Scam Letter(s) from Iraida to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear Johny! How you a favorite? You wait for me? Be not absent, Soon I shall embrace you, my fine! Johny, today I have reached in The airport also has cleane the ticket. I had today Tears in my opinion. The favorite, is present Difficulty with the airport. I have learned, that for travel to yours The country, is present a rule. I did not know it earlier. Each tourist in Your country should to have with itself cash, it is not less than 700 dollars. They speaks, which was Happen, when the girl from Russia has left in other country with small The quantity of money also became there the prostitute and the tramp and after that At the airport have entered a new rule in him to speak that if I Want holiday in other country, This rule from your government, it Foreign tourists could cares of when arrive to you. Johny, I Should show this money, during the review aboard the plane. Dear, I have was not present Such money, because spent in shops yesterday the majority of a part of cash. Please send to me, it sums up to my flight on which I could show it The review. When I should arrive to you, I shall return to you them Back. My information to send it, you know. Here I can receive it in It is a lot of places, here it is continuous there - the Western Union. I hope it There will be no difficulty for you. I Love you! I wait for yours Messages. Yours Iraida. Do not pass, that my flight from 28 June.



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