Letter(s) from Fawzia Mamudu to Peter (Canada)

Letter 1

What would you want from a girl like me?what is it i can do to capture your attention.I like you so much and i want to know more about you.Please give me the chance to get to know you..
You'll be happy to hear that I always try to leave all anger outside the door and then enter the house;and couples should never go to bed angry. Being angry just wastes too much energy and I'd rather not waste the energy on something so negative. Unless it's infidelity of course, I might just be a little harder to calm down but I'm never violent. Usually you just have to wait a minute or so for the steam to clear; once I sit down I'm better and that's when a gentle shoulder or neck or temple massage will earn you some big brownie points..Take care and E soon..Muahhh...Jenny.

Letter 2

Hi Peter,I'm happy you got home safe and I am so sorry for the late response.Have been stressing my self lately because of some issues with my landlady..I Believe in God Just as u Do but i am not a church goer and i do not criticize people.
I do the right things and i also do my best to stay on the right part of life..U seems to be a Nice man but my problem is how much are u willing to help me.
A lot of people think everyone in the UK is Rich.Its all lie..People suffer here too and i am one of them.I suffer and if i am getting married to a man,i will get married to someone I Love and at least someone who can take care of me.I have Needs my dear,i do and u should know this by now.My House rent will be Expiring by 8th of March.I don't have the money to Pay and i can be thrown out of the house if i don't pay my landlady.I feel very bad discussing about this but i have to tell u the kind of person i am.I have to make u understand that sort of rich girl u think i am..I have so many burden on me and its weighing me down.
Thanks for all of the caring words filled with compassion.I love it and i am pleased to meet a man like u.U are not rich so don't try to claim what u are not..I like your personality but it hurts me u cannot come up with my needs..I wish u could see through my heart and feel the Burning flame inside of me,which hurts me day in day out.I need someone to light off this fire that's burning inside of my soul.My hands are helpless and i am speechless,restless and hopeless.Without a course,i feel partially dead.Zeal gone and faith weak.I Adore u may God continue to bless u because u deserve it.If u are extremely supportive please support a dying soul.i want to live.feel my pain and will help me.Take care and E soon..Muahh..Jenny.

Letter 3

Hi Sweet,hope you are fine?I'm getting ready to have my bath and then go to bed because its late but first,I'll have to reply your E..You ask if i know what you want from me.Well the answer is yes,I know what you want from me Peter and I want you to know that i am very very bored at home and i cant wait to explore my desires with you.With the words you say,I bet you'll be so sweet on bed and i keep imagining my wetness on your cock and how thick and slow it drips off your cock down to the floor and hear you say "baby never mind,I'll clean it off later"..So many things i want to do but not without a man and not without meeting face to face.A desire i long and wish i have enough to make a trip I'll be on the next available flight,spend one or two weeks with you..It is true that i worry about my welfare but that doesn't make me a subject of been a pushy or demanding kind of lady.I like everything you said and I hope you'll keep to your words!!..And not make empty promises.You know,somehow i believe in you and i have confidence in you too.We all have problems i know and I'm never going to put my problem or burden on you and I'll never be pushy.It's a promise..I'm sorry that i did not tell how I'll please you on the Bed.Was carried away because of my set backs.Sorry about that and hope you are not mad at me?..I am a very sexually open woman that needs some relief.I promise! If you can go, go, go with fantastic sex then you are who I am looking for peter.I'm sure you understand what i mean..I think of staying with the right man for me, I think feelings is important in a relationship, but I also think it is important that a man has a mind of his own. I like a man to be caring, affectionate, loving, playful and passionate. Wants to have a carrier if he wants. Not afraid to open up and let his true feeling be expressed. Being able to express his opinion.i want someone that will always be there for me,knowing that someone is in my corner no matter what, LOYALTY. Loving you for you, not trying to make you into something your not. Someone spontaneous, not having to have everything planed, just do fun things on the spare of the moment. Kind, trustworthy, gentle, and sexy, devoted to family. Able to communicate, people are human so there will be disagreements, so be able to discuss problems openly. Except advice, and be able to give advice when asked. One who is organized, responsible and clean? I like that man that's soft and smell good. I like a man that wants to take care of his woman..My landlady is just been a bitch and i dislike her for not knowing how to talk or approach other people..What I'm owing her is 500 Pounds.Don't know how much it is in Canadian dollar.I hope its not too much??But i know the UK Pound weigh higher than Dollars..Thanks for been there for me.E soon..Muahhh..Jenny.

Letter 4

Hi Peter,hope you are fine and hope you are thinking about me just as i think about you.I know its hard to believe i think about you but the truth is that i DO..Sorry that i didn't tell you where i live in the UK..I live in Coventry,Westmidlands England.I'm a Nanny and i enjoy my job but not well paid.My eyes are on the road,searching for a better job.I know its going to take time but i am working towards it..I can only take 2 weeks off work or 3 but i cannot guarantee for 3 weeks but i am 100% sure of 15 days,..2 weeks..But will need at least 2 weeks notification.Which is to say if we are to plan on a visit then i need to notify the people i work for,2 weeks earlier..
Might not be up to 2 weeks anyway..I live in a 2 rooms apartment in Cobb Close.The 500 Pounds is for my 2 months rent..Feb and March..I can visit you but that will be end of March.Need some time to get my visa sorted and also get my 2 weeks permit off work.All for now and will wait to read from you again.Take care of your self..Let me know if you'll help me cover my rent Peter.Please E soon...I am in need of your help and support..Muahh...Jenny.

Letter 5

OK but i want you to know that i am not the other girls neither am i a charity home child.As a man,you approached me and i gave you my time.Now you spit on my face just because of 500 Pounds.Lets say i am nagging but your character towards me is not what i want from the man i want to call my own.Other men buy their girls cars,house and other expensive thing..You claim to be rich but you are not.Dont want your money really,just want your care and 500 Pounds would have been a sign of care..You dont need my address and you dont have to keep emailing me because i am no longer comfortable with you.You dont trust me and for this reason,i my self for once will never trust you AGAIN!..