Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Vladmir (France)

Letter 1
Hello Vladmir!
I am very pleased that you responded to my letter , because I'm for the first time in life met a man on the Internet. I can not even find the words
Because for me it is the first , and it is so unusual . I would very much like get acquainted with you closer and get to know you better. I think you're very an interesting man !
Who does not want to tell you a lot about yourself .
My name is Galina, I am 28 years old, my birthday on November 28 , my height 168 centimeters, my weight is 54 kilograms.
I live with my parents and older brother in a separate apartment in the one of the most beautiful cities in Russia - a city Saint-Petersburg! you probably heard of Saint-Petersburg?
I want to tell you right away that neither when was not married and I do not children. Now I 'm looking for the man she loved .
I - a sincere and open person and never hide anything from your family and your loved one ! I do not like lies and liars , I hope what do you have in this support? I have very few people I trust , the trust for me is very important, especially in a relationship.
I work as a dance teacher . I love my job ! I finished dancing as a professional and I am now devoted . all my time for the kids !
I'm with my students often travel to different competitions and we often wins prizes ! I teach classical dance , ballroom and modern dance !
I appreciate my parents and am proud of them , I 'm trying to maintain and help , always and everywhere ! This is actually the most important and expensive that we have in our lives, we must appreciate and respect their parents . I
I think that you agree with me ?
When I have free time, the development of the creative Building: I love to draw, I like to just use the fitness club - To keep yourself in good physical shape. I also like to go to
Also, I like jogging in the morning on their days off from work.
And so, I introduced you to a little bit of myself and my hobbies and if you have any inquiries , you can ask me and I happy to answer them.
I hope you understand everything I write to you ?
I would very much like to know more about you and your life ... Unless, of course , you have the desire , can you tell me about you directly ? It is very interesting to me.
I believe that we should not be that either hide from each other, to talk more about us , to be fair to all of us and time will tell what will come of it all ...
I hope you liked my letter , I told about myself, and I look forward to continuing our correspondence and friendship with each other.
Best regards , Galina
Letter 2
Hi my tiger Vladmir!
As usual , I waited impatiently letter from you and I'm happy get it from you ! My friends at work say that I have become scattered , as if I'm in love ... I do not know what to say to your friends , because I do not quite understand herself .
I can not think of anything else but you. Vladmir you really become part of my life and I can not imagine my life without you in My feelings for you is really very strong and I want you to knew about it. I would be very happy if we had met and talk face to face , because it's not a real encounter correspondence .
My brother always asks about you. He knows that I want to be with you.
My brother is very happy for us , he wants us to happiness. He says that you are a reliable and honest person and I can be happy with you .
In your letters, I see that you are very serious and reliable man, I have when you do not notice it in other men. Every time I get a a letter from you , I feel much happier.
I can not stop thinking about you , because you're so kind , intelligent and understanding man ... I admire you ! I have to ask you a question . can we build a serious relationship? I want this very much! I want you to I realized that I do not play games with you ... For me it is very serious.
When I think of you , my heart starts to beat faster.
At first I was afraid to admit to you that. I thought you'd be laugh at me ... You certainly can tell me that we do not know each other well enough but during our correspondence I began trust you.
I believe in our bright future. When I'm by your side , we will be a lot of happiness. I'm sure we'll be the happiest people The world . I really want to feel your kisses , I also want to feel your touch . I want to spend a lot of time with you. I can not imagine what my life would be like if I did not met you . I probably would not have found out what the real happiness. I am very thankful for having met you .
I do not keep my feelings inside , because I see that you are not mocked me . Now I'm not ashamed to admit it - I'm in love with you Vladmir, and I wanted to spend my life with you .
I hope that my feelings are mutual .
I will wait for your answer soon!
Your Galina
Letter 3
Hi, my dear Vladmir!
How are you today Pebertil? Is everything all right ? I hope you're okay.
I am glad to read your letter and I am so glad to know that I can hope for your help . Dear I feel a little uncomfortable because I have to ask you for help. I've always considered myself independent person who can solve any problem. I'm so sorry but it was not so ... But I'm glad that you now have a Vladmir - a man who can come to help me in difficult times. after we met a lot has changed . Before, I considered myself a strong and independent, and it was nice to feel that I can take care of my life itself . Now I feel just as the girl who needs support. But it's nice for me to feel supported a man who protects me from all evils in life!
This morning I went to a travel agency to find out the full the cost of my trip. I spoke to the manager he told me all about my trip in detail . The total price of my trip to this 890 euro amount includes : Insurance: 100 euro.
International passport : 140 euro.
Visa: 150 euro
round trip tickets : 500 euro. Yesterday I paid 390 euro. Now I have left to pay 500 euro for my plane tickets for 5 -7 days ! This price of two tickets ! I required to have a return ticket, because this is a necessary condition for obtaining my visa . I hope that this money is not for you big challenge for you. The manager explained to me so that my visa will run for 3 months. How many do you want me to stay with you? I think of all the 3 months, what do you think ? Pebertil you are the most devoted and sensitive man of my heart ! only for you I opened my heart and soul , for I know that you will never make me feel the pain ...
Yours love Galina.
Letter 4

I?m sorry I must be extremely honest! I hope there is some kind of misunderstanding due to languages.But your mail, however sweet it is, makes me very doubtful:-(. Without any further comments at this stage I must ask you to read my last mail once again! I find it very clear about that there is no chance for me to send money for tickets and that you should find out about the REAL costs for visa and passport because the 290? you talk about are very doubtful! It is also very clear about that I could order tickets at a very much lower price - with a very good company!
I am sorry to say that I feel most uncomfortable
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