Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Cherem to Wit (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello !. Firstly , I would like to apologize for the I bothered you. I considered your profile and has not been able to write to you to decide email. I was afraid to write to you. This is why no terrible I understand that you are surprised to receive my letter. we do not know each other, but I would like to get to know you better. I understand that you would not know much about me. I I wish to tell a little information about yourself : my name : Nastya. I live in Russia , city Lykoyanov. I still could not find decent man with whom I can build your relationship strong family. I do not have children , or when I was not married. I think children - this is happiness. Im 39 years. but even at that age , I still have not found a decent Man. for each person has its second half , but we need to look for their other half. many people just waiting to come when fate them. themselves must try to find their fortunes. I decided to treat Finding a decent man seriously.
in the past, I have hurt the heart. the worlds many spoiled people , and among such people not just to find a decent man. I decided to use the Internet to search for their fate. Maybe in your life , too, was not a good experience. I aim to find your other half in this world to create a happy life, family , and I reacted to it with the utmost seriousness. I very much hope youre just the man to be taken seriously.
between us long distance, we should not be afraid of it the distance between us is. people may have friends in any part of the world. distance should not be barrier. I understand you will not just decide to write to me , but I hope for your decisiveness. if you have serious intentions , I ll wait Your letters.
I hope youre not going to play games with me. if youre not interested in me, that is not should write to me. my intentions are serious , and Im not going play games. we adults and people have to take everything seriously|were not children to play game , you have to be responsible and serious|play ****** games only people , we need to have serious intentions]. say that a lot of hype on the Internet and spoiled people. but Im not 20 years old, to play games. Im 39 years old and I m serious about everything. with time, you be able to understand my feelings and make sure that my intentions are serious. I I think that you do not often check the mailbox and can see my letter immediately, if there are serious , then I await your answer when. Ill try to check mail very often in the hope that you will answer me. in next letter I will tell you about his life. in my letter I give his picture , I hope you enjoy. I hope to receive your letter.
Sincerely , Nastya.
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