Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Podoplelova to Chris (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Chris!!!
Thank for your interesting and vital letter!!
You have very interesting life!!!
Your letter.. Your letter is really interesting to me!
It seems to me, that you speak with clean heart and with open soul!!! I am right???-))
It is very important! Because the trust, friendship and love is the main things in life!!!
My mum always speaks me: the small lie will give birth to the big mistrust!
It is my principle of life!
I want to tell a little about me!
I was born March, 25, 1977! I the only child in family
My mum works as the teacher at university!
She the doctor of economic sciences! She planing, clever, kind, gentle, and very fair!
My father was the big politician! he was the deputy in parliament and the State Duma of our republic!
But two years back he has died of an insult! WOW he was really great person!
Each morning he woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning!
First he had a shave, then dressed a sports suit and had morning jog!
he frequently forced me to run together with him! But I always pretended, that I sleep!
After jog, he took a shower, had breakfast, the service automobile caused!
he had the state automobile with the personal driver!
Usually, he came back home at 8-9 o'clock in the evening! This unique time when I saw him!
But in weekend! My God! I always loved weekend days!
he spent all time with me and mum! Frequently we left for city! On a nature! Arranged picnics... I miss on my daddy!!!!! - ((
Please write to me more often! It is important for me! To me it is real interestingly and, important!
I want to reveal to you my small secret!!!...
i like you!!!-))))
When is your birthday?
What do you think about Russia?
Why do you search in a Internet instead in life?
My Best Wishes!!
Russian Genya ---)))!!!
Letter 2

Hi my dear!!!
How are you today??
I hope that you are fine!!!!
I am very glad to receive your answer!!!
You speak that women of my age in America have no interest in men of your age!!!!! Yes I heard about it much!!!!
I once looked transfer, about the international acquaintances!!!!!
In this transfer the question that the American girls search only for men who are financially secure and which have the high status in a society also was mentioned!!!!!!
And consequently the American men search for girls in Russia!!!!!!
I heard about a deceit in internet much!!!!!!
In Russia very much frequently to be spoken that some people invite to themselves young girls, and then sell these girls in public houses!!!!
I do not think that you such!!!!! You write very remarkable letters in which as I think, you put your soul and heart!!!!!!
I do not think, that deceivers, can write such letters!!!!
And consequently I trust you!!!!!!
I think, that you that person who is interesting to me!!!!
I think that you that person, ideas and which ideas will be interesting to me!!!!
Also that my ideas also will be interesting to you!!!!!!!
I do not search for the person who will like only my appearance!!!!!!
I search for the person to whom will like first of all, my private world!!!!
You speak that you want to arrive to Russia the next year!!!!
But I think that this very long time!!!!!
I do not want long correspondence!!!!!
I want a fast meeting!!!!!
Because only the meeting in a real life, will help us very well to learn the friend!!!!!
My grandmother spoke me, what even one thousand letters will not replace one meeting!!!!!
You agree with me???????
Write to me, that you think of it!!!!!
I with impatience wait your prompt reply!!!!!
Warm kisses to you!!!!!
Your Russian Genya!!!
Letter 3

Hi my dear Chris!!!!!
I am very glad to receive your prompt reply!!!!!
How are you today????
I hope that you are fine!!!!!!
Your letters, all is more and more conquer than me!!!!!
About my God when I read your letters, I am filled with new energy!!!!!
For me it is very pleasant to read your letters!!!!!!!
You speak, that you want to take holiday for 5 days that you could arrive to me!!!!!
But I do not understand you!!!! You are interested only in a short meeting?????
I search, that I shall arrive to my husband, and I shall remain at him!!!!!
Unless you not so think???????
You ask me, whether I have the visa to arrival in the USA?????
Yes I have the visa, but validity of the visa will be finished on August, 25!!!!!
And as you see up to ending visas there was only a month!!!!!
And I do not know as us to be!!!!!!
If you agree, I could have time to arrive to you for this time!!!!!
And after my arrival to you, we at once have started to work prolonging my visa!!!!! What do you think of it?????
<<<< Tell me what you do for work? How do you like it and is it what you want to do?
I work in agency of the real estate!!!!
I help people to find for them suitable apartments, and also to sell these apartments!!!!!
Yes I love the work!!!! On work I communicate with different people!!!!!
<<<< If you came to America, do you want to be a housewife only, or do you want to pursue a career also????????
I am not interested in to sit only at home!!!!!
Yes I would like to work!!!!! You can help to find to me work????
I have higher education, on a speciality "Management"
I with impatience wait your prompt reply!!!!
Warm kisses to you!!!!!!
Your Russian Genya!!!
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