Roamnce scam letter(s) from Margarita to David (UK)
Letter 1
Hello David. Thank you for your letter.
I am still single and lonely lady, so it is nice that you like and I like you. So we can talk, and think about our future meeting. I like real date so much. And I do not remember when it was last time:(
David, I hope that you will stay here and we can build our relationship.
I kiss you and miss you so much.
your Margarita
Letter 2
Hey sweetheart, David
I wish you nice day and good mood. How did you week start? .
I am fine today. It was nice morning today, because my cat came to me and started to meow, meow, meow...:))) I love him.
Dear, I wish you were here with me, so you could tell me "Good morning, Margo"
I miss this moments, I need you.!!!
Today I also worked a lot. And I had lunch at 4 pm. !!!!!!!!!!!!!I ate sandwitches and drank a cup of tea. It was cold outside almost -15C during the day.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was shiny Monday.!
I like when the sun is shining:) What about you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How was your day? I am very interested in what you did :)))
I kiss you
bye bye for now..
your lady Margarita
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