Scam letter(s) from Tricia Barnett to Peter (New Zealand)

Letter 1
this is me Francia from site and this is my email address and so i will like us to email each other and to know more about each other,i liked your picand profile on site and that is why i winked at you and i do hope that i get a postive reply from you i am also attaching some pics of mine to this mail for you so that you can also send me some of your pics cus i will like to know more about you and then get to see what the out come will be
Letter 2
Hello there Peter,so nice to hear from you,but why does it have to take that long before i can hear from you my dear
Anyway,i am also never married and i do not have any children,i came on site looking for someone serious to be with and that is why i came on that site,let me see i think that it is also called looking for your soul mate,and nature has it's own way,you will not know where you will meet your lover or more ever the right person for you to spend the rest of your life with I know you might ask why that site,and as i said earlier on,you might not know where you will meet your lover,i might be at the wrong place at the right time and that is how i will get lucky I wish you can tell me about yourself and the work you do and what you will like in a woman and and what your past experiences with woman have been like.
i do hope to hear from you sooner than the last time
Letter 3
i am a student and what i enjoy doing as a hobby is swimming and also like to read,cook and dance,but i am the shy type so i do not dance more often i public
i study system engineering here in Ghana,and i just checked and saw that we have the same time zone and so i do not think that will be a big deal, i will like to know if you have ever dated someone online before and when was your last time you dated someone or been in a relationship
Letter 4

sorry to hear about your last relationship committed relationship going bad,mine was also bad and i did not want to be in one any more but i did think of it and thought i will not let my past control me but i will have to let it go and then move on in life,i will like to know how your contacts on the sites were from and why you think they did not work out for you
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