Romance scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to Larry (USA)
Letter 1
Baby pls and pls so what do I do now I dnt want to loose chatting with you and you know I cannot leave without you so pls I will be happy if you can wire me $150 or $200
Letter 2
Baby pls try for me pls and pls and I don't think I will get my friend computer tomorrow and the credit I have on my phone is finish too and if I may asked u when will you get the $1300 for me so that I can send the 13K to u cos we are surfing too much
Letter 3
Let me know when you get this mail cos I have been trying a lot to mail you the pictures but it is not working so let me know when you get this
Letter 4

Hi baby this is the Ticket Mercy got for me I waiting for you to write me so that we can talk I have miss you and I hope you are doing great and fine
Letter 5
Email from Manager Ecowas Security
Attention: Mr. Larry,
This is to officially confirm the receipt of your email content well noted. On behalf of the management of my company I wish to inform you that I know Miss Charity Aidoo, but I really do not understand the purpose of your email. Please write and official email and explain yourself.
Cordially yours
Mr. William Akkufour.
Letter 6
Attention: Mr. Larry,
This is to officially confirm the receipt of your correspondence dated 3/19/14 content duly noted.
Firstly I must apologize for the late response, it was a very busy day at the office yesterday and there was no chance to see emails.
However, with regards to Miss Charity Aidoo belongings, I have append copy of the Certificate of Deposit and the Certificate of Ownership for your perusal, the property has been deposited with us since 24th September 2007, which means the boxes has been in our custody for Eight four (84), months and our storage fee for each month is forty (40) dollars, for this months the boxes have accumulated the sum of thirty three thousand six hundred dollars (US$33,600.00), though Charity father paid an initial deposit of fifteen thousand dollars (US$15,000), so the required amount needed for the release of Charity’s belongings from our vault is the sum of Eighteen thousand six hundred dollars (US$18,600), once paid her boxes will be released and our consultant will help her make the shipment to your designated address.
Please if there is any area you do not understand do call (00233)265-616-293.
Your earliest response to this email will be highly appreciated, till i hear from you I remain
Yours in service
Mr. William Akkufour.
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