Scam letter(s) from Tricia Barnett to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1
First name ... Francis
Last name ... Oppong
City ... Accra
zip ... 00233
country... Ghana
cell number... (233) 0502142070 Honey please this is the man that helps me with the business... he is closer to the bank than i do ...
Letter 2
you just sent me to tears .. i cant believe that am crying .. i love you and i cant do any harm to you ..just claim down and tell me what happened .and don't leave me stranded.. i still believe in you and i love you .. no matter whatever you say about me... stay safe ****.................................. Montana
Letter 3
Letter 4

i just want to promise you one thing .. and is that , i loved you from the bottom of my heart ...
i know that you might be confused but .. when you love someone you feel it deep inside and nothing else could change your mind
Letter 5
i cant watch you go ........ well i just wish you could understand me and talk to me ... my heart is beating than normal ,i dont wanna die
just if you think that you will be happy without me then please BE OKAY.... But for me am not okay.
Letter 6
Okay jimmy ... i just need a favor from you .. I sent out some gold to clients in New Mexico.. payment will be made next week... i want you to open USAA federal credit union account for me . i will let them send funds inside then you cash out for me ... and please get online access to the account activated... please trust me on this.. thanks
Letter 7
Jimmy let me tell you something good .am a new person and a good one of-course ..
i don't need your money .and am not gonna scam you.. i make $154.000.00 every month from my gold business.
i never wanted to scam you .. just wanted you to be a man of your words. and almost you proved that.
I wanted to make you my husband then you extend the business but it seems that dream is over.
i can trust you and send you some Gold then you sell then get me back my share.. which i think we can work that out.
If you think that we can have that deal then please let me know.. currently i only send to my clients in New Mexico.
Trust me because i trust you...
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