Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Serditova to Punch (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Aldo!
So tomorrow , I can go and watch more of my arrival to you.
I do not know how much the trip will cost and how difficult the preparation of the necessary documents.
So now I want to ask you a very important question . Perhaps the most important question in your life .
And I want you to give me a definitive answer to my question. Last answer. YES or NO .
I hope you understand the importance and seriousness of our first meeting . You really ready for what I have come to you ?
Are you ready for our meeting with you ? It is very important for me to know . For me it is a very serious selection .
I know that for a trip to you, I should spend a lot of time and effort. YES , I'm ready for this .
Aldo, but are you ready ?
I think you know that our meeting - the first, but also very important for our future relationship .
It is only now in the letters , we want to love each other. In fact, everything can change . But not for me! I do not change my decisions !
Now for me the main thing is your decision . Do you understand? So for me, it is necessary that you give me a definitive answer now .
And if suddenly before my departure you tell me NO . I am very much offended you. I hope you understand ...
I want to be with you . I promise you that I will do everything for it . Nothing will stop me ...
Aldo, I think you do not mind if I ask you some questions again . I need you to clarify some information for the trip. Good ? - Which airport should I arrive ? You to be closer and more convenient to meet me ? - Can you give me your full details ( your full name and address,city) ? I give it to my mom . My mom is a little worried about my trip.
Thus, it would not worry too much if I'll give her that. okay? My full name is Irina Chernova.
My address: str. Engels, 3, Smolensk region
214005 I will wait for your answer with impatience. I hope that you answer all my questions today , because it's really important to me. okay?
Aldo, we will be happy together! And our happiness depends on us with you!
Wait for my news tomorrow .
Your Irina.
Letter 2
My love Aldo, I do not know where to start. From today I am on holiday. I promised you that I would come , and that all our dreams will come true .
YES , I want to be with you, and I want to realize all our dreams a reality . I thank God that I found you ! In your letters I feel a special warmth.
Your letters warm my soul and fill my heart with happiness . The thought of you makes my day better. I wanna be with you !
But how to do it now ... I'm sorry , I do not know ...
As I told you, and today I went to a travel agency. And learn everything possible about my trip to you, and what documents I need .
On the one hand I'm really glad that it turned out to be not as difficult as I expected ...
Aldo, I have a passport. Now I have to get a tourist visa and buy tickets.
We travel agency employee sent an application for registration on the internet visa in Moscow.
If the visa is approved, I will have to be sent to Moscow for a visa. I have already paid the visa fee and insurance.
On the other hand I'm very upset ...
Of course, I assumed that the trip cost a lot . But I did not think so ...
To purchase tickets I need &&&&& euro.
I considered it for exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia. And translated into euro.
Because I think it will be more convenient to you to understand me .
I send you this letter , and I will wait for a response .
If my expenses for you will also be expensive , I understand everything without a doubt. After all, sometimes you have to indulge in many ways .
As if we did not want this . In any case, we will be good friends .
I do not want , and I'm ashamed to ask for help from you. But in this situation I myself really powerless. I understand that it is a shame for me.
I do not want to lose the chance for us to meet . But to do anything for our meeting , I can not right now ... And it makes me sad : (
Cute Aldo, if you decide to help our meeting , then I will arrive to you ! Expensive for our happiness with you I am ready to change your life .
I want to be with you !
Perhaps now you realize that it is simply impossible for me to pay for the trip yourself .
Now I'm going home . And do not even know what I want more now . That tomorrow will come soon . Or vice versa, did not come.
I think about you. You're always on my mind and you're always in my heart!
You've become a part of me ! I'm in love with you !
I send you my hot and passionate kisses . I hope very soon we will kiss in reality.
Waiting for your answer .
Hope to see you soon.
Yours and only yours forever Irina.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Aldo!
I was a bit sad to read your last letter . But I am unable to find the money. All my friends and acquaintances do not have that kind of money .
I went to the bank and tried to take credit, but I was denied a loan because my salary is very small and according to the manager of the bank I do not have guarantees to pay then my credit. It upset me very much.
Now all your and my dreams will be destroyed only because I do not have the money . Think if I had the money I would not ask you for help . Yes, now it is difficult to get a visa to your country . But having cash is possible without special problems to obtain a visa and buy tickets. You are really worried about our future together . But now we we have only 2 options . First - we never will be able to meet and it is bad , because it is my beat heart again ! I'm not telling you not when , but I loved once one man very much , but he cheated and I met with other women. He liked to drink vodka . And in the end he gave me! My heart was broken .
I could not put up with it for 1 year , I was sick at heart and bad. But now I realized that it is possible I again found my love, but money talks ! I hate money because now everything is decided by money alone .
And if a person has money , he can do everything , and if the person has no money, he can not do or anything . But for me, money is not important . But without money, I can not come to you except you and me who do not help with money. I promise you , when I come to you, then I get a job and will gradually give you money.
But okay . I leave the choice to you! I want you to listen only my heart ! The second option . If you decide to send money , then I will come to you! And maybe we'll be happy the rest of our lives. I will no longer talk about money . I want you to decide for yourself what you should do .
But please make the right choice. But if you decide not to send the money , I understand you, it 's your choice and the choice of each any person is solved correct. I'm waiting for your letter !
I learned that there is a money transfer system such as Western Union. You heard of him? I'll wait for your help in the bank Western Union. Here's the address: VTB 24
Moscow, Aviamotornaya 14.
Your Irina.
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