Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Atarova to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Good day!
Tell me how can I appeal to you? Steve It would be right?
I get good mood when, after our acquaintance I see your letter. And I will be happy if we are to continue our relationship anymore.
I think what you want to learn a little about me, and I will try to tell it:
My name - Nadya, a simple name. I was born on Oct. 5 1983. I think you have to understand that my zodiac sign Libra.
My height is 166 cm and my weight - 54 kg. This is a good average for a Russian woman.
I live in Almetyevsk, this city is located in the European part of Russia, the Republic of Tatarstan.
I hope that the difference between our countries will not be an obstacle to the continuation of our dialogue.
I am cheerful and sociable woman, the only negative thing I loneliness. But I want to correct this situation, and now I'm trying our acquaintance for a serious relationship. I hope that you also have serious intentions.
In my life I try to positive mood and just keep yourself in shape, so I'm 2 or 3 times a week I try to run morning.
I love animals and I love nature as well.
I tried to tell you a little about myself and I would like to ask you to tell me about yourself as well.
I will be happy if you give me more of your picture that will allow me to get to know you more.
Now I'll go away and wait for your answer.
With respect Nadya!
Letter 2
Hello Steven!
It is very pleasant to me to see your letter today again. Thanks that you have answered my last letter, and now I can believe, that I for you liking and me it am pleasant. I hope that you have tried to learn me yesterday when I a few to tell to you about itself.
I wish to tell little bit more about myself. My family very amicable. Mum and the daddy very much to love each other and live in marriage 23 years. As it pleasantly to realise, a unique minus in that that us only three in a family. At me is not present to undertake sister that there is a few grief. But in a life I am very sociable person, and on a life I have many friends. At least I think so, that at me it is a lot of them. Because each person meets me with a smile always.
I very sociable woman and on an extent of all my life, I like to conduct an active way of life. To take part in all actions.
And probably therefore my work itself to draw me to itself. I work the manager on sale of a children's food, it is very good work that is pleasant to me. Unique grief that for me not probably open-cast mine growth. And still I pleasure of mine work.
You know my city Almetyevsk not so big only 150000 persons. But I very much like to live here.
To a regret for all years of my life in this city I and could not find to myself the man who would appear for me the companion on a life, and I am lonely till now. And recently already loneliness simply to press on me, therefore I have addressed in search the man. I never was married and I do not have children. And still I as well as each person dream about creation a family, and that I will have nevertheless this feeling of love and to be favourite.
And consequently I have decided to address in search the Internet. I am very glad that we acquaintance, the truth our acquaintance for me was very difficult. First of all I created many profile from my country and it why that is closed, and then I have decided to create a profile from your country, and now we to get acquainted.
Tell for you really all well that we from different the country and different culture. It very much is pleasant to me, because now I can learn culture of other country.
Now I have tried to tell to you a little about myself about mine work, and as about my thoughts on creation the future family.
Tell more directly about itself and about the city. Probably you something interests to learn about me. Do not hesitate to set to me the questions. I with the great pleasure will answer you them. Now I will finish my letter, and to wait for your answer. And that you I am better to learn me to give to you my new photo. I wish pleasant day. I will wait for your answer. I hope, that you will not keep me waiting.
About respect Nadya!
Letter 3
Good afternoon Steven!
As it is a lot of pleasantly for me to see your letter, to feel your care and simply to understand that I for you it is pleasant. Every day we to learn each other and we as if good friends. For all time that we I to feel dialogue with you simply that you the good person, and I would like that our communication could more development.
Our dialogue allows us to open each other more.
You know today I would like to tell a little about village of mine parents and that as they to live there.
Since the daddy left on pension and they have moved to village in which they now to live and I many pleasure for them. Each days off I to go to my parents to help them on house work, and there I have pets. You know I very much I love pets, but I not to have their house because they should devote much time and it is impossible to leave them long lonely. And my work does not allow me to come always to one time and consequently I simply am afraid to get pets. But I very much love a dog and a cat.
You know at me there is a dream, that when I will have a family - the happy husband we will have a big dog as from a film about a dog «Bethoven» - a St. Bernard. Very big dogs but very much love people. Tell and you love pets can you love dogs or a cat? My parents have a cat, I to send for you a photo with this cat.
I hope that it is pleasant to you as. Know at me is as a pleasant hobby - 1 season in a year. When comes to do summer I in a kitchen garden my parents a bed about flowers. That allow to make beauty in a kitchen garden. As in a kitchen garden we to put different plants vegetables on spring and to reap a crop in the autumn that the winter was easier to live. And how you it to live?
I would like to learn about culture of your country about that that you like to do and as there is a life at you there.
Now I will leave, but I would like to wish for you pleasant mood. And I hope for your fast reply. About respect Nadya!
Letter 4

Good afternoon mine dear Steven!
I do not know as you to concern today to my letter, but I wish to tell actually as there is all.
Today at me fine mood and me the pleasant dream dreamt. I do not know, whether to like you it, but today I would like to tempt a little you. Only therefore I give you today such photo. Today the pleasant dream dreamt me, it was a dream of a small meeting. Where there was a participation of two remarkable people. Today my dream was real in a dream. I so dreamt to descend in cafe or restaurant with my man. Today in a role of my man, in a dream there were you. We did a fine supper, it was at candles, then the pleasant melody has played, and I have not sustained, I have invited you to dance. I so do not have not enough partner to dance and this night in a dream it was pleasant. We turned and cheerfully danced, then during one moment I have turned to you a back. And when you to develop me the person to the person it was pleasant unexpectedness for me, you held a pleasant bunch of flowers. It was pleasure for me. Mine dear Steven now it becomes a shame to me, but nevertheless I so was very glad. Mine dear Steven today all the morning long, since the moment as I have woken up I all thought of you. And I have decided to go faster to see your letter to write to you.
I ask, understand my letter correctly, I have simply told to you today my dream what it was pleasure to see you. But I now have a question for you, you dreamt about me?
My friend I to spend the days off well. I to help the parents on an economy much. They live in village with name Aktyubinskiy. Distance from a city where I live Almetyevsk to village approximately about 30 km. I informed you earlier at our acquaintance that I to live in Almetevsk.
To go to my parents I to use services of the bus and me gives it pleasure and consequently I everyone days off to go to mum and the daddy. My parents live well. They enjoy the nature. And mine dear I wish to tell that to like me that much that you to remember mine birthday. I wish to tell that it much important for me. I as wish to tell that when I not to go where that I like to watch TV and more often films of a genre of a comedy or a melodrama. I as like and to read and listen to music much. Mine dear I would be a lot of pleasure if you to me to tell that you to like to do when you to remain houses one??
Now I think of you and when I will leave my thoughts is about you really much. I very much wish to know that you to answer me, and I will wait much your answer.
I hope, that after mine the letter at you will be today pleasant mood!
Yours faithfully, yours Nadya!
Letter 5
Good morning my charm Steven!
I do not know, that yesterday have found on me, but I really wished you to tempt a little, I think, that it because I envied those people who in the street go in steams. They going also walk together, I wished to share it with you, but could not. Mine dear, Steven when I looked at enamoured couples I as very much wanted that with me nearby during this moment there were you. Because now for me you became very much the loved one, I think, that I can tell to you everything, that is created at me in a shower. That I want and I wish. I think, that you will understand me. But nevertheless excuse me that I at the past we wash the letter tried to do temptation for you.
You know yesterday I thought of you much and did not know as you will behave today. And still I thought and waited that you will write to me, after all we already are for each other.
It is pleasant to know, that the person to whom my destiny is not indifferent, the person it is important to them to know, that with me exists, that I do! Probably, you to me do not feel anything. And I live your letters, I do not live more precisely, I exist, because a life for me now too loud word. Many do not understand me. Ask, what I have found in you?! Well, and you simply like me. It is interesting to me with you.
In my life I saw a little and felt care of. Simply all who could care of me, have been very engaged in by the affairs, and I at all was not necessary to the rests. It was necessary to do without care, I even felt a little lost when received from you such kind letters! I on the present did not know what to do! I have very much become puzzled and was frightened a little. Anybody, never concerned me so well, as you! And I am very grateful to you for it! You are from me for thousand kilometres, and is closer than you for me there are no people. Sadly, that so happens on light, and it is joyful, that miracles in this world happen not only in books! My angel the keeper has not forgotten me as it seemed to me earlier, the kindness you have woken in me other person - better, more kindly and more happily former! So it would be desirable to tell these words to you personally, but silly, mere words will not explain to the full my relation to you. My eyes when I will look in your eyes will more clearly tell to you be not upset, if this my letter little bit sad seemed to you, I will not forgive to myself if I will spoil to you mood. Simply understand my condition. Round me there were people, but I was lonely in a shower, and now I have a person to whom I am not afraid to prove to be such what I am. Huge to you for these thanks! I am absolutely free! If there will be questions, necessarily write, I with pleasure will answer them!
I would send you the kiss, but the technics is not has reached such level :). But nevertheless I wish to give you the most pleasant now, that I can give. My photo, and I hope that it to give for you weight emotion and a pleasant positive. I will wait much your answer. Write necessarily my darling! With impatience I will wait!
Yours Nadya.
Letter 6
Good afternoon my darling favourite Steven!
As it is a lot of pleasure for me to see your letter, but it is even more pleasure in that that I can feel you. And my darling I wish to tell that I will not know that better and as it will be better to come to you. But my darling I that you to speak a lot of pleasure for me I so many information. I wish to tell that very much you I like to go tomorrow also to travel agency repeatedly and all I will learn. I love you also I I will do all for this purpose what to come to you much.
Since that moment yesterday when I learnt that it is necessary for me to have for arrival to you, I simply not could think more about what, I thought only of you and understood, that you are all my life and I would like to be near to you. My darling Steven all the night long I sat on a window and thought, dreamt of you, about that we would be the happiest, I imagined much, that already soon we will together.
My darling Steven and as soon as today I simply began as the madwoman ran in travel agency to be closer to you. But my arrival in agency has brought to me grief. My darling Steven I asked in agency that to me have begun official registration of papers, but to me have told, that to me will legalise papers, only when I can make payment for official registration of papers. As much I would like, that we were the happiest that at all of us it was good! And now our meeting depends on us, whether there will be we together or not. My darling Steven if these days we can make payment for registration documents to me will begin at once registration documents for arrival to you. My darling Steven only tell to me, you can help me for registration documents that I could do this step for our meeting?
My darling Steven I wish to use the best efforts much that already we could be together with you and to be the happiest. Whether but with ea?e my darling Steven will be our meeting? Whether there will be we together with you?
My darling Steven understand that I wish to be yours much and I hope much that during one moment we will be together with you. I love you and I hope much that our love will help for our rapprochement and that we will be a single whole with you.
I will wait much your answer. Your favourite Nadya!
Letter 7
I wish to tell that I to make today for ours with you a meeting much and my darling I wish to tell that I to go and learn all as you much and to ask. I to go to travel agency and to ask at all of them details. They will tell to me that they to do the visa only for the tourist and my darling I wish to tell that it too us with you a variant. I wish to tell that I a lot of pleasure that you to wish to help for me. But my darling I to learn from the manager of travel agency as I could make payment and to me tell that I can to pay only through cash and as the manager to me will tell that travel agency to do documents only as for the tourist I to talk and speak to it ours with you a problem much. The manager to tell for me the information is a lot of and now I to sit and write for you all that that I to learn. Favourite Steven I wish tell that we with you could to receive my documents in a week and my darling I to it a lot of pleasure. I as wish to tell that I to learn as we with you would ask to arrive and to me will not tell that they to accept money in electronic form and to me to offer what I to go to bank for this purpose what to learn as you could help me.
I to go to bank and learn as though you to me could to help. Favourite Steven when I to come to bank I have been much surprised by that that to me to tell. Because I not when not to use such services of bank and it is a lot of to result it in a shock. I wish to tell that I to use bank only for storage of money earlier. But me to tell that bank as can send and accept sums of money from one person to another. To me informed, that in all countries of the world there are 2 banks, competitors among themselves which to carry out one function to help for people who can send money from one country to another. These banks to be called:
1) Western Union
2) Money Gram
In bank to me have told, that you could search for branch bank Money Gram in your city and address in them. That you could help me money, you should come to bank where you should fill a paper, and specify my address:
The country: Russia
Republic: Tatarstan
City: Almetevsk
Street: Lenina 151
The postal index: 423451
Atarova Nadezhda
As soon as you can send me money, I can receive at once your money but to receive your money, I should know that you have specified at departure money to me.
Letter 8
Greetings my favourite Steven!
I wish to tell that I to sit and wait for your letter and I wish to tell that to me a lot of pleasure that you to write but my darling I to understand that you simply not to understand that I to write to you and I speak to you that for the ticket you can not to worry. I to find money but here I not to understand why you not to help for me? Favourite Steven I wish tell that I cannot to call you from my phone because my phone not to support conversations for border and my darling I many hope that you to understand it. I wish to tell that if you to want what we with you to have dialogue on phone that I will call to you from a public telephone booth and I wish to tell that I need to know your phone number. You to understand that I to speak to you?
Letter 9
My darling Steven this day today we with my mum tried to make all for our meeting, and we could make sale of a thing mum that I could begin registration documents. My darling Steven as to me it was much pleasant that my mum tries to make all for our meeting. But grief was for me as.
My darling Steven with sale of a thing we could receive: 215 dollar. As I went at once to travel agency where I could make payment for registration documents and make all for our meeting. But to receive my documents, I should make payment the remained money 245 dollar. My darling Steven I would like to ask you about that you could help me the remained money that I could receive my documents and come to you. I hope much that nevertheless you can help me for remained money and that already then I can come to you and to be near to you.
My darling Steven all these days I tried to use the best efforts for our rapprochement and that we could be together with you. And now I hope that you much as will use the best efforts and will help me for our rapprochement. That we can be together with you and only you for ever.
I would like to rejoice together with you when at you all is good, to long, when something is impossible, to feel the necessary person in your life. You - the most good, light, kind, that happen with me lately. No. Not so. Not lately, and in general in my life. «The life is that happens with us while we plan on the future». The love is omnipotent and boundless, its force does not depend on a season, an epoch, technical progress … Hearts meet - and the feeling, beautiful flashes, deep so was and will be always …
And I hope much that nevertheless these days we can make all for our meeting. Also that already in a final analysis, we will be one and a happy family.
I love you.
Now I will leave, but I want that you remembered much and knew, that I to wait your answer much.
Your favourite Nadya!
Letter 10
Greetings my darling Steven!
You know, I do not want approach tomorrow, and know all only why? Yes only because tomorrow there is simply Doomsday, for our relations, after all tomorrow if I not to pay money, in agency my documents will be cancelled, and what it to mean? You understand, all complexity all situation?
My darling Steven, and you understand that all it to mean? It to mean only what agency, to cancel documents, and all those efforts what I to put for our meeting, they have simply been made in vain as it will be simple in vain that my mum, to sell the personal things, you understand it or not?
I to be afraid, what all will be so, after all then my life to lose sense, and we never can be together, you understand it or not? I would not want that it is all occurred, therefore, please, to understand that that our meeting, is in your hands, and please, easier not to miss this moment, our meeting then we can be together!
It seems to me, that I cannot at all, today fall asleep because I will worry all the night long!
I to pray, I to hope, that you will find this possibility, and will do all for our meeting, today, after all it is really our last chance, to be together, please to understand all it!
I to wait your answer, I very much love you, a kiss, for you my darling Steven!
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