Scam letter(s) from Arina Umerenkova to Brian (UK)

Letter 1
Hello again for today my new friend Brian!

Thank you that gave me your mail address, i think speak here will be more easy. For me it's calm because speak only with you and know what i want! Yes,as i told you, i am interesting to know you better!

My name as you know Nata, i am 29 years old, single now and never was married, without kids. I am open minded , active, positive person, like meet new people, have interesting talks and knew more about countries , places.Also I am very sensual and romantic nature , will be glad belong to real and strong man. Hope that you can give me there emotions,and we can be more then internet friends.

I think not too much for now + my some photos for you, you can just ask in what you interesting.

p.s i am from Ukraine , live in the village ( part of Lugansk city). I know English and hope you can understand me well. will be wait for your letter soon.. and hope to read more about you and life!

Letter 2
Hi to you , my dear Brian! how is your day? mood?how is weather? we have a snow today .. can you imagine it in the April?lol:)

I am well, just saw your letter in my mail box and it put nice smile on my face! Tank you dear , very pleased to know that you give me reply, it's means that you like my letter , me , my photos and sure that it's only our start! so step on the way to each other! dear . you can call me as you wish , Nata, Natalia ...for me in any way pleased ;)

Dear, for me very pleased to know more about you , so be open with me and tell me what you like! I like nice and interesting talks and hope that we will find many things in common!Thank you for the photos , i like to have them and hope to see more ...

about romantic subject where we can go here with you? of course i know many places, but i like nature ,what do you think about glass of wine on the nature? if in the night and look on the starts...

OOhhh,, i should tell you about myself? it's not easy to tell about myself ,,, but i will try ;)So, i live with my mother at one room apartment ( she is divorced) and i don't have any contacts with my father. my mother my best friend ,she every time can give me right advice and help in any situation, i love her very much!!! I am never was marry and don't have kids. I have grandparents who lives in the village , and i like to spend some my time with them, help them and have time on the nature and fresh air.I work in the clothing shop, my working time different, i can work half day , or all day and after it have a day off, because in the shop we have not one sell woman and we can agree our working time. For me it's good work ( of course not much money) but plus that i can go to the University. why not every day and not often ? because it's extramural studies.

My birthday at April 1, yes, yes, in this funny day , day of humor :)
But dear, I have a serious intentions, i am honest and hate lie ,,,, so here i am not for games! i am really believe in relationship that not have any problems with age , also nation and distance. Especially with this serious situation in my country , all world looking on us ,,, but i hope to have understanding and support in my man! it's hard time for me . my country , my city now! we want to be free!!!

Brian,about my personality i told you .. but of course you can ask me all what you wish!:) about my likes and dislikes i will tell on the next time maybe , because it's letter too long ,,, please will not be tired to read ;) send you some of my photos , hope you like them:)On the one photos you can try to see train station in the Lugansk city , back of me.

wait for your letter , kiss

Letter 3
Hello dear Brian!

how are you today? how is your mood? sure all is great with good weather ;) of course! Now spring come to our country , and i like to go on the work with thoughts about you ... look on the sun , listen births and understand that maybe one day we can go together like this...

but now about my plans on the weekend, i don't have nothing special ..
because in my city not cafe now and now easy! about work? i told you in my last letter about my work or what do you mean now?

Dear, when i read about you , i see that you are very intelligent, smart .. and what you looking here? in Ukraine? I can tell that people here are different.. simple woman like me ,,( who saw such man like you only in dreams or movie) or another type of woman, who is rich and want to be rich ,,with money they make herself..i mean body, lips + good style , clothing ,cars. Of course all this can be a big plus for man... but i am just simply woman, who dream about love , be in safe and every time have strong shoulder close. But, please don't think that i don't interesting in another things,,of course i think that i am nice girl, with sense of humor, i dream to travel (but i was in only one country) and it's was wonderful! Yes, i have relationship with our man , but it's was not serious , (long? just one time for two years).. and another serious relationship i have with man from another country . i want healthy and happy family!are you smoke? drink a lot? I am never smoke and now also , i want to be healthy! But about some wine or soft martini will be glad on holiday ;) it's can not be problem for you?

I like to read books , usual it's like Dale Breckenridge Carnegie,, do you know it? I like have meeting with friends, go to the cinema or cafe, have walks on the street, but now in this cold weather meeting with friends can not be often :( I like use internet and try every time learn more English , like watch about countries , i use my old PC at home.what do you do in your free time?

I like to cook and every time try to make something new, i like meat , fish ,,, but the most i like our traditions food and italian. what is you favorite?

no i don't have car , it's a very expansive here. really impossible for me

thank you for the nice letter , you see that i was open with you , i like to speak with you and will be wait for your new letter with photos ;) kiss

your new friend Nata
Letter 4

hello my dear Brian! i am glad come back from work , come home form this cold weather , sit well, open my mailbox and read your letter!

i see your nice photo, you are funny ... what is it on your head? also i imagine that we can be together now and maybe in nice warm country ;) on the sun now, on the beach and i am in nice bikini...
oohh..i am still in Ukraine? so sad :(

Dear,if you like travel. what country you liked and what want to visit? Ukraine one day ?:) of course when here all will be calm!I told you , that i am Russian ,, i think i am Russian .. and here we do all .. we use building, we are people who don't think legal government in Kiev! and one thing what not safe now , it's that Kiev use army for us , usual people! of course in this situation we ask Russia about help , and hope to receive it .

I was in Turkey , it's was time with my ex. He is foreigner from Denmark, we stay in touch a long time, he help me to make international passport,and we had some meeting. last time in Turkey he was nervous and i did not understand it ,, but when he come to my country , i understood that he use drugs , so it's was end of course!
he was angry and took with himself some gold, laptop ,and of course part of my heart .. ( all things was his gifts). So, it's why i use again my old PC and it's without cam, but in the future i like to see you.After this situation One year for me was not easy to start something new, but now i am ok , and happy to be healthy and now in touch with you! I just want to have serious relationship ,,, want to build family . of course it's not quick and because we here and know each other better step by step, yes?:)

i read about your health , and for me important to read your letter when you write to me, not for everybody in your profile.

I don't think that i have a bad character,, yes, sometime i am jealous, because my man will be my man ;) I want belong to strong man , feel care and protect! i don't like boys who like girl every time want to cry ,,life is bad , work not good! i see that you enjoy every day of your like on 100% and i like it!

I am not capricious, but i exacting, if you promised . pleased be good to make it in time;) are you do all your promises?:) Also, i am very romantic person, i like go walk , hold hands, sweet kisses and make romantic surprises for my beloved. But i can be and very passion girl , like fire! ... what about you? what do you prefer in woman?

hope you like my photos ,,:) I will try to show you more of myself ;)
maybe you want to see some photos from Turkey?:)

OOhhh again a long letter , but dear Brian, it's just because i like to speak with you .. hope to hear from you soon! kiss

your Nata
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