Letter(s) from Julia Belousova to Pitt (USA)

Letter 1

Today I celebrate my birthday! (I do not know, do you remember this or not?))))). I was hesitant to contact you before, but today I finally decided to write you. I think about you and I remember my smile, when I received your letter. The best gift for me in honor of my birthday can be renewed our communication! It is most important to me! My dream is to continue our chat! What do you think about it, Dear Gerry? I would be pleased if the joint efforts helped our relationship to develop further. Since I have a difficult financial situation I can offer you to pay for our correspondence in half, because I now pay for themselves do not have the opportunity. But I dream to plunge into the fantasies that I have had during our communication. I really miss you and I'm sorry that I have to celebrate my birthday without you ... I hope this is my last birthday without you ... I'll hopefully wait for your answer. Let me convey my little kiss to you in my letter.

Letter 2

Welcome to the regional translation agency "AnnaWord"

Good day Sir!

Your lady did the pictures you requested. She wants to continue your conversation. We await your response.


* Translation into Russian:
- one letter (any size) - 5 USD,

* Translation into English:
- one letter (any size) - 5 USD,

* Interpreting:
- phone conversation (per 10 minutes) - 9 USD,
- during meeting:
1. per hour 20 USD,
2. per day 100 USD,

* Other services:
- sending (scanning) one picture - 3 USD,
- receiving (printing) one picture - 3 USD,


1. PER MONTH: 210 USD,

Ways of payment:
=Western Union,
=Bank Transfer,

Information you need for making payment:

the name of receiver Elena Semenkova
the TOWN Starobelsk
the address quarter Vatutina 4\19
zip code 92700
country UKRAINE

After making payment, PLEASE, inform us about its details with the full information for getting it:

- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number.

Best regards,
Oksana, administrator of Translation Bureau "AnnaWord"