Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Churakova to Robert (Canada)
Letter 1
Thanks big, that you have answered me my Email address.
I would like to tell about myself:
I was born on April, 11th, 1984
At me dark short hair and dark eyes.
My weight nearby 55 kg. Growth I of 168 centimetres.
I live in Russia in the city of Moore. It is very beautiful city. It is completely not far from the city of Moscow.
Why you are on a site of acquaintances??
I can speak with you in English if you not against. I studied this language when studied. I will be fair with you. You have very much liked me. Only therefore I have written to you.
I know, that you live in other country. But it in any way does not stop me. I wish to learn you more close.
Forgive but I have no other pages in social networks. At me simply is not present for this time, I do not use Facebook, Skype me there is only Email address.
I do not have these pages in social networks.
I will send you photos of. I wish to tell to you about myself and as to hear the information on you.
To me it will be pleasant, if you answer me.
Letter 2
Greetings. I am very glad today, that have received from you the answer.
I very much waited, whether you will answer me still. I wish to find the man and to live with it till the end of a life. My destiny, probably lives absolutely far from me. I do not know it. Also I think knows nobody about it.
On site Zoosk, I not thinking have chosen the country in the list and a city, therefore and at me was written, that I live in the given city. Though I from Russia. I did not wish to offend you.
Forgive me if, I have not justified your expectations that I live in this city. I hope to us will prevent to communicate of nothing further. If I was pleasant to you, then I do not see problems in dialogue.
I cannot find the person, I can not find love. Forgive but I at all do not know as to sit on a site of acquaintances, there so all is difficult, therefore to me to write you letters on Email easier.
You saw my photo?? I will send to you some the photos.
My weight of 55 kg. My growth 168 see I very badly I talk in your language, but I will try to learn it, I am sorry, if in my letter there are any errors in grammar. I understand it very little and I talk. I will use translator Google, you as can use the translator. But it should not prevent us. It will help me with a writing of the letter and in perusal of your answer. I have good work which very much to like me. I work in the ministry of extreme situations. I work as the bookkeeper.
At me many good friends. As at me very good collective. But many already have a family. And fires cannot spend with me a lot of time. They have also other obligations. I too wish to run home and the nobility that I am am waited there by a loving family.
I have no villages on other sites of acquaintances and dialogue, as Facebook, Skype.
Robert I have not tired you?? I wished to write more to you about myself. I wish to learn you. I feel, that you very good, it will be interesting to us to communicate with each other. I search for love. I live in Russia. Who has told, that the love has restrictions in distance, it can be in any part of globe, I hope, you as think, as well as. I wish to know about you more, therefore I look forward your answer.
I wait your letter.
I send you the photos.
Letter 3
Greetings Robert Thanks, that you have written to me. Whether I very much worried you will answer me, whether it will turn out to find at us common language in dialogue.
I have written to you because you have liked me. I have decided to try to find the interlocutor, the friend, the young man on this site of acquaintances Zoosk. I heard histories much, that people met the love on the Internet. I very much would wish to be happy.
I wish to tell to you about myself. I sociable, from a good decent family. It is clever, purposeful. I have left school. I have the higher economic education. I all life was independent because it was necessary to me is very glad to mature.
I do not smoke. I not married also was there never. I have no children.
Robert I ask you. Tell to me about itself. Your life is very interesting to me.
I am done not confused at all with your age. I a little now in the 29 years pay attention to age. For men, in my opinion, with the years gives, stability, confidence. At all to you of years, and on how many you feel yourself so much and you. Each person on a miscellaneous looks at a life. How many people are so much and opinions. I as wish to be young both soul and a body. The most important thing in the man that it could interest the interlocutor, was clever, interesting.
Why such as you the man was on this site??
I have more recently started to use the Internet. I simply do not have time for it. Never got acquainted through sites of acquaintances. I feel some inconvenience. I do not have trust to the Internet. Heard some histories of acquaintances through the Internet. People fell in love, met and built a family. They are happy and live together.
I wish to try too this way. I wish to be happy. I wish to have a family.
Today I again send you the photos.
I very much wait from you the letter.
Letter 4

Greetings. How are things going with you??
How to you it was slept today?
I with pleasure now sit and I write this letter. Today I as always have come for work early. I should prepare all documents since morning. I said to you, that I work in the ministry of extreme situations. I come very much early for work, but my operating schedule very much is not stable. I can even leave work at night or is simple late at night. But I very much like my work. At me it is painted all the day long constantly. But I will find time to answer you the letter.
As I already said to you, that I live in Russia. My native city of Moore. It is very beautiful city.
At me very beautiful mum. I very much love it. Still I have the younger brother.
My father was the military man. He has died when I was 12 years old. I do not wish to tell about his death, it brings to me a lot of a grief.
Robert I very much wish to know, about your family …
Forgive, please, me. But I have no Internet house. As my house of old construction. Also cannot spend the Internet yet. But I have the computer on work. I will try to answer you letters though I also cannot distract on long from work more often. My chief very strict in this respect. Also does not allow to use to me the Internet to suit the own ends. I know, that there are many programs for dialogue. But I have no any. Except e-mail. If to you it is not difficult, we will communicate so.
I have no villages on other sites of acquaintances and dialogue, as Facebook, Skype.
I like to watch myself. I go on trainings to the sports centres when I have a free day. I try to eat correctly. In the childhood I was engaged in dances, gymnastics. I like to prepare. My mum learnt me to prepare. But then when I have grown, I had most to cook food. To prepare? What your favourite dishes?
I never was married, I do not have children. I do not smoke and I do not drink, I do not see sense in spirits, therefore I try to avoid it. I not against smoking, but itself do not smoke, each person makes a choice in the habits and the predilections, many regret about it, nobody has the right to condemn the person for its weaknesses.
Robert you have hobby? How you like to spend a free time? My religion Christianity, and yours? I have not enough time, forgive, but I need to go to work now. With each letter I would like to learn you more.
I will send you a photo me with my mum and the brother.
Thanks you. When I write to you, I distract from all that occurs round me. It is very healthy, that you have appeared in my life.
Letter 5
How there passes your day? Than you are engaged? How are things going with you? yesterday I very much have late come home. I have laid down at once to sleep. At me by the evening the head was ill and I badly felt myself. Has this morning made to itself an easy breakfast and has run for work. I try to eat correctly. Not to eat the harmful and quickly cooked food.
I said to you, that I have higher education. I would like to receive the second higher education while I do not have seven and children. To me prevents to go nothing to study again.
I have the best brother I sent its photos to you. It already has a small son. I like to help with education of the child. I very much love children. We walk with them often, we spend much time together. My brother works much, that it is good to provide the family. Often leaves in business trips. We live near very much, therefore a lot of time I spend with his family. I can come to it on a visit. At his place I feel myself very well. The family of my brother is very happy, I often think and I represent the family. I like to represent, what will be my children. I very much wish to have the family. I know it sometime will be. I envy its happy family.
I am grateful the to mum, that it has brought up me the good person. I like to prepare. I watch the food, I try to use less than harmful products, and to eat only healthy food. I like to prepare products on pair, it occupies not enough time, it is useful and is tasty. I very much would wish to show to you as I am tasty I am able to prepare.
Simply it is necessary to do it always with love. And then all will turn out.
Robert when I write you the letter, I would like to tell to you much. It is a pity, that between us distance. If we lived nearby could meet in cafe and talk infinitely. I sincerely hope, that you support my dreams. I hope, that sometime ours with you dreams will be carried out.
I have not enough time, I would like to tell more about myself and the life, but I should work. With letters not to replace real dialogue with the person. But at present, your letters I wait every day, I worry, when you long do not answer me.
Letter 6
Good afternoon Robert
How your mood today? At me good though today I had trouble. I have got used to receive your letters. I come for the work, the first that I do it I include the computer and I check mail. When I see your letter, I test a lot of pleasure. Not always I can answer your letter at once. Today at me good mood. I like to read your letters. When I read your letter I rejoice.
You wait my letters? Robert how you have spent yesterday?
One of these days there was a fine evening. I was on birthday of my good girlfriend. We the big company visited cafe. We have well spent time, danced much and laughed. In cafe good music played. In general I love music, often I listen to the favourite executors (Rihanna, Shakira, Adele, Storm Queen, and many Russian executors). Music always cheers me up.
The darling Robert you think of our relations as about friendship? I should know. I had serious relations twice in my life. I wish to be fair with you, I do not wish to hide from you it. I very trustful girl. I suffered from the man in the past because of it! I do not want, that experience of unsuccessful relations has repeated for me.
Sometimes it seems to me, that to me does not carry in love. Both men have betrayed me, to me was very sick. I very trustful and very quickly fall in love. I am given completely to the beloved and I wait from it for the same. To me it is not clear, why men aspire to change to the girls. I do not wish to recollect the past more. I live the present and future. I hope, that you not the such. Most of all in the man I appreciate kindness and tenderness. As the sense of humour is important. I like to laugh.
Robert you like me. Sometimes I imagine your voice. It seems to me, that at you a beautiful voice. I think, that I would like to speak on the phone with you once. I believe, that it is important to speak on the phone and hear a voice. I have phone, but I will not give yet to you number of my phone. I will learn from the operator, whether I can to receive calls from other countries.
I have not got used to give a lot of the personal information on me when I know about the man a little. I think, that we should communicate through letters And while I will be does without phone. In your letters I read many pleasant words. I open to you the feelings now. My life seems to me starts to be filled with sense. I always speak you only the truth. I ask you as to be sincere with me. I will wait your new letter! I wish you good day!
I wait your new photos.
Letter 7
Greetings, lovely Robert
Today at me good day! Weather here in Russia the fine! The sun shines, it would be desirable to have a rest. I have woken up today early enough. It was necessary for me to arrive for work earlier. Today on work I did reports to mine the boss. She has asked to prepare me the financial report for a month. I well do the work, therefore I have consulted well with the task. My boss remained is happy, that it has good experts!
Your letter has brought to me a smile. I am glad, that we continue our dialogue. I think, that the sight can tell more than one million words! My eyes sparkle pleasure when I see your new letter. Thanks for happiness which you bring to me. I trust you though we never saw each other. You trust me? In relations very important trust. Now I worry. I am afraid to check up mail in one day and not to see your letter. Your letters are very expensive to me, your letters bring to me a lot of pleasure. Robert, you very much like me.
I have visited a cinema, with me my girlfriend Larisa went. After a film we communicated with my girlfriend Larisa much. She has told, that I have changed lately. I look happier and cheerful. She has asked me, whether there was in my life a man. I have told, that I will not tell anything yet. I have only told, that have got acquainted through the Internet with the man and we well communicate. I have not told, that you from other country. Let it while will be our secret.
Robert, you the romanticist? I like romanticism. I like to observe of stars, I like to have supper at candles. I love night walks. It is pleasant to all girls. However, already very much for a long time I had no all it. I wish to walk on night streets with the beloved. I wish to feel warmth of its body. I wish to feel protected. You prefer what rest? Earlier I very much loved the noisy companies. There were some changes in my life. It is caused by that I became adult. It is much more pleasant to me to have now rest in the small company of my close girlfriends in cosy cafe. I dream of romantic evening with the beloved, at candles.
Today I send you other photos. I heard about programs fasebook and skype. These programs allow to communicate online. I have no Internet of the house. Unfortunately I cannot use such programs from a workplace. Our heads forbid. These programs stir to work. It is very a pity to me. I would like to see you in live.
You often are engaged in house affairs? You have house flowers? I love flowers, at my place it is a lot of colours!
I very much love tulips. These flowers remind at once me spring. Love time.
I will finish my letter. Write to me!
Robert, my kisses for you.
Letter 8
Good afternoon the darling
How are things going with you? I'm fine. It is joyful to me to receive again from you a message. Now I have a little free time. I wish to devote this time to you. I often think of you in a current of day. On work to me say, that I became pensive. To me it is good, when I represent you. Your letters very much like me.
All is interesting to me about you. Please, write to me as much as possible. Write to me that you do, that you eat.
Today I have visited cafe together with fellow workers. My colleagues has told to me, that have noticed changes in me recently. I began to come earlier for work. To me have told, that recently I look very happy. I try to watch even more carefully myself, and I try to buy to myself new things. Whether I often wonder there can be we? You would like our meeting? I think, that I could find enough money for our meeting. I would like to spend with you any time in your country. Please, tell to me that you think of it? I never was in Europe and fairly to tell, I am afraid to go to other country a little. Your Canada far? I should be confident, that I will be in safety and that you will care of me. At me feeling, that you the good man. I had travel to Turkey, Egypt. As I travelled across Russia.
In the last letter I said, that had conversation with my chief. My chief is happy with my work. My boss has told to me, that I can soon have a vacation. This year I yet was not on a vacation. I worked, because it was necessary for me to pay off with the credit. Last month I have definitively paid the credit. Now I do not have debts, and I can have a rest. I like to have a vacation. I can there are on a vacation three weeks. You will have vacation soon? It will be good, if we can have a vacation during identical time! I very much would want it!
I wish to tell to you, that I have to you trust. You to me seem the good person. Sometimes I try to present us together. We walk on a beach, the sun shines, from the sea the cool wind blows. In the blue sky birds soar. We observe of waves, we keep for hands... I have a little made for a today on work because I cannot concentrate on work. Today I have very pensive mood. You wish to know about what I dream? I dream to see you!
I send you photos of my rest. I wish you good day! Remember that you have I in Russia.
Letter 9
Good afternoon Robert!
How your mood? What weather at you? I have just read your lines. Thoughts on you bring to me good mood. When I cannot see your letters, I think of you, and I have a good mood. I hurried up today for work more likely to read your letter.
The darling, today I wish to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer me, I will understand you. You write letters to other girls? To me it is important for knowing! You the unique man to whom I write the letters.
For a long time I have no profile on a site. Me other men do not interest. I like you. Tell to me please as you consider your future? You want, that I was a part of your future? You want, that your future wife was till the end of your life? I wish to marry once and to be happy.
I have a passport which allows me to travel all over the world. I wish to have travel to you. I never was in Canada, I wish to visit your country. I wish to see you.
Robert our friendship very much is pleasant to me. Earlier I to you had a feeling of curiosity. Now I had a feeling of liking to you. I wait your letters with the big impatience. Your letters became the important part in my life.
For a long time I did not feel, which is in my heart now. I have to you feelings. I am afraid to speak to you about it, but my feelings to you big than liking. I with huge impatience wait your letters. I go to bed and I think of us with you. Throughout all day you in my thoughts. Earlier I did not represent, that feelings I can arise at dialogue in e-mail. Tell to me, what you feel? I sincere with you, also say to you only that I feel. From the very beginning of our dialogue we have agreed about sincerity. I always was fair with you. I trust you now. I have a sensation, that we are familiar with you very long. I do not have secrets from you. Always I try to answer you. Please, repeat the question for me when I have not answered. Well?
In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings. I wish to see your eyes, to feel your breath. The sight can transfer much more words. You agree with me? Our meeting will help us to learn each other. Yes, I already seriously think of our meeting. I think, that our meeting is necessary for both of us! I am confident, that in a life you also very kind, fair and loyal man. I believe, that you the gentle and careful man. Next days I will talk to the chief and to learn time of my holiday.
Robert please do not forget to answer my questions. I very much appreciate ours with you dialogue. I am afraid to check up mail, and not to see your letter. Please, do not leave me without your letters. Today I will leave work earlier. Then mum will come to me on a visit. We did not see for a long time, at us it is a lot of news for each other. Likely, I will tell to mum about you. It my best girlfriend, I will learn its opinion.
I wait your new letter. You my knight, I your princess.
Letter 10
Greetings the darling Robert
What's up? How there passes your day? Today I again hurried up for work. I waited your letter! Recently I like to be in loneliness. I like to think of us with you. Now in streets I see many enamoured pairs. I see, how steams embrace and kiss. They look very happy. I think at once of us with you. I would like to appear in a flash with you nearby. It only dreams. I am grateful to the God and the Internet, that we have got acquainted with you.
You remember, I wrote to you about mum? My mum was at my place. My mum remained to spend the night at me. We long did not sleep. We with mum have prepared to eat. We ate, and talked much. We with mum very good girlfriends. I do not have any secrets from my mum. I adult, but mum always help me a wise advice. I have told to mum that I have a friend in Canada. Mum very much was surprised. I have told, that we have got acquainted in the Internet. Mum has approved ours with you dialogue. Also mum has told, that I should be cautious. My mum the wise woman, it to aspire to warn me against the bad. Mum says, that at Russian girls select documents in other country. They cannot back leave. I have told to mum, that you the good man, and probably soon we will have a meeting. Mum is glad for me. I consider as the debt to consult on mum, it the closest for me. My mum always will help correct council. My mum has told "Hi Robert" for you!
I am ready to change my life to the best. I wish to start to build my happiness. Be possible we can together are very happy. I think, that my family wishes me only happiness and they will not be against we met.
Robert, thanks that you answer my questions. In the letters I have told to you about the feelings to you. You trust me? In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings. I trust, we will meet you, and we can talk endlessly. Which I speak each word to you, I speak is realised! The love unites such feelings, as: friendship, respect, trust, sincerity, mutual understanding, caress and tenderness. I consider, that it is necessary to admit love looking in eyes to the favourite person. Feelings which are in my heart now very new to me. When I read your letters, to me it becomes very good in me. I do not think, that it is love. But it is very big liking. You have what feelings to me?
You think of our meeting seriously? I very much wish to spend our vacation together. I hope, that next days my chief will tell exact dates of my vacation. And we can agree about a meeting. Even, if you is occupied in the afternoon, I do not wish to refuse travel to your country. I promise, that I will be patient. I will wait for you every evening. I can make for us a supper. I can help you with work on the house and I can do an order if you want!
I very much would not like to finish the letter to you now. It seems to me, that I can write you infinite letters.
However I am compelled to work now. I send you an air kiss!
Please, write me the letter faster.
Sincerely, yours.
Letter 11
Greetings, lovely Robert
Thanks for your new letter. Last night I have caught myself on thought, that I miss on you. Though to miss it is possible about the person who did not see for a long time. But you became very important for me.
Mum has told, that I should be cautious. I have told, that between us there is a trust, and already we communicate a lot of time. My girlfriend sees, that I happy. Mum and the girlfriend are very glad for us with you. My mum has approved ours with you dialogue. Now we have a blessing of my mum. We can start to plan ours with you a meeting. We could spend happy time together.
By the way, today I talked with my boss about a forthcoming vacation. My chief has told, that I can be on a vacation of 30 days. These are good news to us with you! I am very glad! I have learnt, that my vacation will begin very soon. Now it is necessary for me to finish some affairs, and I can be on a vacation. I think, that in 3-4 days my vacation will begin. You are glad the nobility about it? I am simply happy!
Robert I now think of travelling in Canada on a vacation. I dream to visit for a long time Canada. Now my desire has grown, because I had you. During ours with you of dialogue, we became good friends. I have a big desire to meet you. I wish to develop our relations. You wish to meet me? After that we can go to Russia together. I think, that it is good thought. I will acquaint you with the family. My mum will be glad to meet us together.
I never was in Canada. You could meet me? Though you could meet me at the airport. I will be glad to spend all time with you. Time which we will spend together will help us to learn each other. Certainly I understand, that you have a private life. I do not wish to be a burden for you, and is ready to wait patiently for you every evening. We can spend together evenings. You agree with me?
Between us much in common. We have understanding. During our dialogue my life has changed. I do not have feeling of loneliness now. Robert I am assured, that when we will meet, ours with you feelings will be even stronger. I sincere with you.
The nearest international airport from my city, is in the city of Moscow. In my city there is no airport, but it is near to my city. Near to your house there is an international airport? I can arrive to what airport for our meeting? It should be the international airport! I said to you, that I have a passport which allows me to travel in the whole World. I think, that I will need to make out the visa to travel to your country. Next days I plan to visit travel agency in our city to learn more in detail about travel to your country. I promise, that I will inform you any news which at me will be.
I wait your following letter. I hope, that in the following letter I can inform you any information on my travel.
It is pleasant to me to know any your news, I like to learn your life.
I very much want our meeting.
It is a lot of kisses.
Letter 12
Greetings my darling Robert.
How your mood? You thought of me today? Today I have the short working day. I have already finished all affairs, but I remained on work to write you the letter. Today I had a difficult day, I wish to leave more likely on a vacation. I very much wish to see your country and your way of life. I should see it my eyes. I know, that we with you will have happy time together. I should tell, that our friendship can grow in love. You really are very important for me. I really want, that between us there was a love and warm feelings. I want, that between us there was also a trust and understanding.
You know, I already started to take some steps to sew to a meeting. Early in the morning I visited travel agency. I have learnt that is necessary for me for visiting Canada. In my city there is no embassy Canada. I cannot make out the visa in the city. I used travel agency. In the past I travelled to the different countries, but I did not visit Europe. Departure from Russia to Egypt and Turkey is carried out freely. Today to me have explained, that the travel agency has no powers to make out the visa in your country. The employee of travel agency has told to me, that I should visit Moscow to make out the visa. In the city of Moscow there is an embassy of your country closest to my city.
Robert, it is pleasant to me to know, that you like thoughts on ours with you to a meeting. In travel agency I have told, that I will travel for the purpose of tourism and rest. Together with the employee of travel agency we have decided, that optimum type of the visa to me, it is the visa "Tourist". According to the visa the Tourist, I can is in your country, and also free to move on territory of your country, within 90 days. My vacation lasts 30 days. I am going to spend with you about 3 weeks. Term of registration of the visa makes about 8 days. During this time it is better to me to live in the city of Moscow because at any moment of me can invite in embassy for interview.
I have some questions for you now. Please, do not leave my questions without the answer. What things I should take with myself to feel comfortable in Canada? I should live in hotel or rent apartment? Or I can live at you at home?
I would like to live with you together.
By the way, you can tell to me your address of the house? My mum and the girlfriend wish to know your address in Canada. Please, do not think, that My mum and the girlfriend do not trust you. Simply they worry now. I wait your address of the house in the following letter. Well?
I as give you the address of the house:
The city of Moore
The Vladimir area
Street Krasnoarmejsky
The house 39
Apartment 7
The postal index 607011
I in expectation of ours with you of a meeting.
Robert, I will call in the visa centre to receive particulars about visa registration. Also I will learn the prices of official registration of papers. Nobody can prevent to meet to us. I really hope, that you loved all my photos.
I am confident, that you in a reality will love more my appearance. I think of you. I want to you.
Kisses for you the darling.
Letter 13
Kind to you of day Robert!
How there pass your affairs? You wait for me? I have read your letter. To check every day mail already I have become to me a habit, at present on work. But I any more do not work, have received all documents from the chief for visa registration. We will arrange farewell evening, they will miss on me and wish all most the best. At me indescribable emotions as I want to you. A forthcoming vacation will be the best. Yesterday I have already collected things, for travel to you.
Robert I trust you, and I do not have any doubts in your sincerity. Soon we will together. Likely already tomorrow I will arrive in Moscow. I promise, that I will write you the letter every day. I will inform you as visa registration moves ahead. I will search for Internet cafe, I will write you the letter. Your support when I will be in Moscow will be necessary for me. It is a huge city, and I will there absolutely one. This city is badly familiar for me. I am assured, that feelings which are between us, will help us to be with you together! Now I should go.
Already I do not work, and I can not long detain the computer. Right now I will visit road service station to buy the ticket for arrival in Moscow tomorrow.
I miss on you! We with you a meeting will be fine. Robert you will have with itself a camera in day of our meeting?
I very much am afraid for technics, therefore I do not take it and I leave houses. I wish to send a photo from Canada, us a two, each moment spent with you and surrounding me. I very much want, that instants of ours with you we have carried by meetings through the whole life. I will bring gifts for you from Russia. It will be a surprise, I am assured, that you will be glad to it. Together we will be the happiest!
I will write you the letter when I will be arranged in Moscow. I wish to nestle on you
I kiss you, favourite Robert.
Letter 14
Hello My dear !
I was very pleased to read your letter. I feel that you care about me. For me it is very nice.
I arrived in Moscow ! This is a very beautiful city. It is very large when compared with my city .
I want to finish as soon as possible all the work here and come to you.
I like you a little afraid of our meeting , but when we meet we will have a lot of fun. We both want to see each other.
I ask you to take a camera to take pictures of our first meeting . I want us to remember this meeting for life.
Today I'll go to the embassy as soon as I know , I 'll write .
Tonight I was thinking about us and represented our meeting. With each passing day , our meeting is approaching, are you pleased ? I very much! !
Yesterday called my mom , she worries about me , asking how here in Moscow. She said that I passed on to you again hello. )))
I'll go to the embassy , as all know , I'll write you another letter . your Anastasiya
Letter 15
Hello , darling .
I was very scared to write to you . This letter was given to me very hard. I think through every word so as not to offend you .
I do not have enough money to buy a ticket.
I do not know how you'd react . But we no longer have another chance to be together.
If you deny me in helping me understand.
I told you , if I suddenly need help , can you help me?
I would like to explain to you. If you want. I am very ashamed . And I can not find the words to tell you .
If you want to write me , I certainly will explain again. But you probably know everything.
I write to you directly as it is.
I was able to learn today , because I go to the bank in Moscow.
I 'd love you madly hugging after work when you come back tired . I would kiss you.
I am very afraid now your response to my letter that I do not know your reaction to this request . I love you, and I want to trust you . I want you to just trust me . I Bank said that I do not have a bank account , they told me , about transfers MoneyGram, Western Union. I never used these translations , so I can not explain exactly how it will pass . But the bank , I was assured that it is all happening very quickly and there is no difficulty in this .
Just have a website where you can see all the information. It says where you can get to the nearest bank. Just translation ONLINE .
You must go to the bank. For the bank you need my data . The bank told me to accuracy in each letter , and helped me write my full name .
Country: Russia ,
City: Moscow.
My name as in passport : Anastasiya
Last Name as in passport : Churakova
Anastasiya Churakova
I need 400 euros
I need of that money to pay 200 euros for a room. (((( (
I'll wait for your letter today. I would like to have a fly at the end of the working week. All my thoughts are of you.
I do not know your response to my request.
But I tried really tried . And for that, no need to insult me. In Russia we say "It is better to try and make a mistake than not trying at all "
I really want you to do an honest answer.
If you want, I can disappear from your life , or we will be happy together.
Thanks, I 'll wait for the answer.
Remember, I love you. I do not want to live without you.
If you doubt me . I also have documents , I can send you my passport.
I'll wait for your answer .
Letter 16
Hey. What's the matter ?
I was surprised when I read your letter. I am writing to you about your problem, and you're accusing me of cheating. I'm a real person . I'm real , I also have feelings for you , I like you forward our meeting . If you do not trust me , I can send you my passport. Now I'm in Moscow, I enormously trouble. I 'm coming to you , I did a lot to meet our fate should be next . Very soon we 'll see .... I just need your support , do not leave me . I do not want you to lose communication. I am afraid that you stop me to write letters , I want to see your eyes and feel your hands .
I beg you not to leave me alone . I kiss you
Letter 17
Hey. I just do not know how we should be, our relationship just started to be built. Understand that we both want our meeting. I am very afraid to stop writing letters. I'm afraid that you'll stop me from writing. I am afraid that we will not see each other ever again.
Our relationship has just begun, we must trust each other! I trust you, because I'm coming to Canada, a complete stranger, as well and you have to trust me.
I love you and want to be around. If you want I will send to you my passport?
I'll wait for your letter.
Letter 18
Very little time has passed since we met, but in my heart lives the warmth of love that you gave me . Again, I can love , feel, dream , though more recently thought life was over , that there is no longer any good and light ... I was wrong ... So unexpected and so suddenly in my life reappeared sense , a small light of hope which brought me back to reality , which seems took her hand and pulled out of the depths of absorbing the chaos in the shower.
You're so far away and yet so close that sometimes I think you touched a hand to her cheek . I give you my heart and soul I give , but please do not betray me . " I LOVE YOU " - a cry in the shower and echoes in my head. " I LOVE YOU " - a barely audible in the utter silence , but the meaning of these words , like thunder in the air sweeps . I 'm waiting for you , waiting for when we 'll see you again when you hug me tightly and anywhere else never let go ... You will always live in my heart , I'll never betray ......
Letter 19
You now made ??me insanely bad
I just came and now do not know what you write . I have so many emotions.
After reading a letter from you . I cried for a long time . Because you write about mistrust me. To the person who is now in Moscow. Runs bustles with documents for the visa . Maybe you can not fully understand all the complexities of what I do now and still do
Yes , I am ashamed . I did not want to call you . But my brother said, " that he really loves you, and yes you have a problem, but he is waiting for you and without him you can not do it. He loves you, and all will understand and will not condemn you for what you have asked him for help , " I was not sure what I did right , what you wrote .
And now I realized that I did not need to do that. Because you do not trust me. You think I need money from you ?
Very funny. This is simply not true. Now I just want to turn around and give up everything . But maybe it is only emotion. Because I just do not want to live without you . I do not know what to do.
Before you write . I phoned friends and acquaintances. I wanted to take money from them . But all are very large and waste plans. And I'm not able to return in the near future is that they give me .
You do not believe ? That I was not enough to pay for the room and for the fact that I was missing for tickets ?
All your friends are sure that I'm kidding? Why should I?
And you should know that if I do not pay for the room, I would have to go home. Because I can not live in Moscow.
Here all insanely expensive. I did not get anything . And we meet .
Yes you there is no difference at all what I write.
Letter 20
I wrote to you about my problem . You must understand me !
I called my brother , he said he could help me, and sent me for 150 euros. Now I need another 250 euros.
My brother said I was afraid to come to you , he said you're a man who can not help the girl he called to his guests .
I told him that you have a problem , I do not want to go home. I want to be with you. Understand my problem. I ask you to help me . I 'll pay you when I get the money .
Now, I spent a lot to move to Moscow and B , I gave the money for the insurance .
I ask for your help ! We need to be together, we both want ....
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