Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
*** Thank you for your mail and When I look into your eyes,
I thank the Lord I found you.
There are so many little ways
that you show your love is true.
To have my hand lie in yours
is a special thing to me
and I ask the Lord to help me be
all that you need me to be.
I'll be your helpmate and companion
a lover and a friend
For the Lord gave you to me
to cherish 'til the end.
We'll make this journey of a lifetime
with Jesus Christ by our side
to guide us and to lead us
and in our lives be glorified.

When you're in my life,
i know only of happiness.
because you understand me,
because you appreciate me.
when you're in my life,
i decide to work harder.
because you motivate me,
because i want to impress you.
when you're in my life,
i learn to be kinder.
because you are ever so kind,
because you touched my heart.
when you're in my life,
my world is complete,
and my heart is whole.

I love you so much Paul..
Letter 2
Paul Thank you so much for that and I know I try and do my best to make you happy
too and I love you sweet kiss too *** I love him,
Yes i do,
I thought I didn't,
but those thoughts were few.

He won me with his touch,
he on me with his eyes,
he won me with his discipline,
He won me with surprise.

I love him,
Yes I do,
I know I love him,
He is my boo. LOVE IS PRECIOUS
BECAUSE OF LOVE WE ARE HERE INDEED The dreams ended quicker than they came
I wished things were different, they're still the same
Hold me, keep me from despair
Lie to me, tell me that you care

Still living in my dreams of beauty
Don't wake me up, don't show me reality
For the moment, I hear you don't feel the same
My dreams will end quicker than they came

Keep the truth from me, cover my eyes
Fill my heart with a smile, fill my head with lies
Trick me, lie to me, I don't give a ****
Cross your finger, tell me you love me for what I am

The dream so close, expectation high
Soon one will shatter, the other will die
With hope and dream gone, your fragrance floating away
Here I sit without you, just another day. We have our good times
We have our bad
We have times
I never thought we'd have

You are perfect
In every single way
I'll do anything

So you will stay
I thank the heavens above
For letting me have you
The happiness I feel

I never thought I knew
I want to be with you
Till the day I die Just me and you
I never want to say goodbye

All that matters
Is that I love you
Just the two of us

Forever me and you
No matter what happens
No matter what we go through
For the rest of my life
I will always love you Paul Am really really In love with You..
Letter 3
Thank you so much you make me happy again *** I will feel like drive with you so that I will feel happy and *** I know it will be my first time in Arizona but I want to be sure I will feel happy if I see your face if you from work or if am sad I can joke with your pets so that I will be happy *** and Paul I have open my mind that no matter what I know in my heart that I will feel happy with your there cos you are the man who make me happy all the time and *** you have to get me a car that I can drive to so that I will be happy too... Only You Paul
Your perfect in every way,
When I'm down you know the right words to say,
Its the type of love,
Sent from God up above,

I feel blessed from everything,
From what we've been through,
I love everything that you bring,
This relationship has matured and grew,

All I could do was love and care,
Because your type of love is so rare,
In my heart, I'll always keep,
Everything you did that was deep,

Ill love you more and more,
Maybe grow up and have a child,
With everything we've been through before,
The thought of it, I smiled,

And i promise you Ill never forget,
The first day our eyes met,
You are so nice man to me,
I think the whole world can see,

Ill never break my promise ever,
We'll be together, always and forever. Paul Love is a feeling
that holds one close to someone
together for now, Love is Peaceful
Love Is kind
Love is Something You will Sometime Find

So Give It A Chance
And Let it Enhance
Love is Joy
To Any Girl or Boy

Love Is Happiness
Love Is Faith
So Give It A try
Love Will sometimes Make you Cry
But you will never truly know what love is unless you give it a try! As you hold me tight all through the night
My brain waves take off as if in flight
We never thought this would be, today
Me your wife, you my husband, be in love it's ok!
Though we hope our love will never part
We have to remember our love is just at start. I Love You So Much Paul.G.Kate HaHaHaHaHaHaHa
Letter 4

That is sweet of your Mom my love , am so much happy to hear that ,the Good news is , My Mum just told me about an inheritance that my late father left me which is at a security company , that is my late father deposited Gold and jewelries in a security company and instructed the Gold should be released to me when I find the right man that I want to spend the rest of my life , so my just told me that since I will be joining you soon on Friday , she told me to inform you about that , so that you can help me or assist me to get the Gold and jewelries from the safe keeping company and bring it when I am coming to you , in other for us to sell them and use them to use the funds to invest into some project or business when we start our life together when we are together , I was us just so much happy when My mum told me about this Good news and I taught I had to share with you about this Good news ,
Letter 5
My love Paul , if its the paper work that you want , I can work out and get scan copies of all the papa work sent to email to you to prove , you know money , power can never make us happy , but true love is the most important , I love you and I swear with my life I will never get on here to scam you , secondly it was the day that the notice came concerning the injuction that was that same day I informed you , you know I had no option and I had nothing to hide from you , but to let you know what is going on
Letter 6
Thanks for your message once again , hope all is well with you , I have been very much busy today , going rounds with to secure a loan , we had a couple of people who were willing to help but will take % 50 Interest rate , I told mum the interest rate was high , a friend here introduced me to someone and they person told me before he would help , he would like to sleep with me , I got angry and I insulted him badly, and told him I have a husband in Arizona whom I will be flying to go and see soon , finally the good news is Mum took some stuffs and and jewelries to a **** shop and she was able to raise $4,500 from it and she asked me to inform you about it, so that we see what to do in other save the inheritance , she says sorry for any inconvenience but hope when you help us to sort the issue out and everything is over she will pay you back with an interest, my love Paul hope your mum is doing good , I have missed you so much and looking forward to be in your arms , I have copies of the documents now and will try my best and get them scanned and email them
Letter 7
My darling , hope everything is fine with you , i sent an email to you which you stated you didn't receive it , so i tried to resend it to you again , secondly , i would be very much glad if you can email me again with any detailed questions , and i will take my time and respond to you
Letter 8
Thanks for your message , once again , first of all , i provided you with my information to send the money which when you send earlier on , it wasn't released to me and you went for the funds again and in other to be able to get the funds here , we agreed on how to do it and it was done on how we agreed and i received the funds successfully ,

Secondly you know how it is like when you are seriously in need of help or money , that is when people come with their conditions , that will surprise you , even to the extend that somebody wanted to sleep with me before , i got ********** and broke down in tears and felt sad that is why i wasn't able to shop up online , i felt sad about the whole thing

well , talking about the injunction , it was because the Gold has been at the security company for sometime now and we havnt been able to sort out the safe keeping charges that is why , and the sent in a note telling us about how it would be sized if we did not make any move , take government will take it , Talking about the trip to your end , i have already bought my ticket there is no way i will waste it , i will definately make it to you . Finally , i would say money power does not mean anything to me , what matters most is what is within our hearts to share with each other , and the reason why i asked you to help me , was only to save the situation and to save the inherittance , you shouldnt get worried over everything , i have to be much worried because i got another ****** *** whole called me just this afternoon again telling me , if he will provide me with help , he would like to sleep with me , we also had a couple of Bank offers yesterday , but their terms and conditions , well my darling dont get your self bothered if you can , i know its one of those things in life , because i believe if i love everything in the world and i have man like you , i will still be the happiest person , the reason why i was not able to send you message on , i was down and have been crying , just want you to know something that out of sight does not mean out of mind ,
Finally , i want you to know anything concerning the Gold is legal and not illegal as you might think , because i have all the legal documents to prove it to you , anyway i would like to end here and hope to read from you soon Love you paul
Letter 9
Paul , Thanks for your message once again , well let me remind you , am not after your money , because money can never buy Love , i only ask for your help to save the situation so that the inherittance could be released to us and after we keep it a diffrent place since we have few days left to safe it , secondly , i wouldnt mind helping you with all that i have if it was you that need help from me , because i know you are the man i love very much and wants to be with , Paul please don't get things twisted , because you might think i am after you money , well if you could remember , Mum told me to inform you that after getting the inherittance ,we can make an arrangement and get them shipped to you in the states , if Mum doesnt want the best for us , she wouldnt come out with that Idea ,
On a more serious note , am not i need of a money or just dont to live a larvish lifestyle , i like to live simple and be happy with you , its hurt me so much for someone to tell me that before he will help me , he would like to go to bed with me or sleep with me ,and trust me i don't have a Gun and if i have , i would have end their lifes , because i hate to hear that ,
Finally my Love , everything concerning the Inheritance is real and Legal , as i have all the paper work , to prove to you that everything is real and Legal , Just as you suggested in your email sometime ago , i only want to sort out so that we can get the inheritance from there and deposit at in a different place over here , since you can help me do that , so that i can save it from the company taking it because of the safe keeping charges we haven't been paid in a while now , i hope you understand my Point of View , anyway just want you to know that i Love you very much and would do anything possible to help you , if i find you to be in situations like this to make you happy and to prove my love to you as well ,

i would like to end here and hope to read from you soon Love you

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