Romance scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Helge (Norway)
Letter 1
Dess riktigt bra att hora fran dig och jag alskar verkligen ditt foto pa Zoosk , i alla fall jag ar en 34 arig halv norsk och halv ghanan .. Jag bodde i Ghana hela mitt liv , men varit i New York for att besoka min moster innan .. . jag ar just nu i Ghana , singel , 5ft - 6in och 136lbs.I arbete som saljare i en super market.I ar singel och aldrig gift .. jag letar efter en man som ar karleksfull , gudfruktiga och Ansvarig man som ar redo att sla sig ner .. jag gillar att softa lasa god bok eller titta pa film och annu roligare nar man har en speciell person att gora detta med , jag gillar ocksa att hanga ut med vanner , ibland ga till stranden tillsammans med min alskade, jag ar valdigt latt att fa ett langt med och en mycket god lyssnare ... Jag ar inte en som fuskar i relationen och och vill inte bli lurad too.With all respekt , jag hoppas att ni ar uppriktiga och arliga mot mig , liksom. Jag hoppas att detta gor att du vet lite om mig , och jag hoppas att jag inte stoter pa som alltfor hard , eller menar klingande . Salia
Letter 2
Well i Dont have any plans ...i will just do some cleaning and also washing ... Am currently in Ghana /West Africa and i hope the distance between us is not a problem from you
Letter 3
Thats so great , i will really love to help you with the work at the house , cook , clean .....So tell me , do you live alone and also do you have any kids
Letter 4

Nice to hear from you and i hope you doing good as i am..I want you to tell me about yourself as i did about myself in my first email,How long have you been single and how long have you been online searching?Have met any interesting lady/ladies talking and hoping with get along aside me?Do you have a problem with the distance or age between us?I don't have problem with that because,i know age to be just a number and true love knows no geography...Do you have kids? and what do you do on your spare time?attach some pics of yourself as i would love to see your pics...I will be hoping to hear from you soon.
Letter 5
Hello,its nice to hear from you i love your picture you sent me ....Been single for over 18months now after i broke off from abusive dishonest relationship,ever since then i vowed not to be in any relationship until now when i decided to give the online a try...I like to play with my cat,watch movies and spend time with my female friend..i like the outdoors and want to try new things like fishing,mountain climbing and visiting amusement you like music?what's your favorite and who are your best artist?whats your favorite type of movies and do you have a favorite actor/actress?do you like reading?whats the last book you read?are you a good cook?and whats your favorite meal?..Are you a left handed or right handed?tell me more about you and you can as well ask me anything you would like to know about me and i will honestly tell you...lets get to know more about each other and see what destiny will have in store for the future..I will be waiting to hear from you soon.
Letter 6
Thats lovely .. And i must say you really do have a good sense of humor
Letter 7
I hope all is well with you .. I must confess,I really liked chatting with you and would be looking forward for more in the future . You seem to be a very nice,trustworthy,honest and loyal person,thats the most things I am looking for in any guy I would say my kind of guy . I would rather go out with a guy with these qualities rather than the world's richest guy who has none of these . I am not a materialistic lady and dont consider any riches in a relationship . Though,money would do much better in any relationship which also have respect,trust,love,care and dedicated . You seem to be quite a nice guy that any other lady would be proud to call you her better half so I must say,I feel so proud to start a conversation with you . I hope something fruitful would happen between us but in this short while,we must stay focused to getting to know each other much better because I think it's the best thing in any successful relationship,and to achieve that,regular communication must be initiated and I hope we would be getting that always . As time goes on,I think we would need to hear each other's voice in other to know each other much better because I think the feeling in talking lively other than email and online chat is extremely important because we would get the opportunity to hear each other's feelings much better.Let's get to talk through email and instant messaging for now,when the time comes to hearing of each other's voice,I sure know we would . Who knows we could just wish to talk to each other now,but let the feelings generate itself.I will be looking forward to hearing from you very soon.....Take care and be safe.
Letter 8
Hi, how are you doing now , i just woke up from my how is your night going and what are you doing
Letter 9
well honey am so looking forward to meeting you and also do you think your family will accept me when i come to be with you
Letter 10
Goodmorning honey , how was your Night .... I woke up a while ago , did some laundry , now relaxing and soon i will go out with my friends ...Did you have a good night sleep
Letter 11
Thats lovely i will really love to take a long walk on the beach with you
Letter 12
Hi , how are you doing ... i had a very good night sleep , now am just chilling at home and you , how was your night and what time did you wake up ... .. well that souds lovely and i love the idea of break fast in bed ....
Letter 13
well am currently in Ghana /West Africa ... am in the capital city of Ghana and i live 10 mins away from the ocean
Letter 14
Hi how are you ..well life in Accra is nice and very peaceful ... Yes its very warm than in Europe.. yes i have seen about the missing flight ..Anyway i did have a good day , i just came home from my work out ..And yes i did have an auntie who live in New York .i have been there for 5 weeks and i must say i liked it very much...
Letter 15
That sounds gray and lovely am I invited
Letter 16
Thats so cool , am so looking forward to meeting you
Letter 17
well that sounds lovely and cheap also ... will love that
Letter 18
well thats lovely ... looking forward to that
Letter 19
well that's a fantasy and i really wish it will come true .... well i will love to come to meet you , is there a way we can make that happen
Letter 20
Hi honey , its great to hear from you ..I made inquiries and my passport renewal will cost $280 , health check is $199 and visa will cost $340 . So it will cost $819 ......
Letter 21
well honey , its great to hear from you ... well here it cost alot more ... And honey , i wouldnt want to go back when am there with you ......and my uncles friend is going to help me get the papers ... he helped me when i was travelling to the U.S and also Norway .....
Letter 22
Hi how are you ,, I hope all is well I have not heard from you .. I have been worried sick about you
Letter 23
Well I have been worried cause I have not heard from you and am also wondering how soon we could meet
Letter 24
well thats sad because i dont have the funds to travel and come to you
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