Scam letter(s) from Julia Krasikowa to Julian (Finland)

Letter 1
Hello my love Julian! Thank you very much for your wonderful letter to me. I am very pleased to receive your letter each. You are the most interesting and intelligent people in the world. I am very happy that God has allowed us to communicate. Now my face just smile and not a drop of sadness, as I talk to you.
More and more I realize that you are the person with whom I wanted to spend my life. A walk in the park, read books together, listen to music. Meet the sunrise and sunset to accompany. I feel that you are very romantic and cheerful man Julian! It is very important to me. I think that between a man and a woman, one of the most important senses - that trust. I believe that without trust there can be no love. Credibility is the key to a clean and sincere love. You can not love a person does not trust him. Deep down you have to ask yourself - "Could I trust my love to all 100 if I can do my best for my love." I think that people who really love to find an answer without difficulty. He proudly says "Of course, yes, I trust my love" because it is the purest. Please do not think that I believe that you do not trust me, I just want to open my heart to you more. I only want a serious relationship between us. Without trust we will not build a true love. You write to me very kind words, you're not hiding anything. You make me feel like a very fun and easy. I have no anxiety at heart. Thank you for everything, my dear Julian!!! I am very pleased that in this world there is a man who thinks and cares about me. This man you Julian! If we really want to create only real feelings we should fully trust each other. I want to say to you with an open mind, I trust you are 100. I want our relationship was only mutual feelings. My dear Julian, please tell me, do you really trust me as I tell you? Please, answer me honestly. This is a very serious matter. Do you trust me 100. Are you willing to lend a helping hand in difficult times? I am ready to help you in all your troubles always! I will always try to do so, you to be happy with me! I like you very much like you. And with every letter I understand more and more that we are very close to each other people. You can rely on.
Are you always wondering if you open and kind person. Please answer me as soon as you get a chance. I wish you success in all your endeavors. You are a very important person for me. I will pray to God for us. I will ask him to help us.
With best regards, Your love Evgenija, I give you a kiss.
Letter 2
Hello my dear and beloved Julian! My angel, how are you today, are you? I'm fine. Today I woke up with the thought of you. I am very pleased to get back your beautiful letter. For me it is always the light of the sun in the morning. I wake up in the morning and hopefully going to get your next letter.
I know you love me! I love you too very much. Of course, through the mail you can express your feelings, but these feelings are not ones that can be in reality. I fall asleep with the hope to see the wonderful dreams where we're close, and we have nothing else. Every night I think of you. Sometimes I can not sleep. My thoughts of how you and I wake up in the morning together, in each other's arms. We're looking into each other's eyes and I'll kiss you in your sweet lips.
In your face a smile. I also dreamed the dream, as we walk with you in the park. You take me by the hand and we run with you on the river bank. It's so romantic. But when I wake up, you just are not there. It saddens me terribly. My feelings have moved into something more. It is much more simple letter! I love you with all my heart, every corner of your body. I can no longer hide his feelings, and I say all that I feel for you. How do I want to meet you, come up, cuddle up to your whole body, feel your breathing, heartbeat! Feel that only you and I together, without anyone noticing, spending the evening together ... I would love to walk with you waking up in bed together, cook you breakfast, relax together in nature. I want to lie to you on the grass and look into your beautiful eyes. Do you want this? Julian, I want to kiss you all the time, passion, and you to be mine and only mine.
Sometimes dark and dreary evenings, I find it so sad and lonely. But on the other hand, I'm glad I have you! I LOVE YOU, MY DEAR Julian!!! I very much wish that you were here with me in real life, my love Julian! You are the most dear and beloved people. I have no one near you. I want us to be together. It is my greatest dream! I would like to see it become a reality. I understand that we share a very large number of kilometers. But I think that for real, pure love, there is no distance. True love overcomes all boundaries. I believe in our love and I am sure that we will be able to overcome all boundaries, and can be really together. My love Julian, please, tell me what you think about this? What are your thoughts about our future? Are you really willing to meet with me and spend all my life in our love? For me it is very important your opinion. My dear, if you do not mind, please tell me your full address and your full name. This information will I need in the future. If we want to meet and be around. To find out information about travel to you. I look forward to your reply. Your love for the ages Evgenija.
Letter 3
My Love, I thank you for the appropriate response. Thank you that you will not deny me and will help me with travel. This meeting is necessary for both of us, and we must work together to help each other to organize it. I was embarrassed to ask for your help, but I understand that this is the only way to meet you soon. I can not live without you, because I love you. I am confident that we will get a lot of emotions and our feelings become even stronger. I am fully confident in you as a man. And the life I want to contact it with you.
I do not want other men, because I'm comfortable with you. My love, my travel agency has a large network in Russia. The name of the travel agency - Palm Voyage! I want to give you a website company - You can get acquainted with the services of the tourist companies. The site has a special section - Foreign Clients.
My travel agent called Karina G. Her personal email - You can write her a letter to the email, ask all your questions related to the trip. She will be happy to answer you, for this you need to specify my full name in the letter, and my ?
Letter 4

My Love, and today I learned from Karina, you can make a money order. There are two payment options my documents: 1. You are doing a translation in my name. Unfortunately, I do not have an international bank account. And to create it will take a long time, as I need to collect documents, and then wait for the approval of the bank's receipt of the invoice. It may take about a month.
Carina advised me to use the services of Western Union, is a very reliable and safe way to transfer money from other countries.
Customers travel agency Palm Voyage from other countries tend to choose this method! It is a company set up specifically for rapid movement of money between countries, it is already on the market for many years. I even saw on TV a lot of publicity this company. They do this safely, and no one but me can not get your money, so I'll do it with your passport. You can get more information on the company's official website! For money transfer you will need to find an agent in your city, address them are on the official site. To come to the bank with your passport and all my data, and to fill the contract with the company. You will be given a secret code MTCN, it consists of 10 digits. And then you have to let me know it. I also want to tell you my full data: Name - Evgenija,
Surname - Nazorowa,
My address is - Polevaya str 3, apartment 21, Zip code - 636780, City - Strezhevoy, Country - Russia. 2. The second method of payment documents to the bank account travel agency. To do this you need to write my travel agent Carina! It will give you all the full information about the documents and bank details of the travel agency. Here is all the information for money transfer. You can choose any convenient way for you to pay. The faster you make money order, the sooner I'll be ready to design my documents and we will be together.
Once again I want to thank you for your help in travel. Soon we will be together with you. I love you and want to be near you. Your sweet girl Evgenija!
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