Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Pukanyuk to Vincent (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Vincent . Glad you answered me! My letter will be short, since I do not know where to begin our dialogue with you. To begin to tell a little about me. My name Alena, my name I like. Parents gave me this name in honor of my grandmother. I am 29 years old. I work as a lawyer in the police! Of course I did not catch the criminals! I work with children from dysfunctional families! Do you like your name? Why did your parents named you that name? I'll have a few questions for you: do you have a wife? Do you have children? Who do you work for? Send me your picture! Nice to talk with someone when you have seen at least a photo of him ! In this letter I send you my picture for you know what I look like! I think you will like my photos! I will wait for your answer! Alena.
Letter 2
Hello Vinny! I'm glad to see again your answer ! I am glad that you wrote to me again! I do not know how you'd react to my previous letter!
I hope that the fact that I'm from Russia , will not affect our further communication with you ! I understand that we are far from each other ... But is this a problem? For me it's not a problem. I believe that our dialogue with you will develop , that we're able to learn better each other! After reading your letter , I was delighted that our communication with you will continue because you're nice to me , not only externally but I like the way you communicate . I like to listen to Russian rock . You know Russian rock bands ? Bi-2 , Cinema, Dumps , Nautilus Pampilius ? If you're interested, you can find these rock band on Youtube. And in a subsequent letter to tell you or not like . You probably have a question : why would I want to find a man in another country. If not arise , I will answer you anyway ! In my country, I do not was able to find a decent man , I experienced a lot of betrayal ! Recently , I read an article in a newspaper, which tells how Russian woman met a man from another country. They communicated via the Internet. After some time they met.
after how they met, they realized that they love each other , and got married. Another woman in this article describes that foreign men differ from Russian men. I decided to check out the words of the woman, whether foreign men differ from the Russian ! here so I decided to look for a man in another country! Today , I'll tell you a little more about me. For the past 3 years , I live apart from my parents , in their apartment . My parents live near me, so I often go to visit my parents. My mother's name Ekaterina, she works as an accountant .
My father Vyacheslav, more than 20 years working as a driver at the bus depot . The Father loves the job. Vinny I would like to hear more about your life and family. Do you have many relatives ? How often do you meet with your family? It is interesting to me ! I told you not much about my family . I could tell you more about my family , about how we together rest, because there were a lot of funny stories...
But I am afraid that my letter will be too large , and you will be boring to read my letter. So I finish my letter. I hope tomorrow to get your letter again , in which you tell me about your family.
Waiting for your early reply ! Alena. P.S.
I congratulate you on Valentine's Day!
Letter 3
Hello Vincent! I am pleased to see your letter again . My friend , I was pleased to read your letter in which you replied to my questions !
Now I know a little more about you. From our brief communication, I realized that you're a good man ! I am pleased to learn about you every day new. I hope that in the near future I will be able to learn more about you ! Today I would like to tell you about what I like , how I spend my free time . I love to visit the cinema, various exhibitions, bowling , billiards. Me closer films by genre comedy, but I just can not see fiction, historical films. Last movie I watched - Hobit . Did you watch this movie? Did you like this movie? Tell me that you like the way you spend your free time ! Unfortunately, I have to finish my letter , as my lunch break is over and I need to get back to work ! I will be waiting for your early reply ! Alena.
Letter 4

Hi Vincent , today I want to talk about the past relationship. I want you to tell me about your past relationships, and why they ended. I understand that you will be difficult to remember, but it will help us with you avoid such mistakes in the future ! My last relationship ended 2 years ago. I was with a man for 3 years, but he betrayed me .
Left her for another woman, because she had a rich father ! I have long could not believe what happened to me such grief that left me man!
But after a while I realized that this man is not worthy of me that he needed was not me ! I still can not understand how people make money ready for anything, even a betrayal ! After this incident , I was immersed in the work began to work hard to forget all the bad things that happened to me ! But now, I realized that I could not live life alone! I'm tired of coming in my empty apartment where nobody expects me ! I want to come home and realize that the house waiting for me beloved , with whom I can share and talk about how his day , how my day was , do all the things they do with people who love each other ! I want to to find a man whom I can rely on at any time , who will love me as I am ! Vincent , I told you all this because I trust you ! I will finish my letter , and wait for your early reply !
Letter 5
Hello Vince. Glad to see your letter again! I am glad that as you develop our acquaintance and intercourse ! I had not thought through the Internet You can get acquainted with a good man, but after our acquaintance with you , I realized that everything in life is possible, I'm glad that you and I are friends ! How are you? What is your weather like? Now we have spring weather , the snow melts . Vince , I want to ask you . Vince , Why did you decide to look for a woman for a relationship over the Internet? I decided to look for a man via the Internet because I really could not find a man in my country and that I'm upset . I do not want simple relationships that begin and end quickly quickly , so I am looking only serious relationship ! Perhaps you've heard many people say that the most beautiful girls live in Russia , and many Russian very proud , but I did not understand then why our men are not so much on correct and not able to love girls.
What do you think about girls from my country ? What do you think about me as well ? My dream is that we can learn about each other and be able to trust each other and open the innermost secrets , maybe that is what will be the beginning of interest between us . Vince What else do you want to know about me? If you have any questions, ask me , I will try to answer more of your questions ! Now I'm going because I have to go back to work! Waiting for your early reply with great anticipation ! Alena.
Letter 6
My friend I'm glad to receive your new letter . Your letters bring me great joy for the whole day and I'm happy that you write to me without stops. I feel that with every letter we become closer to each other .
I really like it ! For me it is very important that we be able to trust each other and write seriously . I hope that you will never write me short and small letters , and I will always enjoy your long letter , I do not have your day without your letters . I 'm tired of living alone, I was missing a loved one. My friend all my life I wanted to be happy , yet I'd have no luck with this , and I never even spent a good vacation . All my weekends and vacations I stay at home and sometimes I get out with friends in a cafe . But all this is not exactly what I dream . I was very lonely for a long time , but never tried to find a lot of friends , especially on the Internet. As I already told you , I'm enough of our conversation , and I'm very happy about this . My friend it will be a short letter , but written from wholeheartedly. I 'll look forward to your response. Alena.
Letter 7
Hello Vince ! I am pleased once again to get your answer ! Every day I look forward to your new letter , because I can not wait to read your letter , and know something more about you! Vince , I'm glad that our acquaintance with you so strongly developed . I am glad that we are with you every day writing letters each other and our communication with you will not stop ! We have changed the weather , today the sun is shining and the weather is quite spring .
My city is far away from Ukraine, where there are terrible things.
But I think what happens there affects us all Russian people. People who came to power in Ukraine - nationalists. I do not know what is shown on this whole situation you have on the American news, but I want to believe that your government will make a decision and the true test will not support the nationalists.
Today is my day off and I decided to go shopping to see his clothes and appliances. I spent half a day in stores in search of beautiful clothes . I also watched how much computer and phone to constantly do not go to Internet cafes . Go to internet cafe difficult because you have to wait for all to read your letter , and send you an answer .
Just visit the internet cafe costs decent money , but I do not mind spending money on the internet cafe because I am pleased that you are me and we have good dialogue with you ! Unfortunately, I still can not afford a computer and phone , because these things are expensive . I felt sorry that I have my whole life tried studied, made efforts to become a good specialist in my profession , but I can not afford most of the things I want to , because I have a small salary , which is enough for me just to ensure my basic needs. In Russia difficult to find a well-paid job to live well . If I could buy a computer , then you and I could communicate more and our communication with you would be much better , we could get to know each other even better . That would be nice , at the moment I dream about it. Vince Your letters bring me great joy. Vince I was wondering how often do you go shopping ? You just great prices ? I understand that in your country the salary is much higher than in Russia , but probably too big and prices . In Russia , few can afford to buy all the best , and so we have to deny themselves many things . Many times I thought about the fact that someday I could leave Russia to start my life in another country. Even if I had a few higher education, I could not finding a good job. In our country, have a good job , only those people who have influential friends, or those people who bribed to have a well paid job. In Russia difficult to develop the potential that is in man. Vince In your country as well ? Tell me , I'm interested to know! I will finish my letter and wait for your answer ! Alena.
Letter 8
Hello Vince ! As always, I 'm glad to see your answer ! Today you get my letter later because I had to wait all the Internet cafes . I try to come as early as possible in the internet cafe to check my email !
With each new letter with you our communication becomes more interesting. During our communication with you , I learned a lot about you , you know me. I also realized that you're a wonderful man, I can easily and nicely talk to you ! Every time I asked you questions , you always answered me. I always tried to tell you more about me to you no doubt in my interest to you , to our dialogue with you ! Communication with you - this is the best that happened to me lately ! Yes, I saw the wedding photos , when was it? I am pleased that you want to send me a laptop , I'm a long time man had no signs attention. But I want to tell you that in the mail , the laptop will go from two weeks to a month , and in the Russian -mail does not work as well as in the world. But on the other hand, if I had my laptop, then we could talk more . This year I want to spend my holiday perfect , so he stayed with me all my life. But most likely pass my holiday like everyone else holiday , I will be spending my holiday home. If I was not familiar with you, my days would be drab and boring. Last week, we have to work had to schedule vacations, but the vacation schedule is not yet ready. I went to the human resources department to find out when I will leave. But I was told that as long as the vacation schedule is not ready, that the schedule will be ready in the next couple of days. I'm glad you are with me, and nothing that we does not prevent to communicate. I also believe that one day we'll be able to meet and spend the holidays together. Vince I will finish my letter , because I needed to go. I will wait for your answer with great anticipation ! Your Alena.
Letter 9
Hello Vince ! I am glad to get your answer ! How are you? I'm all good ! I had to wait most of all, to answer your letter ! Today we have at work was a meeting where the vacation schedule was announced .
You know, I've been dreaming about traveling , in which could be a good vacation. Even now I get the same situation , in March I will have a holiday it will last 6 weeks and I can not imagine where I spend my time. One to sit at home , it is very boring . I would like to travel somewhere and relax normally . My friend, do you think we could meet and spend these days together? Vince , My holiday will last 6 weeks, and then again I have to go to work , I would really like to have a good rest before work. I could come to you. I think that is a great idea because we have enough time to communicate , I was convinced your sincerity to me, I trust you completely . You became my dear man. Vince Easy for me to communicate with you , you support around me and understand me . I always felt that you are a real man who can understand women . My friend, if you think that we are not familiar enough or you just do not want to talk about our meeting , we will , of course, simply continue our dialogue on email and will be happy to read our e-mails every day. My friend, I 'll look forward to your letter . I beg you , think well about what I wrote .
Because our meeting will be a major step in our relationship , and I want us to take it seriously ! I want , what would you do conclusions and decided exactly want Do you see me or not, because for myself, I have decided you are the person with whom I wanted to be together, and would have been happy . My kisses . Alena.
Letter 10
Hi my dear Vince. Today I went to the embassy , signed an agreement with them. The contract explains that the agency will prepare me All travel documents , the embassy will be buying tickets for me and deliver me to the plane. In my city there are no planes to your country , I first need to go to Moscow , and from there to you. After the agency I went to work to get money and pay the entire cost of the trip for you. But my boss said to me , I'll get the money only after the holiday . I told him that I need the money now, but he spread hands. When I went home , I did not feel the ground beneath their feet.
Vince I really hurt that our meeting can revoked . Cute Vince I do not just ask for help from you to help me in 1194 dollars, so I can pay for the trip in full. I also asked my father and my mother to they helped me in order that I could pay the entire cost of the trip , and mom and dad told me that they do not have such amount of money. And my father told me that I have you and I asked you for help, and he thinks you're going to help me because you're a man with whom I am ready to connect his life . My dear , I'm very uncomfortable asking you for money so I could pay for the entire trip , but I have no other choice.
If you send me the money , I could pay the money for the whole trip .
Dear Vince you can help me 1194 dollars? So I can pay for trip and come to you and be with you. I look forward to your letter . I kiss you , your Alena.
Letter 11
Hi my love Vince ! I learned that all of the documents and air ticket . You can buy and make documents and plane tickets for me, but it will be difficult to get the documents and
Flights to me , because you have to define all of my passport information , but in your country a little information about me can ignored because all the papers will be made to you by European standards , and in Russia there are some differences . It explained to me travel agency manager , she said that there were cases where documents and tickets are not allowed to destination. The manager of the tourist the agency said it would be better if I'm going with my passport , and I will pay for their own tickets and documents , especially for some services, such as insurance, which I have to pay whatever . I think it will be better if you send me the money and I 'll buy doing paperwork and buy tickets. Please trust me, I'm just afraid that there will be problems with taking tickets at a travel agency .
I really miss you , and I can not wait for the moment when I can embrace and kiss you , and I want to do with you all life. I love you, every day I realize that without you , nothing would be my life and if you were not in my life, the world would be gray and empty for me. But you , my love it is filled with life and colors , you for me a ray of sunshine in a dark forest . I love you and look forward to your letter , we will soon be together?
I'll trust that when I , whom I will cover and I'm looking in your eyes, will tell you : I LOVE YOU!
Your Alena.
Letter 12
Hi my dear Vince !
Cute I was very pleased to receive from you your new letter. Your letters always give me a lot of love and happiness. You write the most gentle and affectionate letter to me and I am very happy about that . Cute every day I very much look forward to you your new messages .
My dear Vince I 'm so glad you joined us from fate , and that we love each other . I am very much in love with you and you became my man, I've been waiting all my life. Cute you are dear to me and I do not want to lose you . Vince My dear , you're the perfect man, without I can not live . My dear , you're very dear to me and I'll be just you . I really appreciate and respect you . Honey, I'm madly in love with you and I want just be with you. cute today I went to the bank. I went to the bank and asked the bank manager that he had told me what they have kinds of money transfer from America in Russia . Honey, I asked the bank manager that he would tell me more about this system "Western Union". So I asked what data I need to give you, so you can send me the money . Dear , here is the data that you needed so you could pass me the money :
my name : Alena;
my second name : Pukanyuk;
Country: Russia ;
cute , the bank told me that you should not make a mistake in my data . Because, if there is at least one error in my data , the bank will refuse me grant money. So I ask you to specify the data when transferring money that I sent you . Honey, if you send me your assistance in most soon, then I 'll come to you very soon. I will immediately pay the money for the tickets to you, to you and I do not waste time .
Cute when you can send me your help? Dear Vince , I ask you to let me know when I need some of you will wait your important letter . Cute thank you for what you have. I love you love . Honey, you're a man with whom I am ready and I want to live my whole life. My dear , I really hope that we will be with you all and we obtained with you very soon be able to be together. Vince My dear , I very much miss you and I want to be near you . Cute on this I will finish my letter and I will wait on you in your new message.
I kiss you . Your gentle and affectionate Alena.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Vince!
I have a good mood again , because I read your letter again . Vince , I really want to be together with you and I look forward to the day when we are together. I'm sure we'll be fine and have fun. I want to feel your arms now . I want to you warmed me not only with his own letters , as well as his strong masculine arms. For me, you are my only and unique man . You're my sunshine and I want you stopped me warm with its warmth . For me now the most important desire this meeting with you. Every day I think and imagine our meeting . I am sure that this will be the most beautiful day of my life. On this day I will give you lots of kisses and I am sure that your face will smile and you will be feel the happiest man in the world. Vince , Meeting with you is more important to me than anything else. I hope you will be pleased when you see me in reality. If tomorrow you send me money , I will immediately pay to come to you. tomorrow Saturday so that early next week we'll be together . What things do I need? What's the weather in your city ?
I had a great day with my mom . We walked with her in the park and then sat in a cafe. We were with her and we were good . we talked to her about you and our relationship with you. I told her that we are doing well and very soon I will be able to travel to you. my mom is very happy that my life is you . She always wants me only good. She loves me and wants me to found happiness together with you. She completely trusts you and hopes that you can make me happy forever. Mom says you hello. I hope that you are well and you had a great day? I really miss you and I want to be with you. I want to come to you and be with you always and do not know more loneliness. I'm sending you my letter with a lot of tender kisses . Vince I look 'll wait for your letter.
Your Alena. P.S.
Again, I send you my data.
Name : Alena
Second name : Pukanyuk
Country : Russia
I ask you to write the amount of money you will send.
I beg you not to make mistakes in writing my data.
Letter 14
Hi my love Vince !
Darling I love you more than life . I write from internet cafe.
Honey, you became my dearest person in my life. Honey, I believe that together with you we will be the happiest pair together. My heart tells me that you're just the man to whom I shall always be in this world.
Cute , early this morning I went for an interview for a visa. Honey, I'm not even standing in line and I immediately accepted. at the interview I first explained the laws and rules established in your country . I was supposed to know not to disturb them . Then I was given an official document in which the rules have been specified through customs and visa . They also told me that I should , they should provide an extract from Bank of my salary for the last 3 months. Embassy representative very carefully reviewed it and told me that I have carefully read one point of the visa rules . I carefully looked over the document and read the whole paragraph , he said. I asked to explain I detail this item . He told me that my salary for the last 3 months is very low and with such a salary he can not issue a visa . Since by my salary for the last 3 months is evident that I could not contain myself and in your country. And so he told me that I can available cash, which will guarantee that I will not remain without food and shelter in your country. But I told him that I had none at all money. When he heard this , it took my visa from my eyes . And then this action , I realized that he did not want me to issue a visa . I tried it explain that when I arrive , I will live with you my love . And what are you going to provide me with accommodation and food . But he told me that he does not play no role . Since according to the rules I have to carry cash , so I 'm coming to the country as a tourist and a tourist visa . he told me said that everything should be done according to the rules and laws. Cute , he told me that I had with him must necessarily be those cash. The money needed. Without them I would not be released at the customs of Russia and will not be allowed in America, to you. For Russia , on leaving the country to another , the amount of Cash is 2030 dollars. Cute , then I
I asked them to explain why so much money should I carry . I was told that I come to you for the duration of my visa .
Therefore, the amount of cash is 2030 dollars. I told them that I did not have such a lot of money and never was.
Then he asked me if I do not have so much money , why then I apply for the visa for 3 months. But on this question, I told him that I was going on vacation. My answer is simple , he said nothing. So I asked why I did not tell anyone in advance about this money . They told me that these rules speak only in obtaining a visa interview . Then I began to scream and curse them , because I believe that they did not properly inform the people.
They asked me to calm down. But I could not rest , as I have come to you on March 19 , that is tomorrow! I already bought ticket to you on March 19 ! Honey, they refused me a visa , since I have to show them the cash. This damn bureaucracy .
In this sit only one embassy bureaucrats . They do not believe me that when I arrive to you, then I will not need anything . Without this money, they told me refused to issue a visa . Honey, I begged to give me a visa. So how do you expect me to do , and I should have come to you on March 19 ! Since I'm promised 100% would arrive to you at the designated date . I begged them to give me the visa because I really want to keep my promise to you.
But I was told that they can not go against the law and regulations, as they may be due to this problem. So they told me that the visa will be issued
Only when I show them these 2030 dollars. They also told me that I can give them my bank account where this money will be or travel chek. This precaution is introduced to a man , came to another country , did not stay there without shelter and without food . Do you understand me dear? They explained to me that before, when a visa issued without
These cash. That was a lot of cases , that Russian women were leaving, and then could not even afford to stay overnight in a hotel room .
Honey, I do not know what to do , as does another on I can not get a visa. I also must certify , that I have the money at customs at the airport before boarding the plane . Since I am now in Moscow and can not even imagine how I be and what to do. I have no one to ask for help but you. Honey, I want to be this world, only to you. Since I love only you . I sincerely love you . Since I had so much disliked man at that distance .
I want to be near you . Because I believe that when we are together , we will stand with you the happiest couple in the world . Honey, I can not live in this world, if you will not be next to me. Understand that my heart belongs only to you. And if we are not together, then my heart will be broken. love mine, I ask you to help me in this situation. Since I do not except you hope in anyone . Honey, can you send me the money? I will not spend them no matter what. As soon as I arrive to you , and once you meet me at the airport , I immediately restore to you the money .
Honey, you must understand that I need to show them only to get a visa . As without this money will not give me a visa and do not miss out on the plane by customs.
Honey, I want you to tell me exactly and specifically, can you send me these 2030 dollars? ? ? Honey, if so, what you need to do it as soon as possible .
So how am I supposed to fly out to you the day after tomorrow . Therefore, you need to send me the money until March 19 , so I had time to get them and tomorrow morning to get a visa and fly to you.
It is actually necessary. This is the law and I can not do anything against it. Dear you believe me ?
Honey, I beg you not to leave me in such a difficult situation . My love, I want to be near you . You have no idea how I strongly wish be in your hands. It is my greatest wish . Since I am sure that in your hands I will be fine , and I'll be safe. cute , understand that now it is very hard, since I'm absolutely one in Moscow. I'm not one to turn to but you.
Cute I worry that because of those damned money , our meeting with you can postpone indefinitely . I hate this . Dear I
I hope that you have at the moment there are 2030 dollars and you can send them to me . You do , however, can do it ? Honey, I'm asking you is to do so as it affects our meeting .
Dear Vince , I'm sorry for what my trip to you costs a large amount of money . Dear I'm sorry for that. But understand that this is not my fault. Since I learned about the process of obtaining a visa. And these cash only say at the interview . So I could not in any way advance know that I would have to have cash . Honey, I hate rules of this embassy . Since I believe that they should inform in advance.
I love you very much and can not wait a minute - I really want to be near you . To me you are the only person with whom I want to be there . you all for me, you all my life .
My love Vince, I'm to understand the whole situation. Cute , for me the most terrible to lose you. Honey, I want to be near you ! I want to create
Only a relationship with you and love. I believe that we're made for each other and have to be together. Understand that you except me nobody needed in this world. I can not imagine my life without you . I have spent my life looking for a man such as you. And when I found you , I'm ready for anything in order to be with you . I want to be with you in reality. I want to love you ! You are the love of my life ! Honey, I love you with all my heart even at that distance , although I never saw you . I believe that this is true love !
I love you with all my heart !
Honey, I want you to answer me as soon as possible . Since I'm waiting for your answer . I hope that you will soon be able to write to me .
I'll wait for a letter from you. Love Your Alena.
Letter 15
Hi my love Vince. Why you did not answer me right away ? I am very hurt and lonely one in a big city . I do not know what to do. When I was told that I will not give a visa that first I must by law to provide the embassy in 2030 dollars, I can come to America and do not stay without money in your country . I explained that I fly unto thee, and I will not need the money . But the law of arrival to your country I should have any money . After all this I was told I was hysterical .
me called the doctor . The doctor gave me a sedative and sent me home.
I spent the night at home in tears. Today I met with the forces and went to the internet cafe. I am writing you a letter and I have tears in my eyes . I just can not believe what is happening. We already have have been together for 20 March to be happy together , love each other.
But instead, now I'm in tears and you are far from me. If only I had known that because of this I can not arrive to you. And now I can only hope you and wait for your answer . Can you help me? What should I do?
I cry and do not I can do this or anything . Darling, I was so hoping to give you a gift that my parents sent me . Secretly I can tell you that it is a family heirloom . It was passed in our family from generation to generation. I'm hoping to give you this gift . Honey, now I really want to hear your voice. After all , when I hear your voice . Vince , I 'll try to call you later , or I could write to you on Skype Internet cafe . Love to You Vince . , Who lives in me and drives me . I live for You Vince . You understand that? My love, I want to tell you what I did for a small conclusion: The real value of love letters can be felt only when are very far away from a loved one, but it seems that he is always there with you. Soon, in one exciting day we meet, and we will go hand in hand, and whisper in his ear to each other love words , and watch the stars together. That's all we will have , and I believe in it . I'd like to live with you in the same house together and make family affairs . Now I will wait for a response from you ... I am very painful and hard ... Cute I really hope that you really love me and help me in cute have much time. Write me the truth , give me an honest answer. I am with you always honest and God this judge. My dear , I know what to do to have together with you and know that you will help me . Favourite we still have time. God sees everything . Vince I love you , and wait for your answer .
Your Alena.
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