Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Alekseeva to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear Scott!!
How are you doing today?? I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful day. It was really great to talk top you on the phone. The connection was rather bad, but any way it was extremely nice to here your voice and everything became more real for us. I was very excited and nervous to some extend, but I hope next time will be much better.
Yes, you are right I didn’t completely understand the issue about your vacation time. But I hope you will explain me in writing way. Thank you a lot for your so wonderful letters and answering to my questions.
I’m very happy to hear from you again. And every time your message brightens my day and fill it with warmth that I even forget about rain and cold outside. You know I believe geographical distances are only words and everything’s possible in this life if you want it with all your heart! And I think a great luck the fact I’ve found you! I think Internet is the best latest invention of the humanity. For before we would wait for our letters to come for weeks every day looking into our mail boxes with hope. But the letter sent with real post can be lost! Now we have a great opportunity to get our letters every day through the Internet! And know each other more and more with every one! So now I’m as if in two worlds. One of them is real consisting of my work day, dinner time, communication with my relatives and friends, some shopping and so on. And another one is virtual in which I live communicating with you. And probably you’ll appear that Prince from fairy tales I was dreaming about when a child! And we can build that fabulous castle where we can make our dreams come true! I’m writing the letter to you and I can see the part of the sun setting. If only you could look at this rainbow play the sun colored the sights with my eyes! I do hope in the nearest future we can meet sunrises and see off sun sets together enjoying their beauty and the opportunity to be together!!! Have a wonderful day, and hope to hear from you soon.
With warm thoughts from Siberia,
Letter 2

Hello dear Scott!!
Thank you for your wonderful letter and your wonderful words. You letter makes my day and brings joy in my heart. The same like you I have a serious intention to finding right person for me, and I have serious intention to communication with you. I really hope we have a chance in building our future together. The same like you believe in true love and want to find deep feelings and happy relationship. The same like you I don’t want to be hurt or involved in any games. I have heard there are lots of people in internet who are dishonest and have not sincere purpose. But I really hope we can avoid that negative things and our communication and hopefully more will be wonderful.
I’ve got a feeling we have much in common. And these are not just words. It‘s not so easy to meet a person who shares your thoughts and gives you a feeling he/she just has read them. Of course this conclusion is a bit early coming – I don’t know you as well yet – but the things you are writing now are very close to mine. So I feel there is a sort of connection between us already and I’m very glad of that. The time will show. Anyway I want you to know that our communication means a lot for me. I understand your meaning of “making love”. I wish to meet a loving husband who wishes to meet a kind woman who will Love Him and who wishes to give love too. Again, I am a family oriented person, a person who believes in the "old-fashioned" family values, believe in love and respect. And I wish to meet a man who will be my best friend, partner and passionate lover. For me love making with the beloved partner is "the most beautiful thing" in life. . I hope I don't scare you with these words, but I believe that love-making is a very important part of a marriage too. I prefer not “***” but “making love”. And I believe “making love” to be the highest form of communication between loving man and woman. Well, It’s too late here now and I have to go to bed. I wish you a wonderful day, and hope to hear from you soon. With warm thoughts from Siberia, Tanya
Letter 3

Dear Scott!!
Nice to hear from you, and I hope your working days are not so stressful for you!! I’m very flattered about your answer to one of my question about extra money. Thank you in advance :) My name is Tatiana (Tanya), not Julia666, it’s just a nick… I would love to hear from you soon and don’t work too much!!
Have a nice day,
Letter 4

Hello dear Scott!!
Happy to hear from you!! How are you doing today?? I hope your working days are not stressful and that you have some time to think of me :)Thank you for answering on some of my questions, and look forward your continuing. I’m sorry I didn’t write to you yesterday, I was very busy at work. I don’t understand your purpose to be near computers at the same time, I believe the arrangement of phone conversation would be much more meaningful and interesting. My full name is Tatiana Aleksandrovna Alekseeva. Aleksandrovna is my middle name. I’m 100% Russian. Every your letter gives me a chance to know you better. I have told you that you are very romantic person with kind and giving heart, I love that a lot. And I’m in romantic spirits now. I use this great Opportunity to communicate with you via the global net, send you a virtual kiss and express you my pleasant thoughts which come into my mind when thinking of you. In Novosibirsk it’s 9 pm and I’m sitting and thinking of you. In general it’s rather interesting when almost a stranger to you thinks about you, laughs at your jokes, makes you laugh, opens you his ego. Well he’s getting not indifferent to you. And piece by piece without loosing a tiny part I make a puzzle called Scott”. His image seems to be outlined already but there is one part still missed. To complete it you just need to look into his eyes, feel his touch! I’m really very sorry that I can’t see you in reality and communicate with you, meet with your look and just sink in them, feel your heart beating and touch your lips. I’m absolutely sure that it would be really wonderful and stunningly romantic. I believe we could a hurricane of emotions which could grow into something stronger. But it‘s the fact you are still too far away. I’d really love to fill those places in your heart which are dark yet and where the wind of one liness wanders. I wish I brought light and warmth into your life right now!
It’s the XXI century already but ****** distances split two grown up people. If you were next door we could just have a sit on the sofa, have some wine in the evening having just a nice chat together. I’d really love to cuddle you and feel you by my side... I’d love to look into your eyes and see that depth which would make me forget about everything going on around. Probably all these things sounds ordinary but believe me I just long for mere humane happiness which is made of these important trifles. Time passes and you begin to realize that it’s worth to value such moments in life. Hope to hear from you soon. Hope you understand my romantic mood cause there is so much love unspent in me.
With tender thoughts and caress to you Tanya
Letter 5

Hello my dearest Scott!!
How are you doing today?? I hope you have a beautiful morning and my letter finds you in great mood. We have a state holiday here, Independence Day. But most of my weekend I was busy with cleaning apartment. The weather is amazing here today. Too bad you are far way. We would go to beach or somewhere together. 4-5 days sounds like rather short amount of time…Do you believe it’s will be enough to understand if we are right person for each other? I called to the hotel to find about room prices. A double room costs about 150$. But you can call there yourself. This is a phone number: +7 3832 232281. Yes, you can contact tourist agencies directly.
Only meeting will show if we are right persons for each other. Frankly speaking, I don’t really care where it will take place, if I go to the US, or you visit me in Russia, in both cases I’ll be very happy.s Of course, I would like to see your environment, to feel your life style, to know your every day life, but I think the accent should be made on the fact of our meeting, no matter where. I was at tourist agency today again, to check some more information about trip to the US.
First, the agencies don’t sell visa service only, because. it’s just not profitable for them to sell visa services only and they work only with the entire tourist packages which include visa process, insurance, hotels booking (which could be canceled) and the tickets. I believe they have certain agreements with the airline companies and have some interest in selling their tickets. As I told you, the visa process expenses will cost 300USD and round trip tickets (for example) Novosibirsk-Moscow-New York 727USD for this time period.
Second, As I told you the application fee to the Embassy is $100 only. But whether one goes to Moscow to pass an interview (which is 4000 km away and $350-400) for the ticket and add the expenses for staying in that city for some days until you pass it), whether one goes to the visa travel agency here in Novosibirsk, they gather the paper package properly, and for their services which include picking up all the necessary papers and postal services for the papers to send back and forward. The service costs $200. Finally, according to the Russian law any financial operations in the territory of Russia could be made only in Russian rubles.s To do it with the foreign money you must have a special permission. The most of the tourist agency or organizations wouldn’t do it because for this they would pay a large fee. The exception is made only for great tour operators, of So tourist agencies prefer to get cash money in Russian rubles not to have any problems with government. I asked today if you can make payment for my tickets with your credit card, and they answered NO. Well, that’s all for now. I wish you A VERY WONDERFUL DAY and look forward to hear from you soon. Hug and kisses,
Letter 6

Hello my dearest Scott!!
How are you doing today, my dear?? Did you sleep well?? Did you see full moon? I definitely didn’t see full moon today.:) I understand your position about *** traveling but anyway I hope *** will be involved in our activities when we are together :) Salmon off the grill sounds really fantastic!! I’m already want to taste it soooooooo much!!! :) I’ll cook for you some traditional Russian dishes, like borsch for example… As for this service/website, I believe first we should think about visa service. Before sending tickets to me I have to get visa. I have 100$, if you provide me with rest 200$, I will start visa process next week. Then we will see about tickets… This is my idea. I’m going to visit my aunt in the countryside this weekend. The weather is too good to stay at home. Summer is so short here, so I hope to enjoy outdoors activities. I wish you were with me. You will be the most loved, cared and happiest man in the world when we meet. The same as me. I feel this way. I think real life will be even better than what we know now. Touching each other, looking into each others eyes, Feeling the things we dream about now. What a wonderful thing this will be. Our own love story :) I wish you a very nice day/evening and hope to hear from you soon.
Lots of tender kisses,
Letter 7

Dear Scott!! I have never been involved in relationship, when my boyfriend considered me not only like beautiful woman, his soul mate and best friend but also as a probable offender (scammer)… And I’m confused in some way… To read at the same time in the same letter about moon, stars, future together and your suspicions regarding me is not so pleasant. I don’t trust dating services much. So I’m not sure I like your idea. I’m not much aware about any other of them. However, I have heard some negative information about such things. There are enough info about different dating organizations, which carry over people ( women mostly) abroad, and than nobody hear from them again.s I have suggested my idea, but you canceled it… At the same time you don’t want to come here… Have a nice day, Tanya
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