Scam letter(s) from Olga to Gregory (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Greg! Maybe I will seem you a little starage, but this is first time I try to get acquainted with someone this was, and you are the first person I write the letter to. I am not familia with Inetrnet and can only type on the computer, but why not try to meet friends this way.
Besides, sometime friends fall in love with each other, and this what I would like happend to me. But let`s not be in a hurry. My name is Olga, probably you already know this, I am 22. I was born on April, 5, 1982. I am not sure whether such details are interesting to you or not, but perhaps you would like to know: my weight is 50kg and I am 170cm tall. I have green eyes and brown hair.
But these are details. I didn`t know what from to start my letter, as this is the first time for me when I do this. Maybe after we write each other at least a couple of them, I will be better in this :-) I live alone, I rent the flat, as my parents live in another city not far from Lugansk. I came here six years ago to study at the college. Just now I work as a secreary at a young juridical firm. I like my job and I work with very nice people, but from the other side the work is very difficult and I have to spend a lot of time there. The firm is very young and that is why each worker should work hard in order this firm would become good and wellknown in future. And I am not an exception. But this is also a detail and I don`t want to bother you with it. In short about what I like and dislike. I like honestness, sincereness and respectfulness in people. Speaking about other things, I like reading and just adore music.
What I don`t like..? Well, it`s difficult to say. I don`t like rude people, dishonestness and stinginess. As for the other, I don`t like bad weather and boring book. Oh, by the way, I like reading. I told about myself in brief and now I will be waiting for your reply and telling me about yourself. I will go to the library now and to look for some books about English grammar or at least alphabet, as I would like to start studying English. Just now I have to use the services of the translation agency, but in future I hope to be able to write you by myself some day. Hope this is not a problem for you. See you soon, I hope.
By for now...and have a perfect day!
With warmth,
OlgaHi, Greg!
I want to communicate with you. Tell me more about yourself.
Letter 2

Dear Sir! We are writing to you in order to inform you about the problem Olga has. Unfortunately Olga can`t answer your letter, as her account with us is over now.
Olga doesn`t speak English at all and doesn`t have a computer at home, that is why she applied to our agency, which is called "Universe" Our agency gives the services of translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English. We have more than five qualified translators and interpreters, who make the translations of your letters to Olga and Olga`s letters to you very quickly, which gives you a possibility to stay in contact with her.
First Elena payed for our services, but just not she has some finencial problems in her family, and she is not able to make up her account with us. As Olga is very much interested in continuation your correspondence, we decided to contact you and to inform you about the problem. Our agency is not a marriage agency and here are all the services we provide to our clients: - translation the letters from Russian into English;
- translation the letters from English into Russian;
- scanning and printing the photos;
- printing the letters;
- sending and receiving the letters;
- giving access to Internet to our clients. If you are interested in continuation your correspondence with Olga and would like to become our client, contact us by this adress, and we will send you the information about our prises. Please, if you have any questions, write us and ask all of them.
We are always open for your suggestions. Respectfully,
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