Scam letter(s) from Olga to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear new friend Frank!!!How are you doing today? I hope that you are Ok :-))) I am very interested in you, so let's start talking to each other, Ok?
Please, tell me about yourself. I will be waiting... Olya .
Letter 2
Hi Frank!!! How are you? Thank you for your very nice pictures!!! When I first met you, I have got very interested in you, so now I am feeling very elated, as I am able to talk to you :-))). I want to get to know you much better and I will appreciate, if you start telling me about yourself, and meanwhile I will give you a brief description of myself :-))). So, my name is Olga. But my friends call me Olya, so you can call me Olya as well. My name is translated into Russian as "saint" :-))). Of course, I am not saint. Like all the people, I have got virtues and vices, but now I will tell you about my virtues only :-))). So, I am amiable, cheerful, optimistic, kind, generous, honest, decent, purposeful, persistent, reliable and responsible. You may think that such people don't exist, but believe me I am alive :-))).
And what about you? What are your virtues? Speaking of my appearance... My height is 166 cm and my weight is 52 kilos. I have got blue eyes and long blond hair, but you can see it from the photos, which I attach to this my letter to you. My birthday is on the 15th of March, 1984, so now I am 29 years old.
Quite a good age for meeting the man of my dreams and creating a family with children. Yes, I am here with serious intentions, and I hope that so are you, am I right? I live in the settlement called Partizany. It is situated in Ukraine.
I am sure that you have heard about this country, but have you ever been here? Did you like it? Well, I think that it is enough for telling you about myself, so I will say goodbye to you now and will wait for your description of yourself. Best regards, Olya.
Letter 3
Hi to you, my dear Frank!!! Many thanks to you for your new letter to me!!! I was waiting for it impatiently, as I am willing to get to know you better and better with every single day, so please, write to me as often as possible, OK? How are you doing today? How is your health? Mood? Work? I hope that everything is fine with you.
As for me, I am fine as well :-)). I am in a good mood, I am healthy and my working day is going well :-))). By the way, speaking of my work... I guess I haven't mentioned yet that I work as a nurse in a state hospital. Frankly speaking, this is not exactly the job, which I was dreaming of. I have always been willing to work as a doctor, but I couldn't enter the University on this speciality, as studies cost a lot and my parents couldn't pay for it :-(((, so I decided to go to the medical college and get the profession of a nurse. In this way I am still able to help people, which gives me much pleasure and satisfaction.
And what about your job? Do you like it? Although I like my job very much, I still need to rest from it. I prefer to do it outside. I like nature very much, so I enjoy going for walks, fishing and having picnics with my friends. I also like going in for sports and I can't imagine my life without it. I am keen on jogging and cycling and I do it almost in any weather. And what about you? Do you like going in for sports? What kinds? My darling, I need to go now, as my brake is over, so I am finishing my letter and waiting for your soon reply. Take care!!! Your Olya.
Letter 4

Hello, my darling Frank!!! How are you doing today? What new has happened in your life? Please, tell me your news, and I will tell you mine. Although, frankly speaking, I don't have any news to tell you, but the absence of news is a good news, isn't it ;-)))? So, if I can't tell you my news, I will tell you some other things, which you should know about me.
Namely, about my parents and why I decided to register on a dating site. Well, I have got my mother and my father. They got acquainted, when they were in their twenties. My mother worked as a telephone operator, and my father was in the army in another country. How did they get acquainted with each other then? Well( maybe you will be surprised!!!), the answer is by phone!!!! They were talking to one another quite often and for a long period of time and finally they decided to get married!!! I guess this is the reason why I truly believe that with the help of the means of communication it is possible to find true love!!! I am sure that in the net( as due to the time this is the main means of communication now) I will meet the man of my dreams and create a happy family with him!! By the way, distance, age and language barrier don't mean anything to me, as I think that when two people love each other, they will be able to overcome all the obstacles and to solve all the problems. By the way, speaking of the language barrier... As you have probably understood, I can't speak and write English :-(((. Of course, I know some wide-spread words and phrases, but I am not able to write letters myself. So, I found the solution of this problem- I went to one Internet club, which is situated not far from my house. There one professional translator works, who translates your letters to me and my replies to you. Of course, I pay her money for doing this, but I know that nothing is free in this world and I am ready to spend some money for being able to talk to you. I am sure that you worth it and I am ready to do everything possible in order to get to know you better and see whether we are compatible or not. Hopefully, we are. And I hope that this will not be a problem for you, because I like you a lot and I am eager to continue talking to you and getting to know each other better and better.
I sincerely hope that you also want to continue getting to know me better and I will be waiting for your next letter to me. Sending you my best wishes, Your Olya.
Letter 5
Hello, my sweet man Frank!!! Honey, how are you doing today? I hope that you are Ok. As for me, I am fine. To tell the truth, I am smiling now :-))), and this is so, because you sent a new letter to me, so thank you for it!!! Darling, I need to confess to you that I enjoy our sweet communication very much!!! I have got used to it and I can't imagine my life without you now!! And what about you? Have you got used to me and to my mails?
Are you looking forward to receiving them? I hope so. Sweetie, I would like to let you know that today I am in a romantic mood. Well, frankly speaking, I am a very romantic girl. To be specific, I am a hopeless romantic in my soul. I like candle light dinners, a bottle of good wine, romantic music, soft lights and warm evening by the sea. And as far as I am so romantic, I am eager to get acquainted with the man whom I will share my life with. Or maybe I have already got acquainted with this man and maybe now I am writing a letter to him :-)))). Maybe you are that man, whom I can give my heart and my love to, to share my life and to experience the magic of love with ...because I want to give sincere understanding and pure commitment for that man...I am praying that our love relationship will develop into marriage and we can lead a life, filled with happiness, peace, joy and warm family values together...that is my wish when I first wrote to you, darling. And what was your wish when you first wrote to me?
Please, share this with me, OK? I don't have an international passport and online translators translate very badly :-((. Honey, I am wishing you a wonderful day and a perfect mood and looking forward to hearing from you very soon.. Your romantic Olya.
Letter 6
Hi, my sweetheart Frank!!! It's so great to hear from you again, my darling!!! Thank you for your letter!! It means that you care a lot about me, and so do I!!! I like you and it seems to me that you are that man whom I have been waiting for all my life!!! And I sincerely hope that I am that woman whom you were looking for, ain't I? Honey, I would like to let you know today that when I am sitting alone in my room, I am thinking about you and imagining our first date. Now I would like to share my thoughts with you :-))). I suppose that you won't mind me doing this, will you? So, first of all, I believe that you will be waiting for me at the definite place with a big bunch of my favourite flowers( they are pink roses). When I come to you, you kiss me gently on my cheeks, then, giving the flowers to me, you say that I look fabulous! I thank you for paying a compliment to me and we go for a walk in a nice park. We hold hands, talking to each other, joking and laughing. Some time later we find a bench and decide to sit on it just a little bit. We are watching the sun, which is setting.
We are saying nothing and just enjoying this amazing view. Some time later we are going to a nice restaurant where a light music is playing and a lot of candles are burning. We eat and drink some drinks( what would you like to drink on our first meeting?) and you ask me to dance( I hope that you are a good dancer). After the dance we are eating something and then you are walking me home. Near my house we are stopping and you are kissing me for the first time, and we are standing under the moonlight for a long period of time, kissing and hugging each other. Then we are going home, because it is time to sleep, but we are not sleeping, we are just thinking about each other and imagining our future dates... So, this how I imagine our first date. And how are you imagining it?
Where do you want us to go and what do you want us to do? Please, share your thoughts and dreams with me, OK? Thinking of you, Romantic Olya.
Letter 7
Hello, my sweet and darling Frank!!!! It's my pleasure to hear from you again, so thank you for your letter!!! They always cheer me up, and I hope that my letters do the same to you, don't they? My honey, I must admit that we talked a lot with you about our ideal second halves and our first date, but we didn't mention such topic as ***, I suppose that it is very important for two lovers, isn't it? Yes, I prefer to say "making love" than "having ***", as it's more suitable for people who really love and adore each other and *** is about those who jut want to get the physical satisfaction. Do you agree?? I like kissing my beloved. I like getting the spiritual and emotional satisfaction more than physical. I think about my beloved pleasure first of all and then about mine. When he feels happy and elated, I feel the same and it's the great happiness for me. I like having role plays and making the ****** life to be different - each night to be not similar to the previous one!!! Do you like the same? I hope so. You know, many Ukrainian men got used to have one-night girls to satisfy their natural **** and then forget about them forever!!! So many of them when get acquainted with the pretty woman or girl think about having *** with her but not any serious relations. And many of them don't understand that the real decent woman won't jump into one's bed after the first meeting!! And when the woman refuses they are angry and tell her many abuses and bad words which she doesn't deserve. Yeah, after such cases many Ukrainian women are disappointed in the Ukrainian men and take the decision to find their beloved men abroad where the men are different!!! I was really very lucky to have met you, my dear, and now I have the strong hope of us being always together and creating the serious relations.
Are you really ready for it, dear? Now I start missing you, as I know that I need to say bye-bye to you till the next letter:((( But I would like to send you many tender kisses and tight hugs. Write me back very soon and make me happy with your lovely photos;)) Your sweet Olya.
Letter 8
Hi my sweetheart Frank!!! I am very pleased to get your letter. Each time when I go to the Internet club, I am just feeling that I am flying :-))). I am very happy to see your mail :-))). You know, honey, in my country, Ukraine, there are many fairy-tales about Princes. I think that my fairy-tale is you :-))). And I am your Princess :-))). Each time, when I am reading your letter, I imagine that you are sitting close to me :-))). You are hugging me tenderly and whispering " my princess" to my ear :-))). While I am writing to you now, tears are dropping from my eyes :-((. Honey, you are like a sunbeam to me :-))). As you know, I work as a nurse at a city hospital and my salary is very small. I didn't tell you, as I didn't want to upset you... My mother has got ill :-(((. And she needs help. She needs very expensive medicines and I spent all the money I had for her medication :-(((. I am very sad now, but I know that I have got you... and I am smiling :-)))... I think that you understand me. This is my mother and I can't leave her in illness. But you also mean a great lot to me :-))). When I met you, my life has changed. I am very happy that I have got you. My helping hands and supporting shoulders. I don't know how to say it to you. I just can't pay for the translation of our letters any more because of my mother's illness :-(((. And I can't ask you of help. I have never asked anyone of anything. I want to achieve something in my life myself. But it is such a situation now that I don't have any other choice and I am asking you, my man, of help. If I had the opportunity to pay for the translation services, I would never asked you of help. But this is my big desire to be with you... I really want to be with you. I hope that you understand me. And that I can count on you. Only if you can. I hope, no, I am sure that soon we will be together. We will be building plans for our future and dreaming that we will be together during all our life. Our happy life. Only you and me. As it is written in the novel This Side of Paradise by Scott Fitzgerald. My sweetheart, I am going to finish my letter to you now. I will wait for your reply. Love, Your Olya
Letter 9
Honey Frank, I have no money to translate your letter :-(((, miss you terribly, Olya
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