
I will always love you!
A lot of the sweetest and most gentle kisses!
Your lonely princess Mariya, who was waiting his happiness!
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