Scam Letter(s) from Olga Pogudina to Ryan (Switzerland)

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Letter 1

It is very pleasant to me that you answered me. I am very glad that interested you.
I want to tell to you that I look for the man with whom I can create the serious relations. I want to find the man who knows that wants in this life. I want, that it was honest and sincere with me. I want, that our relations were on mutual understanding. What do you think of it?
Tell, what you look for in the woman? What do you want to receive from our acquaintance?
I think that we should know each other better.
I want the man on whom it is possible to rely completely to which I will trust completely.
I think that the man should be the main thing in a family, and the woman should store the family center.
You will agree with me?
I do not love, when me deceive. I think that we should be sincere and honest before each other.
I want to tell a little about myself.
Certainly it is difficult to tell something about myself because I for the first time get acquainted with the man by means of the Internet. It is very unusual to me. But I will try to begin.
That I can tell about the character. I am an optimist. I am not lost in difficult situations because I think that all difficulties are tests.
I think that my character soft. I do not love quarrel and when people raise the voice. I think that any problem should be solved peacefully, without the evil and shout.
I understand that all of us differ that there are no ideal people. But that we differ, it and does us by the personality.
It is difficult to write about itself in one letter. I think that in the subsequent letters we can study each other to understand, we are suitable for the serious relations or not.
I want, that you as wrote about yourself. It will be very interesting to me.
Tell please, what you love, what your hobby? Tell about your way of life.
I want to learn really, whether you want the serious relations?
I do not want to waste time in vain on simple correspondence as I look for the partner for the serious relations.
Tomorrow I will wait your letter.
I hope that our acquaintance will proceed.
Your new girlfriend of Mariya.

Letter 2

Hallo! Du hast mir deinen email auf der Webseite der Bekanntschaften gegeben. Ich Masha. Ich hoffe, dass du dich an mich erinnern wirst.
Ich hoffe, dass jetzt unsere Bekanntschaft anfangen wird.
Ich werde dein Brief sehr warten.
Aufrichtig, Mariya.

Letter 3

Hello my new friend of Francesco.
I was very happy with your letter.
When I saw your letter, I was very glad. As I said to you that it is my first experience of acquaintance by means of the Internet.
I was afraid that you will not answer me. But nevertheless you answered my letter. It very much is pleasant to me.
Last time I told about myself because I did not know a little, you will answer me or not.
Now I see that you want to continue our acquaintance.
Now I want to tell about myself more.
as you know, my name Mariya. I live in the small city of MOZHGA. You heard about this city?
Francesco, where do you live?
I was born on December 28 in 1982. You probably already noticed that I have hair brown.
I have gray eyes. My growth makes about 167 sm. Weight about 55 kg.
I harmonous. I well watch the figure.
I have no children. Whether you have children? If you have, what they age?
I was never married.
I have no bad habits, that is I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol.
on big holidays I presume to drink a little champagne or good wine.
A large amount of alcohol badly influences an organism.
Francesco, you smoke? You drink alcohol? Only tell to me the truth.
If you smoke or drink, it will not be for us a barrier.
You know what foreign languages?
Francesco, tell me more about itself.
What do you do in the free time? How you like to have a rest?
I love outdoor activities. I like to knit clothes from wool. This my hobby.
After all it is difficult to tell about itself at once. But I think that we will have enough time to study each other better, and to understand, we come nearer to each other or not.
Francesco, do not hesitate, ask me questions. It will help us to learn about each other.
Probably we could speak by phone. YOU could give me your phone number?
I once again want to thank you that you answered me. I hope that tomorrow I again will receive your letter.
It will be very interesting to me to receive answers to my questions.
Forgive me if I wrote today a little. In the following letter I will try to write more.
I hope that I will see your photos.
Your new girlfriend of Mariya.

Letter 4

Hello my friend of Francesco!
You do not forget about me, and it is very pleasant. I am glad that you answered me.
I very much like to read your letters. You cannot present to yourself as I am overflowed with pleasure when I read your letter. I learn about you more and more.
Francesco, I is very glad that got acquainted with you. I think that you are the honest and open man.
Now I really see that you as well as I look for the serious relations.
As I wrote to you last time that I live in Mozhga city. It in Udmurtiya republic, in the central part of Russia. I live in the small city in which there live kind and kind people.
Francesco, I hope, what it for you not an obstacle for our acquaintance?
I think that distance not a hindrance when the man and the woman are united by common interests and representations. I think that it not a problem when people are pleasant for each other.
Francesco, what you think of it?
I do not think that the age is an important factor. Because with age men cleverer and are more skilled and I would be
it is happy, to live with such man. Therefore age not the main thing for me.
I studied as the accountant. Now I work in transport company. I am occupied with vehicles in Mozhga city.
My position assistant to the chief accountant.
I hope that did not bother still to you. I hope that I am still interesting to you.
I want, that we learned about each other more and more. After all then we can understand better than each other. You will agree with me?
Francesco what to tell you about itself. I am very active girl. I did not get used to be at home on one place.
I very much like to go on picnic. In the summer I like to swim. In the winter I like to ski and skates. I in general very vigorous girl.
As I like to go to the sports hall to support my figure.
I hope that did not bother with the big letter.
Tomorrow I will wait your letter. With the best regards, Mariya.

Letter 5

Hello dear friend of Francesco. I am very glad to see your letter.
I like to read your letters. I have today a good mood.
How are you? I very much hope that at you everything is good. What weather at you? It is very interesting to me.
Francesco, we got acquainted quite recently. But you for me became a friend. It seems to me that I can tell for you my thoughts, dreams, desires. It seems to me that you can listen to me and tell to me that think of it.
I am sincerely glad that got acquainted with you.
Unfortunately, I have no profile on facebook. I began to use only recently the Internet for communication therefore I still badly am guided on the Internet.
Why you did not give me your phone number? You do not want to stir with me by phone?
I would like to tell you about my last relations. to tell, why I decided to get acquainted with you.
In life I had only once the serious relations. I had the serious relations in 21 years. I thought that he really loves me. He cared of me, gave flowers. He promised to give for me a star from the sky. It seemed for me that this that the prince whom I want to have all the life.
But it were only mere words and promises.
when I went to the girlfriend, I saw, how my young man goes with other girl. It went and held that girl by a waist. I was wounded in heart. It for me was shock and a stress. After that I did not talk to it. He many times tried to talk to me. But I cannot forgive him change. I could not trust it more.
I cannot forgive deception. It very meanly to deceive the person who loves and trusts.
I want to trust the partner.
After that I had no serious relations. In my country sex and alcohol is necessary to men only.
It is difficult to find the man in my city, in my republic.
Therefore I decided to try to get acquainted by means of the Internet.
I did not know how to get acquainted, but my best friend of Olga came to the rescue of me. It had an experience of acquaintance by Internet means. She got acquainted with the man from the Netherlands, now she lives with it already half a year.
We often correspond with each other. They are very happy.
Probably that we as will fall in love with each other and we will be happy.
I not from those people which wants to live at the expense of someone. Parents brought up me as the independent woman who can always earn to itself on life.
Tell to me about life, about the serious relations?
What reason of what you cannot find the girl for the serious relations?
I do not want to insist on it, I understand that it can be sick.
I do not want, that between us there was a deception. I want, that between us there was a trust and mutual understanding.
Francesco, I will wait your letter.
Your girlfriend of Mariya.

Letter 6

Hello my friend of Francesco!
I opened the mail box and saw your letter.
Thanks for your phone number. Tomorrow I will try to call you.
Francesco, you really interested me. I get acquainted for the first time with the decent man as you.
Yesterday after work I went with the fellow worker. Yuliya her name. I got acquainted with it on work.
Since then we are friends. We went home and spoke about you. It had many questions.
She asked about your work, about your family. She asked about your character.
Francesco, I understand that it is hard to say about character. But I think that you can describe your character.
My character: fair, sensual, purposeful, gentle. My friends and acquaintances say that I very sympathizing because I am always ready to arrive to the aid.
That I am the person who can listen and give a piece of good advice.
By means of the letter it is difficult to study the person. Therefore I ask, that you were frank with me. Because I am with you sincere and honest. And I reveal for you my some secrets which never told nobody.
I open for you soul, and I want to have reciprocity from you. It is very pleasant to me to continue our acquaintance.
And I want to continue our correspondence further. You are very good man. And the main thing that we understand each other.
Tomorrow I with impatience will wait from you for the letter.
Your girlfriend of Mariya.

Letter 7

Hello my friend of Francesco. It is pleasant to me to receive your letter. Your letter lifted my mood. It inhaled in me life. I hope that my letters as give you great mood.
My darling, today I will try to call you. I very much hope that at us it will turn out to talk with each other.
Today had unsuccessful day. Sometimes happens that the whole day everything turns out not as you want. Everything began when I did not hear an alarm clock. I establish time of a call of an alarm clock for 6.30 mornings. But I woke up only in 7.10 mornings. It was very late as I was late for the bus. I had to take a bath very quickly. I quickly put on and ran on a bus stop. To reach before work to me about 20-30 minutes are necessary. Francesco, but occurred a miracle, and the bus was late for five minutes. Thanks to it I managed to sit down in the bus. Francesco, at you happens that you are late for work?
I arrived to a work place only by 8.10. my working day begins in 8.00 mornings. It was awful. I for the first time was late for work. It was very a shame to me.
My boss asked, why I was late. I told it everything honest. It was very kind to me and joked. He told that will present to me the second alarm clock.
Francesco, here so unsuccessfully began my day. Francesco how passed your day? I think that your morning was better.
What do you plan to do today? I than you borrow in the evening? I and my friend of Elena we will prepare Pizza Diabolo. Francesco, you love a pizza? We never made a pizza earlier. It will be the first experience. I very much like to cook. I often try new recipes and new culinary dishes. Most of all I like to cook east and Italian cuisine. Francesco, what you love more?
Francesco, forgive that I so wrote to you a little. I do not have enough time to tell you more. I with great pleasure will wait from you the answer tomorrow. I hope that you do not take offense at me.
I will wait from you the answer tomorrow.
Your Mariya

Letter 8

Hello my good friend of Francesco! Thanks for your wonderful letter.
With each new letter I we learn about you more and more.
Francesco, despite that we with you are on big distance.
it does not prevent us to recognize each other. It seems to me that through letters we with you become closer.
this big distance seems very small, thanks to our correspondence.
Francesco, I want will share with you the thoughts. To me does not come at all to thoughts as earlier people got acquainted.
Earlier people had no Internet. They wrote paper letters. They had no possibility quickly to receive the answer.
Francesco but now everything became much simpler than 21 eyelids. Francesco people can get acquainted now, despite big distance.
Also can find the happiness. Unfortunately, nobody can tell where to be its second half.
What do you think of my thoughts?
But I can tell with confidence that I found the fine person and the close friend. This friend you are Francesco.
I am grateful to destiny that we got acquainted with you and began our communication.
Without watching that I a little you I know. Francesco, you could interest and prove me.
Each your letter brings a pleasure slice in my life. I very much like to write to you. When I write to you.
I have a feeling as though you sit next on a chair and speak with me.
Yesterday I and my friend prepared the most tasty pizza on light. I think that very much it would be pleasant to you.
When we prepared, we had many female conversations. We discussed weather, a fashion and it is a lot of all.
And I did not notice as started to tell about you. I was so strongly forgotten that spoke about you the whole hour.
Elena told that I became more cheerful. She told that the first time sees me in such good mood.
Francesco, I hope that you not against that that I talk about you to my friend?
Francesco, is very interesting to me your opinion on me. Tell that you think about me. I want that you told to me the truth. Did not deceive me.
I should finish the letter. I will wait the answer tomorrow.
Your best friend of Mariya.

Letter 9

Hello Francesco. I am very glad to see your letter. You cannot present to yourself, with what pleasure I read your mail. Your letters cheer me up. Francesco, they give me a charge of good mood for all day.
Tonight I thought of you Francesco. I thought of, whether I can develop between us the serious relations. Francesco, you know that I do not look for simply correspondence. I do not want that with me played games or made a fool to me the head. I want to find the real man for life. With which I can be happy. The man with which at us will be the future. With which we will love each other. Francesco, I do not want to look forward. It seems to me that time will place everything on the places. Francesco, but I think that at us with you the future can. As you are very good person, you honest and open. You are the real man. Francesco, you are pleasant to me. And I want that our relations outgrew in what that more than simply correspondence. Tell the thoughts on it?
I understand that it is very difficult to recognize the person only according to letters. I do not want to be deceived. I do not want that with me played games. Because it is very heavy to endure deception and treachery. Because love, it not toy. It is impossible to joke of feelings. As it is possible to hurt to the person heart. I think, what you with me agree? Francesco, but I know that you on such person. I know that you are the real Francesco!
I very much hope that our relations will be serious and will reach creation of a happy family. How you see continuation of our relations? Answer this important question for me. I want to know your opinion.
Francesco, I am very romantic person. And I am not frightened by big distance between us. I am capable to follow darling on the world's end. That do you think what between us thousands kilometers distance? What do you think of that that we live in the different countries? What do you think of that that we live in different cultures? Francesco, seems to me that it not a barrier to two loving hearts. Your opinion as if our relations will grow in what that more is very interesting to me, this question will emerge even more often in our heads!
Your life, your thoughts is very interesting to me. I want, that you knew that now you have a friend who can attentively listen. Who can listen to you with whom you can share the thoughts. who can divide your problems and understand you.
I hope, I did not tire you with the reflections? It is very important to me to know your opinion and your judgments on this or that question. Francesco, me will be very pleasant to receive from you a new photo.
I will wait your letter.
Your Mariya.

Letter 10

Hello my dear friend Francesco. I am glad that you have written to me.
I was given by huge pleasure to know that I to you am not indifferent. Your remarkable letters became a part of my life.
Because I cannot without your letters any more, and I cannot without your news. I open every day the mail box and I wait your letter.
I am always very glad when I receive your letter quickly. Your letters do me happy.
Because I do not have person who would understand me better, than you.
My love, I has fallen in love with you. But it is a pity to me that you cannot give to me more. I understand you. Nevertheless, I am glad that we will be friends. Forgive me, but I cannot hide the feelings to you, therefore I will write about my feelings to you. Probably sometime I will arrive to you and we can secretly meet.
My sweet, I want to ask you. You could send for me phone "Sony xperia Z1"? If you could send such phone we could communicate more to communicate. We could see and hear every day each other. I could establish on such phone skype. What do you think of it? You can send for me such phone?
Francesco, I am grateful to destiny that it has reduced me with such remarkable person as you.
I have realised it, under last your letters. And with everyone new the letter, I am more and more convinced of it.
Francesco, it seems to me that is better the man than you, is not present in this world! It is a compliment and my personal opinion which cannot be changed.
I want to tell to you that really as well as you I open to you the soul and I tell all that I think.
I really trust you and I hope that you trust me!
Francesco, what plans at you for today? Me today have invited to birthday. To my colleague 32 years today were executed.
She is very remarkable woman. She is engaged in transport logistics.
I did not know that to it to present. Also has decided to buy to it tea service of blue colour.
It will seems to me that a good ornament of a festive table.
Francesco, what you think of it? I had no a lot of time, on it I have not had time to issue packing.
But I think that it will not be mourns about it.
We in the country have a custom. The person which goes on birthday, should bring with itself a gift.
You have such tradition? I think that as it is always very pleasant to receive a gift.
How affairs are at you? Tell to me, it is very interesting to me to know about it. What else there is a custom in your country?
Forgive that I can not tell more. At me almost does not remain to time. It is time to me to run, as for me wait.
I think that will be ugly if I is late. Francesco, whole, I wait from you the answer tomorrow.
While while, yours Mariya

Letter 11

Hello my dear Francesco! You are valid for me became very expensive! With each your letter, I understand that you are created for me. You the most wonderful and fine person whom I ever met in the life. Let we and virtually conduct dialogue with you. But I am confident that that day when we will keep for the friend for the friend will come. Francesco, there will come that day when you will hold me by the hand.
My love, I is glad that you want to send phone. My darling, I would be glad, if you send for me sony xperia z1. I looked such phone in shop, and it very much was pleasant to me. I would be very glad, if you send for me such phone.
For that time that we are familiar with you. I have understood what really probably to fall in love with the person on the Internet. It seemed to me earlier that it is impossible. But now it seems to me that it is possible. Because I start to understand that you to me become really expensive.
I wake up in the morning and I think of you. I fall asleep also all thoughts only about you. You have densely entered into my life. Now I understand that I can not present the life without you. Francesco, you for me are more than the friend. Francesco, you for me became more than simply correspondence through the Internet. It seems to me that I have fallen in love with you. I do not know that occurs to me. With each letter I become attached to you more and more.
Francesco, lately often I think of you. I wait for your letters. When I receive your letter, my heart starts to fight even more strongly. I do not know, really there are at me to you feelings or not. Because, I cannot understand it yet. And I cannot understand that at me is created in my soul and in my heart. But what that feelings at me to you exist. I cannot describe now to you them at all. I feel the big attachment to you. Francesco, I feel bent for to you. You became very close to me.
You likely think that I behave as the little girl. That I cannot understand myself. Francesco, I very much am afraid to be mistaken in the feelings. I am afraid to be mistaken in you. Now at me the big excitement on a shower as I write to you. I am afraid to speak to you about it as you can understand me not correctly. Also will be, with a smile concerns my sincere letter.
I am afraid to tell to you still something. But I very much would like to learn from you. Francesco, you have similar feelings? Whether there is at you an attachment to me? You as pulls to me, how me to you? What do you feel, when read my letters? Answer me it because it is very important for me the nobility. These are questions from which, it seems to me, much will depend in ours with you relations.
It seems to me that I have found the love. It seems to me that I searched for you Francesco. And it seems to me that with you, I can be happy on the present. And I can live with you in the love, all my life! I love! Mariya

Letter 12

Hi my love Francesco!
Now I can tell with confidence that I love you. You love of all my life. You love which I waited all my life. Also I love you pure sincere love. Francesco, for that time that we are familiar, you have entered into my heart. You have won it, now my your heart and only yours! I would want just my feelings to you grew.
My love, you can to send next week for me phone? I very much want to stir as soon as possible with you more.
Me does not confuse that you are from me far. As I think that for love there are no borders. And it is impossible to measure love by borders. I want, that you could fall in love with me on the present. Francesco, strongly it would be desirable me. I am happy that have met in the life you. Because I feel that with you I will be happy. I understand that you which that person I searched! You the person with whom I can feel on the present that such love. Francesco, I know that with you I always will be favourite. I know that with you I will be as behind a stone wall. And always I will be is in love and care. I as would like to give you all love and care.
Francesco, I thought much, me one question interests. Francesco how in your opinion, the woman should work? She should earn money for a family? For the female requirements? Francesco, me on the present interesting your opinion. I thought of the future, I thought of that as could live together. I do not like to sit in place. Also there is nothing not to do. I have got used that I can always take care of myself. Instead of to waste time on that to be at home and watch TV! I as would like to benefit. To benefit for a family, for the beloved. Francesco, tell that you think of it?
I certainly understand that the woman should care of a family, the house, about the beloved. As I consider that the woman stores the family centre. To care of a family life. As she always should meet the man. They should feed, give to drink the favourite. To give it the heat and care. To care when it is ill. Francesco, to me would be wanted to give this all to you. That when you go from work, you always knew that wait for you and love! Francesco, what your thoughts on it? It is important and very interesting to me. As I do not know, how affairs in your country are. I listened that women in your country behave not so well. That they like to receive only benefit from the man. Francesco, it seems to me that not correctly.
My favourite Francesco, I want to know your thoughts on all. I with impatience will wait from you your story, your thoughts. Please answer my questions.
Francesco, you there is nothing I address to you “my favourite”? It is very pleasant to me so to address to you.
On it I likely will finish the letter. I will wait from you the answer tomorrow. Francesco, the remarkable photos have come to me please. It will be very pleasant to me to receive from you a photo! Bye Bye

Letter 13

My love of Francesco,
I am very happy, to see your letter! Only your letters bring me happiness.
And only you please me with the letters and the warm words.
Francesco when I read your sweet letters, I forget about everything on light.
I lose time account. but when I come to the senses, to me it becomes sad.
As we far apart. As I cannot present to you all the heat and tenderness!
My darling of Francesco, today when I went for work in the bus. I imperceptibly for myself plunged into dream.
I conceived about that as we will have our meeting. I reflected on that as we will spend time together.
I represented as we will walk down the street, your hand strong holds my hand. You slightly press me to yourself.
Then you take for a waist. I feel heat of your body, and I feel the happiest woman on light. It seems to me that it is fine.
Francesco you think as?
Every day, I think of you more and more. at me before eyes I fly by pictures of that can be.
I cannot transfer words that that I think, that I feel! Likely I am the hopeless romantic. Likely I fly in the dreams.
But it really gives me a big positive charge of energy. It gives me many forces.
My darling of Francesco, I think that it there will be exciting days. You cannot imagine to yourself how strongly I want that it occurred.
Francesco, I think that it really sometime happens. And we will be together.
Francesco, I want that me loved and cared of me. That I felt that I am protected.
that you always were near me, did not abandon me never.
I want it, however, very strongly. And I think that you now not less than I wish, that it occurred. I am right?
Francesco you know a saying “Women love ears, and men love eyes”? likely it is the truth.
As I cannot keep the feelings when you tell the gentle words.
Francesco, I cannot constrain the happiness when you do me compliments. I want that you spoke beautiful words as much as possible.
It delivers me mass of pleasure and pleasure.
My sweet Francesco, I do not want to finish the letter. I do not want to go home. I can write to you without stopping.
As when I write to you, at me as though I tell feeling with you.
But I believe that when be we will speak and walk together.
My love, is a pity to me that you cannot send phone which I want. But I am glad that you can send your iphone. My darling when you can send it? You could send together with iphone a cover for it and the spare battery? If you send phone to my address, I cannot receive it because I have no passport.
I gave the passport to passport office that they could issue for me the foreign passport.
Therefore you should send phone addressed to and the address of my friend. Here address of my friend.

The country - Russia
The city - Yoshkar-Ola
The street - Druzhby
House number - 83
Apartment number - 30
The postal index - 424037
Name - Nadezhda
Surname - Busygina

I very much hope that next week you can already send your phone.
My sweet, it is time to me to go. I want that you knew, I always with you.
Yours, and only your Mariya

Letter 14

My dear prince of Francesco!
Thanks, for that that you wrote to me today. How passed your day and than you were engaged today?
My love, in Russia to receive a package in post office the passport is necessary. Without the passport will not give a package. if without the passport would give a package, there would be a lot of theft. Therefore the passport is necessary. After all a package do not deliver directly to the address. The package comes to post office. From post office send to the address of the recipient the notice. Then the recipient comes to post office, writes passport data and receives a package. To the address envelopes, cards and newspapers come only. All valuable packages need to be taken away in post office with the passport.
Now about the girlfriend and her address.
My darling, is my one and only girlfriend to whom I can trust completely. She never will deceive me. And I am sure that as soon as she will receive from you phone, it will transfer it at once to me.
It goes every day by train from Ioshkar Ola to my city. It works with the conductor by train. Therefore she as soon as will receive phone, it will bring it at once to me. I do not know, why you see in it a problem.
My day passed is quite ordinary. This ordinary vanishes, when I check the mail box.
as in it I can see from you the letter. letter full of tenderness and heat of your soul.
Francesco, I think that anybody could not resist your charms.
As you such one and you should be loved. you special and unique.
Probably, for that that you such unique I fell in love with you. It is difficult to speak for what you love the person.
As the love is such feeling which difficult gives in to the description.
This fine feeling it is possible to feel and enjoy it only!
Francesco, I on the present is happy that met you.
I at all do not represent, as though there was my life if I did not meet you.
And now I am afflicted only by one that we cannot be near.
Francesco, but I know that for love there are no borders and barriers.
I know that our feelings will help us to overcome all barriers and a hardship!
And our hearts can merge in a whole.
I wake up with one thought, I fall asleep with it! And this thought on you!
Before me for days on end only your person, your image expensive to heart, I cannot think there is nothing the friend.
I do not have you every minute. When I think of you, at me the head is turned, heart as though is ready to jump out of a breast now.
My darling of Francesco, you cannot present as my heart in a distance from you fights.
Francesco if you could touch my breast, you would feel as strongly it fights!
It so strongly fights only for you.
Francesco, you are my piece of happiness, become an award for me.
Francesco, you know that I want? I want that your hands densely covered me that you always were near me.
That your heat warmed me at night. I want to open eyes and to see nearby you.
gently to touch with the lips your cheek. and to feel a smell of your body.
To whisper to you on an ear of a word of love. From which you open eyes and smile.
I want to see this every day. I know that this madness and can be my many thoughts seem you children's and naive.
Forgive darling, but it goes from my heart. When I read your letter, at me the spark inside burns!
This fire gentle and warm, it warms me at the cold nights.
This spark gives to me strength to wake up and live. To live in a distance from you!
I want to feel your hot kisses, sweet and gentle, and lips soft and invocatory.
You - my small world in which I want to be dissolved.
I love you and everything is told by it.
Your small princess of Mariya.

Letter 15

Hello my little prince of Francesco!
Now I sit in front of the computer. I just read your gentle letter.
each lived day without you seems for me eternity.
Your letters for me as a ray of light which shines through are gray everyday life.
It as saving fire in the gray jungle of houses which surround me.
Before acquaintance to you, in my life all were only gray colors. in it there were no bright paints.
But after acquaintance to you everything changed. I began to smile more.
Gradually my life was filled with new impressions. It got sense. The feeling of loneliness got.
Francesco, you presented to me a new view on life. You opened to me eyes and showed that in a circle there is a lot of an interesting. I left the small world.
Francesco, you to me presented the new world, the world in which I is not lonely. The world in which is you.
Francesco, I is grateful to you for it. I am grateful to you for that that you again showed that on light there is a love.
I am grateful to you for everything, my darling of Francesco!!!!!
You're my life and all my dreams are connected only with you. I so would like, that we could be together.
I dream of us with you, and I dream of you and about our happiness with you.
I live only thanks to you. After all you my one and only for which I protect the love and tenderness.
Francesco, true love comes only once to lives. And I know that you are this love.
I to anybody did not feel that that I test to you. I want to live this life with you.
Also it is necessary to live this life with pleasure for both of us.
Without looking back back and moving only forward.
My love, to me told that my foreign passport will be ready approximately at the beginning of January. It turns out that at the end of January I can already arrive to you if you is ready to a meeting.
You are my pleasure and you my happiness which I found. And you are love of all my life. I love you
Francesco, and I trust that all life I will whisper these words to you on an ear!
My prince, I should finish the letter today. But tomorrow I will see again your answer.
And your letter again will present to me happiness and good mood! I love you my sweet Francesco.
While while. Yours, and only your love of Mariya

Letter 16

Hello my love of Francesco! How passed your day? How you have a mood? I think that at you everything is very good.
At me as everything is very good. On the street fine weather. The sun brightly shines.
Its gentle beams make the way through curtains at windows of my office. Your gentle letter lifted my mood even above.
After I read your letter. I had a feeling as though I now will fly up.
Francesco, I do not deceive you. I soared with happiness! I always very strongly wait from you the letter.
My love, I know English quite well. Because I studied long time English. You know, in Russia children start to teach at school from 7 years. English is studied till the end of leaving school. Then English study at institute of 4 years. In total English is studied by about 16 years. English in Russia an obligatory subject. Simply not all people are in earnest about English studying. Therefore many Russian people I do not know English ideally.
Forgive me, but I do not know, what next international airport is close to Mozhga city. I never traveled to other countries.
I had no big loading today on work. I sat on the workplace and thought of you.
I dreamed of how you meet me after the working day with flowers. I think that all women from my work would envy me.
I very strongly would be surprised and asked you: “Francesco, today any holiday?”.
And you would answer me in reply: “the beloved Mariya, each lived day with you for me a holiday!” after that you gently kissed me.
It seems to me that it is remarkable dreams. Francesco, I likely is too romantic. But it seems to me that each woman dreams of it.
I want to tell that every day when we together, would be for me a holiday. a holiday of the whole life. because I love you Francesco.
I am very glad that you with me. I sometimes happen not patient, but it everything to that I love you.
You always in my heart. I do not represent the life without you. We - a whole.
Without you, I will have no sense in life. We should aspire to our general, best life. In life there can be a lot of things.
In order that we could overcome all difficulties of life, to us it is necessary to be uniform. What do you think of it?
You would like to meet me after my working day?
I love you and I can not live without you. I forever yours. I love you my Francesco, and I dream only of you!
With an ardent kiss, your darling of Mariya.

Letter 17

Hello my darling of Francesco. I am happy to see your sweet letter.
Your letters bring every day me happiness. I would like to appear with you nearby.
I will always love you.
Washing favourite Francesco, you know that time goes forward, and it does not stop. Time everything goes and goes forward.
I very much would like to be with you as soon as possible. I keep mind about you.
For me great happiness will be near you and to love you all the life.
My love of Francesco, I do not want to stop and consequently I go forward. I want to overcome a long way, thereby to be near you.
I would like to be closer to you. Only near you time will stop, and I will feel all aroma of love and tenderness.
I want to kiss you Francesco, and only near you I will be happy on - to the present.
Only with you I can feel beloved! And only with you I will be happy on the present.
The main thing that you were with me and loved me. The main thing for me to be with you always.
Francesco, I want to be with you in happiness and in the mountain. To endure with you good and bad moments of life.
That we with you overcame all whims of destiny together.
Francesco, I do not want to be in a distance from you. I want that we went on life together. That we were a support for each other.
That we always ask to share our problems and to overcome from together!
My sweet Francesco, I want that always caressed me. always told me words of love which go at you from heart.
My love, I love you. only with you I will be happy on - to the present.
Only you are my prince who loves me and waits for me. My love, I want to give you all the love and caress.
And as to me it will be good only with you.
I always understand you my love, and everyone yours words for me it and is love for me.
Each your sigh is so necessary to me, and every minute of love will bring us with you happiness and love.
My love, I love you, and I want to be with you always and forever. Only you are my one and only person who too loves me and waits for me.
My melancholy about you is very great, and I cannot live without you.
I want to be always with you and not to leave any more to you for a minute.
My love, I love only you. you are my love and my big pleasure in this life.
I finish this letter, but I always think of you. And only you are my love and happiness.
My love of Francesco, I love you and I want to speak to you about it always.
I would like. That you were near me, and to feel you nearby. You are the unique person who loves me. I send you many hot and passionate kisses.
With big and strong love, only your Mariya!

Letter 18

Hello my Francesco, here pass one more day. One more day without you loved. Without your eyes, without your embraces and kisses.
As though I would like to be now with you. I would like to wake up and before myself to see you.
I want to look and rejoice, and to thank the lucky stars, which has given me you.
I want to iron gently you on a head, being afraid to wake you thus.
My sweet, I will try to talk to mine barefooted about my holiday. As soon as I learn about my holiday, I will inform you. Have a few patience.
My sweet, I want to ask you. You can send me together with yours iphone accessories (the Spare battery, a cover, a bumper)? I have read about iphone on the Internet. I simply do not want, that it has broken, if it casually falls at me. I will protect it, after all it is your gift. And I have still read on the Internet that the charger iphone probably will not approach for the Russian sockets. But it can be corrected, I will buy for it the transitive device. And still I want to ask you. At you iphone 4 or 4s?
Mine Francesco I love you, and only for you. I will store the fidelity only to you.
I all this time with the big hope wait from you the letter. I love only you, my kitten.
You my great happiness. My love, I cannot without you. All of us will overcome, that we were together.
My love I give all feelings to you. I cannot live without you. You always in my burning heart burning from love on you.
Sometimes it seems to me that I am mad from love which has arisen in me. I am grateful to god that you at me are.
You have given me the second life full of happiness and hopes.
Mine darling Francesco, I want to be only in your hands. I will be very happy if it occurs.
My love I truth very much miss, because between us only the big.
Between us there are feelings which I cannot refuse because I love you.
Washing sweet Francesco, I cannot without you. I dream that we together. Except us there is nobody more happily.
My love will consist of a set of feelings which have arisen in me.
And now I would like to rejoice, because I am happy to say words: I love you. Only near to you I will be happy.
With love yours Mariya!

Letter 19

My lovely Francesco!!!!
Today one more day without you!!! Without your caress and love!!! I love you mine Francesco!!
My heart misses you my prince. Francesco without you there is no sense in my life.
Francesco, you my significant other. I love you and I want to be with you!
Excuse me my sweet, but I could not write to you on weekends. I have been very occupied. I had to work on weekends. As at me was a lot of housework. I erased, cleaned a room. I hope that you do not become angry about me because of it.
My sweet, I am very glad that you are ready to send phone already. You say that remains a few places. And you ask me that I still would like to receive. I do not know that I still want. Put in this small space of. I want to receive you.
Nevertheless, my darling, at you in Switzerland hours and knifes are famous. Probably you could put something from them in a box? But if you can not, in it anything terrible is not present. I will be glad to phone.
My bear cub Francesco I love you. You in my dreams and dreams. My big love I love only you, only you my happiness.
Your love and your passion are necessary for me. Only you understand me.
Mine Francesco I want to love you and to kiss you.
I want to tell you gentle words, "I love you mine Francesco".
My tender Francesco I love only you. You my love and my hope. My love I love only you. For you I store the fidelity.
My gentle Francesco I again say to you that I love you. My love, each time when I see from you the letter.
I understand even more that you too cannot live without me.
You my unique love. I am grateful to destiny that it has connected us. I am burnt with your love to me.
It is necessary for me, that you caressed me and gently said words about love.
My love Francesco I again say to you that I store myself for you.
If we are together I will be the happiest girl in the world.
I stop to write you this letter. I will wait for your answer. I love you and only you are necessary to me.
I send to you many hot kisses. I hope that they I will not have time to cool down before reception of this letter by you.
If they are still hot tell to me about it.
I will know that these kisses to inform to you all my heat.
With love yours Mariya!

Letter 20

Hello my Francesco! I thank you that you calm me the letters. You are necessary to me. Your tenderness and your heat is necessary to me. You for me as air. I choke, when I do not see your letter impregnated with your love and tenderness. Mine Francesco, we will be happy, when we will be together. I promise it to you. We will rejoice to each day lived together. Francesco I want you to embrace and kiss mine. My tender Francesco, I lay yesterday on a bed and thought: would be miracle if you have appeared in my window and has sung a song about love. Then you would present to me red roses - a love and understanding symbol. Then I would let in you my cold bed. My bed would be filled by high temperature and happiness. Mine Francesco I again dream as we with you we use our happiness together. My love, I will be happy only near to you. Mine Francesco, I dream, when to me very alone to lie in this cold bed. But if you were a number to me it would not be cold. You will heat me the heat. I will be very happy, when it will be in a reality. I dream of when we will spend together ours with you time. To me it is again very lonely without you. I want to enjoy each minute of your presence. Only you in my soul, only you in my heart. Only your letter calms me these days loneliness. My love Francesco, I want to lay the head to you on a breast and to hear palpation of your loving heart. My gentle Francesco, I want to hear your songs about love which you can give me. My love to you is very strong. Only you my happiness. I love you, and I like to receive from you letters.
My love, certainly I would be glad to receive from you lingerie. My growth makes approximately 166 My weight see is about 55 kg.
It is pleasant to me to read your letter, my body wants love from you. It wants passion and fire. Mine Francesco I love you. You in my dreams and dreams. My big love I love only you, only you my happiness. Your love and your passion are necessary for me. Only you understand me. Mine Francesco I want to love you and to kiss you. I want to tell you gentle words, "I love you mine Francesco". Mine Francesco I love only you. You my love and my hope. My love I love only you. For you I store the fidelity.
Francesco I again say mine to you that I love you. My love, each time when I see from you the letter, I understand even more that you too cannot live without me. You my unique love. I am grateful to destiny that it has connected us. I am burnt with your love to me. It is necessary for me, that you caressed me and gently said words about love. Francesco I again say mine to you that I store myself for you. If we are together I will be the happiest girl in the world. I stop to write you this letter. I will wait for your answer. I love you and only you are necessary to me. I send to you many hot kisses. I hope that they I will not have time to cool down before reception of this letter by you. If they are still hot tell to me about it. I will know that these kisses to inform to you all my heat.
With love yours Mariya!

Letter 21

Hello my love Francesco!
Yesterday before a dream, I long thought of us with you. I thought of our feelings.
Also has asked itself one question. A question, on which at everyone or nearly so at each person the answer.
In the world many people speak about love. Many people feel it. But how to describe this feeling?
Feeling of flight and paradise on the earth. Feeling without which difficult and probably it is impossible to live. Each person wishes to love and be favourite.
Yes, we celebrate Christmas on January, 7th. Till December, 31st we will have full time. Then till January, 10th will be weekends.
Excuse, but I could not understand about Babushka. Babushka is there will be a grandmother. Probably you had Santa Claus? But at us in Russia instead of Santa Claus - "DED MOROZ".
All times people struggled for love. Because of love died, because of love were at war, because of love empires collapsed.
I have asked myself a question how to explain love? I could offer to myself explanations.
Mine Francesco, you know that there are people who fly with a parachute.
These people rise on the big height by the plane and then jump from the plane downwards.
These people do not know fear. But at heart these people are afraid to fly downwards because the dome can not reveal in air.
My love when you fly downwards with a parachute, then at you passion. It it is possible to give an example to love.
These can show that such love. When the person flies downwards he thinks, if only the dome has revealed.
He thinks only about one. And its thoughts are filled by it. It all flies and thinks and enjoys beauty of the world.
He looks at the world from height. But when the dome reveals, he understands that there is no reason on anxieties more.
And only then he enjoys beauty of everything that sees.
He can see much because it will fly more silently than when the dome did not reveal.
It also is love because it will be glad that the dome has revealed also all goes as it is necessary.
But when it only left the plane in opened spaces it is covered by fear. It also is passion.
The person needs to risk to understand that with it. And only then he understands that it and is true love which he so long waited.
Mine Francesco I transfer you this example, because I think how to describe love. How to understand that your feelings and are love.
I have understood by means of this example. I have understood everything that name love.
This special feelings to love the person and to be happy, when it near to you. This special pleasure which nothing to replace.
It also is true love which so strongly woke up all this time.
I feel that my dome has revealed also I understand that it and there is a love which so is promptly directed on you.
I cannot without you my love. And I want to be with you and to love you. And this feeling always with me because my dome has revealed.
And this great happiness for me that my dome has revealed.
And I am happy that I will be with you and only with you my love.
I will wait your letter.
Yours for ever love Mariya.

Letter 22

My lovely prince Francesco!!
My darling, do not believe everything that is written on the Internet. The present legend says that DED MOROZ (Santa Claus) comes with the grand daughter (the young lady). This young lady name "SNEGUROCHKA". Not BABUSHKA. At DED MOROZ and SNEGUROCHKA there is an assistant - SNEGOVIK. I will send pictures of each of them.
Ded MOROZ and SNEGUROCHKA come not for Christmas, and for New Year. In Russia New Year wait more than Christmas. Therefore New Year is the big holiday, than Christmas. In Russia many do not believe in God, therefore many do not follow the Divine Laws.
You say that the prices for apartment cheap here in Russia. It not so. The prices for apartment very expensive. An average salary in Russia 15000 roubles (500$). And the one-room apartment has cost in 1500000 roubles (50000$). I hope that you understand now all quotations in Russia. And at the black Sea cost of apartment is even more expensive. Certainly, I would be glad to get the house at the black sea.
Certainly you will learn Russian. It is obligatory. I will train you in all.
I do not love football. I think that it is senseless game. Excuse me if I offend you it. After all football players receive money more than those who saves lives (rescuers, doctors, firemen).
Here my dreams of you my prince!! I dream of you only.
To fall asleep in your hands, to wake up from your warm breath.
To sit, having drawn in under itself feet, and to look, how you prepare.
To watch a film, having put a chin to you on a breast.
To inhale your smell, such fresh and warm, having been absorbed in your neck.
To take your an arm, going out of doors.
To fall asleep, having put a head to you on knees and feeling, as you finger-tips drive to me on a back.
To go with you along the street, a hand in a hand, sometimes compressing fingers that you to me heated them.
As the cat to compress cams, sticking nails into palms not to scratch you.
To examine your smile in the sleep, a silhouette of your such children's face, your such correct nose and kind eyes with long eyelashes.
To approach and embrace you, having felt, as you kiss my hair.
Standing nearby, to feel, how you strong-strong nestle on me because was tired, and all complexities to us to pass together easier.
To nestle a cheek on your cheek.
To feed you with tasty fruit from hands.
To listen, as you breathe to me in an ear.
To breathe on you that you have turned and has kissed me.
To lie under your hand, choking, but without daring to move not to wake you.
To wake up from your kiss, such gentle, warm and morning.
Remembering you, to feel, how finger-tips grow cold.
To know that under your T-shirt there is a secret known only to you and me.
To sit on work and to wait for your letter.
To be assured that between us never there will be another. It be simple cannot. I know.
To fall asleep in your T-shirt, feeling your smell.
To die of tenderness, falling in your embraces.
I will wait very much your letter.
Yours for ever love Mariya.

Letter 23

Hi my love of Francesco! ! !
I was glad to receive your letter. But I couldn't understand some moments.
Why you ask me who I am? After all I told everything about myself at the beginning of our acquaintance. I wrote you about myself, about my hobby, about my work. I as wrote about my last relations. Certainly I understand that I didn't tell a lot of things to you. But you as have to understand that in the letter you won't tell a lot of things. I told you the basic. To recognize each other completely, we will need some years. I hide nothing, but it is sometimes difficult to write about myself. I never communicated on the Internet, and it as my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet. You know that acquaintance in reality and on the Internet differs much. Yes, probably I didn't answer your some questions. But you understand me that I for the first time got acquainted on the Internet. Therefore first of all I try to tell you my dreams, my plans, my feelings and emotions. Because of it I simply forgot to answer your questions. Probably you had to understand it.
About a family I didn't write you because I have no family. My parents died a few years ago. It is simply heavy to me to remember them because they very much don't suffice to me.
YOU speak about my passport. YOU ask me that then when I will have a passport. I thought we already agreed about a meeting. After all I asked you about my arrival to you. You told that you will be glad to meet me. And I already decided that I will be prepared for our meeting. I would like to come to you at least for 1 month, if you not against.
About work I wrote you. I work from Monday to Friday. I work from 8th morning, to 6 o'clock in the evening. Sometimes I should work at weekends. Once a Year we have holiday which 1 month lasts. But I had no holiday 3 years. Therefore I can take vacation for 2 months.
How you could think what I can send letters and photos to other men? How? YOU don't trust me? Yes, I have beautiful photos. I am photographed by my friend. Photography is its hobby. It has the professional camera. Therefore she learns to photograph, training on me. I from it not against, I only am glad to have beautiful photos. Show me the girl who won't worry about how she looks in the photo. Any girl wants to look in the photo beautifully to be best of all.
I never deceived you. I was always honest and sincere with you. Because I love you, and I want to be with you. I hope, what you understand now why I didn't answer your questions why I look beautifully in photos? I hope told about myself more? Now you will trust that to me?
Now I will finish my letter. I hope that tomorrow you will write to me. I will wait very much your letter.
Know, my love, I love you. I will always love you.
Your big love forever Mariya.

Letter 24

My love Francesco
My sweet Francesco so has missed you, you simply do not represent to yourself. Very much-very, strongly-strongly.
When all it will come to an end? This world is not lovely to me.
And this expectation, infinitely lasting minutes.
I look at street - fantastically beautiful sky, stars as if thousand sparks lighted together,
The new moon, and silence, in soft light of lanterns all looks on especial. But without you. Unless it is fair?
When your heart rather huge, apparently, that almost you feel it, so it is full of love.
When suddenly suddenly it would be desirable to say, tell to you everything that you feel.
My love, all of us will in details discuss about our meetings. We still have a lot of time. I understand all problems which will be at my arrival to you. But I think that we will solve them.
My sweet, I very much hope that tomorrow you can already send phone. I very much want to stir with you much.
And again anything, you as if the imperceptible. Why you are not present nearby?
It would be desirable to nestle simply on you, to feel your force, to feel such fragile in your strong embraces, simply to be dissolved.
You think, simply naive girl with childly romantic representation about the world?
No, simply I love you... I Love and will always love.
My prince I always think of you and I will wish and dream you.
You my prince and I yours forever.
Yours for ever love Mariya.

Letter 25

Francesco, my bear cub, sweetie pie!
My heart is happy, it is in a cradle of the most gentle hands, and it loves you.
Loves pure, light, not exacting love.
To it it is not necessary anything except possibility to be near to the favourite. And it is necessary for me …
To be near to you, to feel warmth of your breath, tenderness of your hands, to catch your bewitching smell, to thaw in your embraces, to feel taste of your kisses.
«Life one. Also it would be desirable to live it so that it was not painfully sick for aimlessly lived years».
Now I cannot present, how I could so long to live without you?! And how to live in general without you? I have very strongly got used to you, to your eyes radiating pleasure and tenderness, to your wonderful letters.
Still never, to you, I could not feel heat and pleasure in a shower only that nearby there is someone who can simply sit and look at you, to ask nothing, about what not to ask …
You at all do not represent to yourself, how much to me it is good with you! You pleasure!
I would like to rejoice together with you when at you all is good, to long, when something is impossible, to feel the necessary person in your life.
You - the most good, light, kind that happen with me lately. No. Not so. Not lately, and in general in my life!!!
My sun, my gentle, I love You!
«I love you not for the one who you, and for the one who I, when I with you».
What can I make, that it has not ended?
To kiss gently in lips and to look in the face?
Lovely darling I love....
Today there was a good mood. I thought of you my favourite. And now I re-read your lines.
My love, you asked me about when it is better to me to arrive to you. I would like to arrive to you in the end of spring or in the summer. I think that it would be the best idea. But I cannot solve it itself. After all it is necessary to look at your circumstances.
I want to be with you wash the prince. I want I love and I will love for ever.
Your princess Mariya

Letter 26

Hi Francesco!
My love, I is very glad that today you can send phone. I would like to ask you. YOU could send for me together with phone still a coin in 5 euro on good luck?
My darling as soon as I will connect simcard I I will give at once to you my phone number.
About expression which you did not understand. Probably I have not correctly written. But I meant that I very much missed you that you at all do not know about it.
My love, I understand what very long to wait prior to the beginning of summer. But I should work in February and in March. And I cannot meet you in Moscow.
My lovely prince Francesco you Know for a long time wanted to tell to you... That I love you!
I love how nobody loved you... Also I will love.
I all the same will love, love you very much, all soul.
Anybody is not necessary to me another, only you... You one...
You have started up a light beam in my heart! I am warmed by one thoughts on you!
I never thought that is capable so to love
To love without demanding anything in exchange.
When you have appeared in my life I had a hope that all the same it can will be filled what that with sense... And sense of my life now you... You do not think, it not delirium of the silly little girl...
I and itself also did not suspect earlier that I can write such a coma that.
Probably you have appeared not simply so in my life and to change me and my relation to it and I is glad that it has occurred. I do not know as though lived without you...
Probably simply existed.
Francesco, Thanks, thanks for that that you are!! I love my lovely prince Francesco!
My darling your letters in my heart. You my destiny and my tenderness. I want to caress you and to embrace my hero.
You my dream and love. I want to be eternal with you.
The love, that which in my heart always with you. Remember it. My gentle romanticist.
Behind a window now again clouds and day is cloudy. Thoughts on you disperse clouds.
I love I Love you!!
Your darling Mariya

Letter 27

Hi my love Francesco!
I was happy to see your letter.
My love, I is very glad that at you it has turned out to send phone. I very much hope that I can soon receive phone.
As soon as I will receive a package, I will check all. And at once I will inform you on contents.
My sweet, do not worry that I cannot put microsim. It not the big problem. In telephone shop to me all will make. If they break something, they will buy to me new. I already came up against such situation. I gave a microwave on repair, but they to me have broken it completely. I do not know, is possible they it have dropped. I have achieved that they bought to me a new microwave.
I will do for you not only 2 photos. When I will receive phone, I will do for you many beautiful photos. And video.
I would be glad, if you can arrive in Mozhga. Because I cannot meet you in Moscow. As I spoke to you already, I will need to work. I cannot take a compensatory holiday. Even if you would arrive to Moscow in weekends I would not have not enough time to return back home that then to go for work. You probably already looked on a card where there is my city. It approximately 1000?? from Moscow. To go to Moscow, 18 hours is required approximately.
My favourite and noble prince Francesco!
I many times represented our meeting. As it will occur.
I think it will be in the unforgettable afternoon for us.
For us together my prince. For you and for me.
In the street it is very cold, but it cannot cool completely this passion in me.
This passion to you. To you my favourite Francesco!
It as the bright summer sun shines in me for you. Nobody can extinguish my love.
I love I love you!! Sincerely and purely!!
I want to be with you wash favourite bear cub Francesco.
To feel all that you feel.
We should be together. I mentally now send you the kiss to you.
Close the eyes, relax. Present that I am near to you.
Gently I concern with the lips of your lips! You feel it?
I love you Francesco!! I love!!!
My prince I end the the letter. Know that I love you my prince and I will always love.
I would not like to end the letter. I would like to share with you all feelings, which in me.
We yet together....
It is certainly sad, but thoughts on you will disperse any grief. Any hardship and problems.
I love you my bear cub Francesco!
Again I read your magnificent letter and I look at your photos.
They are magnificent! I love you my lovely bear cub Francesco!
My prince, I always think of you. Constantly
My lips thirst your kiss. Your hot and passionate I will kiss.
I can not express those emotions and words which in me. They overflow my heart.
This sun, this sky, is a singing bird under my window. They remind me you.
Now I will finish my letter.
I will wait very much your letter.
Yours for ever love, Mariya.

Letter 28

Hello my darling Francesco!
Again I write you the letter. To you my unique prince Francesco!
Again I re-read each lines of your letters. From it my heart fights even more strongly.
I love you my prince and I want to feel your heat near to myself. That you kissed me on cheeks and caressed me. My favourite hero.
Each cage of my body waits for you. In the street solar, but wind weather. The wind cold rustles and howls, as a wild animal in wood.
Windows on street are densely closed to write you the letter my favourite Francesco.
You know that I feel, when I write to you?
This that intangible feeling which we do me more close to you. Does my feeling the heavenly is even more light also.
As a lung air. It heats my heart and is poured by delightful juice in my soul.
Such minutes I feel such happy.
But I want more, I want to feel you nearby!!
Yes, nearby!! And except you my lovely prince Francesco, nobody is necessary to me. You are necessary only, only you!!
You my prince Francesco! And my love.
When I will be with you. This constant expectation of our meeting. I very much would like to be with you, our hearts are connected by an invisible thread. The thread is love!
Distances, time are subject to love. The main thing is love. I trust in it. Do not think that I am too naive.
But with you, with your lines I feel such pleasure. When we can enjoy a number and together. My favourite prince.
Now I drink green tea and I think of you. But time goes. So passes hour after an hour. Day after day. Week after a week. I miss you my prince. My favourite Francesco.
My love if you can reach my city I will be very glad to meet you. It is not necessary to reserve hotel. YOU can remain in my apartment.
I love you for that that you have brought in my heart it is a pure feeling. Feeling of Love!!
I am very happy. But I am am grieved with that I yet with you. Not with my favourite prince. I very much want to be near to you and to enjoy the happy moments of pleasure and happiness with you. With you my tender and gentle prince. You with me are very gentle. From it I all shine from happiness. My favourite Francesco!
I send you the air kiss.
Let it will fly by distances and will be in this letter!!
I kiss you my hero Francesco!
I will wait your letter.
Yours for ever love Mariya.

Letter 29

My lovely prince Francesco, I read again your fine letter. And feelings overflow my heart.
Again new day without you and without your love.
Probably I very sensitive girl, your letters always touch my heart, but they will not allow to me the main thing - to see you nearby and to feel you.
My love, I learnt about hotel. I have chosen for you the cheapest hotel that you did not spend many money. After all you will live all the same at me.
Here the address and hotel phone number.

Russia, City - Mozhga, street - Lenina, house number - 18. The Postal index - 427790. The hotel name - Yubileinaya.
Hotel phone number - +73413930512

Here my address. A city - Mozhga, street - Kirova, house number - 20, my full name - Mariya Perevozchikova.

Every day without you, fills my heart with grief and I understand that life without you is impossible.
I am grateful to destiny that has met you in the lives. Even grey clouds in the sky do not spoil my mood.
After all thoughts on you it is a sun and happiness beam. It disperses all clouds and spills bright light in my soul.
Each part of your words contains heat.
And this heat is transferred in me.
It helps me a difficult minute.
You my favourite prince Francesco! You Francesco!
I love you.
Now it is time to me to come back home. I would not like to leave.
I would like to write you the letter to look at your photos. But it is necessary to come back home already.
I send you the gentle air kiss. My favourite.
Tomorrow I hope to see in a mail box your wonderful letter.
Your favourite Mariya.

Letter 30

Hi respected Francesco!!!
I want to admit to you. I ask not to be angry with me. It is all a deceit. I will explain to you why I am engaged in it. Me have forced to be engaged in it because to me threatened. I did not go to police because I am afraid for the parents. Forgive me. Now anybody is not present, and consequently I have dared to admit to you. It is not necessary to get divorced from the wife, do not ruin the life. Now 80 % of girls on a dating site are a deceit. Forgive me that I deceived you. Forgive that I played with your feelings. I understand that it painfully to hear. But you know that the pain leaves in due course. Love the wife. But if you want the Russian girl you should arrive to Russia, get acquainted with the Russian girl in the street. Only after that you can be assured that do not deceive you. Do not trust the Internet. You should look at all sober words. Forgive, I cannot write more.
Be not angry with me. I did not have a choice.
About phone. I do not know, whether your phone will reach the specified address. This address was my friend. I cannot receive phone because I have broken phone of my friend, and I promised to present phone to it. Therefore this phone remains to it. Forgive me.



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