Scam letter(s) from Elena Jalina to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Salut! Behind a window spring, all starts to blossom. But in my heart so it is empty and lonely. And I would like heat... And I have dared, to find to myself the loved one through the Net. And here, I write you this message. And at all I do not know, that I can receive in the letter. Probably you at all will not become interested in me, and even will not answer this letter. But I nevertheless have dared, and now I wish to be presented.
My name is Elona... I from Turkmenistan, and my city am called Gumdag. It not so big, and it at all a city, and settlement. And many know each other by sight. And in it all problem. I am lonely here. Also would like to find the person which was as it is lonely at home. Also searched to itself of the companion in a life not to be such lonely. That his life was not grey and ordinary. The person which would like to change the life, or to try to make it. But as the person which wishes to play only, and I hope, that you not the pervert whom to be put on to elicit only at me ***** pics! In that case I will simply not reply you. And to it you will let to me know, that in the world there are no good people.
I consider, that it is enough of it for the first letter. The acquaintance first step. And if my message has interested you, and you would like to continue dialogue that I hope, that tomorrow I can see your letter. Also I will tell it is more.
I think to you interestingly where I took your address?! I have received it in agency of acquaintances on the Net. It has appeared at us in the country not so long ago, and uses very bad demand. And I have decided to try, and now I write to you. Please answer to my regular mail box: I as to send you the foto. Also I hope, to receive as a pic with your message.
Yours faithfully Elona..
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