Romance scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Hamish (USA)
Letter 1
Life had been difficult,
Life had been cruel,
I may have once seen you in a beautiful dream,
Now im looking at you up on my screen,
You are far away but in my heart you are close,
Wheather Holland or Australia i want YOU the most,
But maybe these words will start to show you,
We both like the same and im true when i say,
That talking to you brightens my day,
I hope one day we meet face to face on the street,
Our lips will embrace and sweep me off my feet,
If you are ever lonely or feel a bit sad,
Reach for this poem keep my words close at hand,
I m no where near perfect this much is true,
But your one of a kind Mathew,
I really miss you..
And i will continue loving you
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