Scam letter(s) from Grace Adei Kotey to Alan (Qatar)

Letter 1
Hello my dear,
I hope all is well with you, My name is Adelyn I am 33 years of age, single never married,I am in Ghana. I am honest, loyal, understanding, courageous and respectful and i want to meet that special man i will love with all my heart and soul, I am ready to love and be loved and i hope i can meet that special man soon. In spite of my young age I am a serious and mature girl and I know what I want and what I need from this life. Among my positive features are responsibility, kindness and good sense of humor. Sometimes I can be stubborn, but this trait helps me to achieve my goals, so it is not a bad feature to my opinion. I am very affectionate person and I love touching and kissing. I am a very fun-loving girl. So you can be sure in one thing – you will never be bored with me.
I want to meet a reliable man, who can be caring and loving and who can treat his woman like a lady. I appreciate purposefulness and generosity in man, and I’m not talking about financial aspect. What I want is my man to be giving in showing his feelings about me. Where are you, my dream? I hope to hear from my dream man soon so that we can build a strong relationship together...Take care and i hope to hear from you soon..Adelyn
Letter 2
Hello Al,
How are you today? I hope that you are doing good as i am also doing now, by the way thank you so much for your message and also telling me more about yourself , it has really put a smile on my face, you are a such a nice man and i am happy to meet such a man like you and i hope that we can get to know ourselves well and plan and meet so that we can get to know ourselves well in person and build the kind of relationship we both want my dear, Thank you for telling me about your family and your past as well.
I have been hurt before in the past and now i want to meet that special man i can always love and care for, i can promise and swear with my life that if we meet and we are together, i can never cheat on you, that is never my style, and i will never do that for any reason what so ever. I am happy that now you have the time , atleast when we are together you can make me happy, you said that you dont know weather it will be possible to be in a serious relationship again, but i think that since we are talking now and getting to know ourselves, we can build that relationship and we can be happy, Since you have so many years in Qatar, that means if one day we want to meet then that means i need to meet you in Qatar right, Villa is a very big a beautiful house, and you live there all alone?
You have alot of fun , that is really nice, i have always wanted to pray golf sometime, but i have heard it cost alot to play so i have never been there to play, theatre, cinema, concert, is very nice for me, i enjoy them, i also will like walking with my man holding each others hands, and having a smile on each others face, playing tennis, singing, watching movies, and anything that put a smile on our face. I don't think our age is going to be a problem at all my dear, what i think we need to do is when we meet, we need to be patient and know ourselves well, we need to learn our likes and dislikes, we need to learn how we can be very compatible, build a strong relationship and i believe we can be very perfect.
Every one want something in life, and it can be different from your partners own, but i believe if you meet the one you truly love, you need to work together so that you can have a common goal, I know love is very beautiful and sweet, but only those who are ready and work for it get the best of it, I am happy that you said you want a stable and loving relationship, that is exactly what i want as well, and i promise you that i can never cheat on you my dear, I promise you that when i am in relationship i get very committed with all my heart and soul, and i am ready to sacrifice everything to make my relationship work, and to put a smile on my mans face. A picture of me and my sister
My phone is not very good now, i can also text and call with it, so i will text you later, so that we can talk there as well my dear, It is really nice to meet you Al

Take care and please be safe for me

Letter 3
Hi Al,
Nice to hear from you soo quick, i am happy that you like what i said, thankx for the compliment, My father and mom are from the UK, my father was working here in Ghana, so they came here in Ghana and stay here, then i was born here in Ghana, since then i have live in Ghana all my life, unfortunately my father is dead , so i have been living with my mum and my sister here, my father is still schooling, she want to be a professional photographer when she complete school, i studied to be a nurse, and i have finish it, but i decided to help the orphanage kids, with what i learn, so i take care of the orphanage kids, and also i teach them English and moral studies, but i have decided that if i meet my man i will love, then i will start to do a work i can get paid so that i can support my man. Wow i really like your picture you just sent me, you look soo handsome, and the car is fantastic as well, what kind of a car is that, and is that your Villa that you were standing behind? I will try and get a phone i can use whatsapp on it so that we can use that, as that will be very fun and nice as well, i hope i have been able to answer your questions well, and you can ask me anything you want to know about me...Adelyn
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