Scam letter(s) from Inna Kolyakova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
I Inna, your new girlfriend from Ukraine :) I confess, I'm happy opportunity to meet with you directly over the Internet. You might wonder, "what am I doing on a dating site?". This obviously :) I'm looking for my second half. I am looking for someone with whom I could share my life. I am in search of his only love. I turned to the Internet to find a person, not from Ukraine. I heard a lot of positive words about a man who lives abroad. I do not like our people. Maybe you know something about our man. About how they drink, beat women... Negative word about them enough... I hope to see your new letter, photos soon. In his next letter, I plan to tell you more about me :) Okay? Your new friend from Ukraine, Inna ;).
Letter 2
Hi, Frank! I am extremely happy to see your new letter. In this letter, I was planning to write about myself. I try to implement their plans :) I think you should know all the most important thing about me.
I begin. My name is unchanged :) My name is Inna. I was born on 5 May 1989. My height is 1.69 tall. My weight is 54 kilograms. I live in a small town in Ukraine Gorlovka. If you have the desire and time, then welcome to the wikipedia ( :)) Maybe my city seem interesting to you, but for me it is small town. It's not a metropolis :) My dream and goal in life is to move out of the city.
But at the moment I still live in this city. I live alone in a private home. My parents are still alive. My parents live in a nearby town Svjatogorsk.
I try to visit them for the weekend. I try to help them with the farm. Yes, my parents kept a small farm for themselves (small farm) :) This is a hobby :) Now a little about my work. I work as a manager for the sale of advertising in the regional newspaper. My salary depends on how much I'm selling advertising. But I love my job :) Fortunately or unfortunately, but I do not work in the specialty. My specialty - seamstress. Just do not ask me why I do not work in their profession :) I 'll explain myself :) I made a mistake with the choice of profession. The fact that I loved to sew, but as it turned out it is a very low-paid jobs. Conclusion: I'm working advertising sales manager :) But despite nenachto, sometimes I continue to sew at home. I love... I love... I love sports (running, swimming,roller-skating), I like to keep myself in shape. This should be seen in my photos. I like to watch a completely different movie. Any genre: comedy, fantasy... Whatever! The main thing that the movie was interesting and my time would not be wasted.
Do you agree with this? :) I hope one night we (just me and you) will be able to see a romantic movie ;)
Music... I love music :) Here I do not limit myself to genres. Need to write that I could never have been married. I have no children of their own. Moreover, I am a ****** and I did not feel ashamed to write about it. I hope it does not hurt our relationship. After many it may seem strange, but maybe I'm still a ****** just for you ;) I just need to love a man. To translate my letters I call the agency translators. I do not own a computer :( I wanted to visit the Internet cafe, but only in Internet cafes closed for a long time. I think the most important thing I wrote about myself. I am interested to know what you think about all that I have written above. Frank, hope to see your reply soon. Your girlfriend from Ukraine, Inna ;)
Letter 3
Hi handsome, Frank ;) I always happy to see your new letter. You know, today I realized that it does not matter the number of characters in your letter. Your letter may be very large or very small. The main thing is that you continue to write to me. It's very nice, actually. I like your sincerity, honesty, directness and decisiveness. If I like it, it means I like you ;) I wonder, "maybe it's love?". Maybe! But honestly, I find it difficult to answer this question. It seems to me that it can not be called true love, because we barely know (just a few letters). But now it is very good attitude to you, that in the future will grow in love! What do you say? I must write to you, that you really really like me. I like you as a person. I like to communicate with you... Frank, I hope that during our conversation did you realize that I am quite serious about the search for his love through the Internet.
Moreover, I am interested in meeting in reality. I think if we are serious, then we just need to meet.
I'm an open and serious personality :) Frank, I do not think you're too old for me! I believe that love has no age limit! Propose to continue our dialogue, to find out whether there is something between us;) I sincerely hope that we can be together in the future. I want to write to you every day... I want to read your emails every day... Maybe a little romantic :) At the end of his letter, let me you a hug and gentle kiss. Now we have a little more than just a friend, I hope you'll let me do it :) Your Inna ;)
Letter 4

Hello, my very beautiful, sweet and most divine person in the world, Frank :) I sincerely happy to see your new letter. Thank you for what you continue to write to me. You've probably heard about what is happening in Ukraine. This is a disaster! Now here there are really very, very scary things. I think that the real war begins! Previously, I could see something like that only TV, but now it can be seen in my town! In our city, now there are Russian soldiers and Russian military equipment (military vehicles, tanks)!
You can imagine that? Russia seized the Crimea! Crimea is now part of Russia! Now Russia wants to eastern Ukraine (my town is in the eastern part of Ukraine) joined them! It's unthinkable! I suggest you watch the video This video was recorded when military equipment in our city! In Ukraine, the crisis begins, and it is very noticeable. Now the crisis caught me. I wrote to you before, that my salary - is the percentage of sold advertising. In this month orders were practically no advertising! I panicked! In the city of the Russian military forces, financial problems... I do not know what to do! I had to write to you about their financial problems. The fact is that now I have nothing to pay for our communication. I have a little money, but the money intended for my accommodation and food... I want to cry, because I do not want to interrupt our communication! I need your care, your words of love...
In this difficult moment, I want to be around you! I am sure that with you I could be safe! You are my defender! Frank, maybe I could ask you for help? Is possible? I count on your understanding. I'd like to continue our conversation. I do not want to lose you! Frank, Easter - April 20. What a show you like to watch? Let me ask, what is happening in your country? I would be interested to know. Time to finish my letter. I hope to see your reply soon. Very important to me your answer. I very much hope that you can understand me. Let me hold you gently and send many many kiss. With love, yours alone, Inna.
Letter 5
Welcome to "Red Line Translation Services" Good day, dear Mr.Frank! Thank you for your reply. If you are interested in further communication with your lady Inna Kolyakova. We will kindly help you. Here is the price list of our services:
The Services we offer: 1. Interpreting services;
2. Computer services;
3. Consulting service;
4. Training services. Interpreting: E-Mails 1. Per letter from English to Russian - 5 USD;
2. Russian to English - 5 USD;
3. One month of unlimited correspondence - 248 USD;
4. Two months of unlimited correspondence - 397 USD. Phone conversations 1.interpretation of a phone conversation
(10 minutes) - 7 USD.
___________________________________ Computer services: scanning and sending one picture - 3 USD;
receiving and printing one picture - 3 USD;
receiving and printing one PDF page - 3 USD;
scanning and sending one page of
any document - 3 USD;
Communication by web cam (per 10 min.) - 48.86 USD.
____________________________________ The methods you can make a payment:
- Western Union,
- Money Gram,
- Bank Transfer (contact us to get information). The fastest way to renew your correspondence with lady Inna is to make a payment to your lady directly. Information you need for making payment:

the full name Inna Kolyakova
the City Gorlovka
the address Donetsk region, Street Lenin, 3
zip code 84600
country UKRAINE After making payment, PLEASE, inform us about its details with the full information for getting it: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. We are waiting for your reply. Thank you for your attention. Best regards,
"Red Line Translation Services", administrator" Have a nice day. Regards "Red Line Translation Services",
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