Letter(s) from Julia Belousova to William (UK)

Letter 1

Good afternoon Steve! I wish you good mood for the whole day!
Thank you very much for your letters - they helped me learn more about you. To develop relationships necessary to have more information about a person, and I am pleased that you have entrusted to me the story of your life! Thank you very much, my dear Steve!
I could not even imagine that I would be so happy when I received your letter. It is an incredible feeling when I feel your interest in me.
When I think of you, it seems, the whole world stops for a moment ...
I think we're doing something right, because I feel rapprochement our senses. I want you to be honest with me! Trust me, you will not be disappointed, because then if you open your heart and soul to me - I would rate it with dignity and mutual will to you.
I want to become a part of your life, I can not imagine my future life without you now, because you took my mind and heart! I think you'd be the perfect partner for me in my life: I can trust you, I can hope for you, you can make any girl happy, you - a MAN, and that's it! I am happy that you are in my life! I want to continue our relationship, because you gave me so many new emotions and impressions! Would you like to make my dreams come true?)))). I will always understand your desires and fulfill them, for love - is to give happiness for your partner! Write what you want to know more about me?
I can not wait for your answer! Please do not make me go crazy with expectations.
I miss you .... My kiss
With Love

Letter 2

You made me happy, despite the fact that you are now far away. And I'm really very difficult to control these feelings that rage in my heart.
I will not dissemble - I find it hard to realize that I can not kiss you right now, or just talk to you. I want to thank you for all these feelings that give me strength and joy. I very much hope that we will soon be able to be together and I can open my heart to you, to show my feelings and express gratitude)))). I am sure that our happiness has no barriers and interference!

Remember I told you that I do not speak English, and so I use the services of interpreters. But it's not free, at first it was not difficult for me, but now there are some difficulties, so I'm really hard to pay for our further communication. I think I can turn to you for help! I want to continue our relationship, because now I will not introduce my life without you. I know that our acquaintance is not long, but my feelings for you are strong and serious, so I'm sure we have a future! I decided to start learning English in order to get closer to you. I hope you will understand me! If you need a few days to think about it - I'm willing to wait, but please do not make me wait too long. Because the wait - this is awful! Remember, you are important and necessary to me!

Please answer me, please, when you have the opportunity!

Kiss you