Scam Letter(s) from Angelina Osie to Chris (Germany)

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Letter 1

Thank you for your nice message and I''m really happy to hear from you, I''ll be grateful to know is a pleasure to meet you and to give me time to tell you much about me, as I have already Said I now do my work and service in Ghana, I am sure you know afican this country and I have my service ready in a month time.I am the only daughter of my parents and to ADOPTED child, I am mixed race and I know Because my parents did were white from America and Germany, I am willing to relocate to Germany, Because did is the country I never heard of dream to live the rest of my life, after my service and I have no children.I have been married love reading, gardening and traveling.Fairly creative, very determined.I how to entertain, and I love cooking.I enjoy art and music, but more classic jazz, R & B and opera.
I am now looking for someone to understand my life and willing to share life with me, I know the right and noble man is hard, all over the world now so did is why I have the record, without feeling simply put to find any mistakes. I am so serious and sometimes busy with work, I hope you understand what I have written here, I send you a photo of me and I will like to have a photo of you.
Enjoy the evening and I hope to hear from you ......
Bye Jessica



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