Scam letter(s) from Dorice Asare to Ric (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Good afternoon Mr. Richard,
Nice meeting you and i Mr. Edward an agent from the Godsgracetraveling and tour ..Well Mr .Richard ,Your wife Doris now has all the necessary documents needed in traveling as we asked they to bring all the needed document before we could see what we can do about her getting into NZ.. Well what she needs now is the airfare and the declaration ..She can't fly to you without booking flight and declaration ..All that your wife Doris need now is flight and the declaration nothing more..thanks Mr.Richard hope to hear from you soon
Letter 2
P.O. Box 006, Police Headquarters,
Website :
Ghana Police Service, Good Citizen. Atten; Dear Richard We really hope that this message is coming to you direct and please immediately you receive this message do let us know because we need to carry on with this imposter's work accordingly, Mr.Richard we trying to call you to explained you on phone that we have three gentlemen and one lady with the name doris arrested in the Western Union but one of them came from Nigeria and through our investigation we discovered your email address and phone number from them which i used to contact you.I we try calling you but could not reach you, hope the address below is a true address of you :

Please we don't have anything with you now but all we need is for you to send down every information's and transaction and pictures of all those whom have scammed you and you count very well how much you have spent under scamer's down here in Africa so far because first thing tomorrow morning we will lead them to court and from the court they will be charge to jail. So you do mail us back now with this needed details if you don't know the exactly amount you have spent to Africa especially in Ghana and Nigeria under scammer's control then you just tell us that you don't know the amount so that the court will charge the Country how much they will pay you as your re-Compensation.We await to have the details from you as soon as you get this mail. On what ever happen to Court we will let you know. Thanks,
Letter 3
Good evening ... Mr Richard
well its seems you are not serious to work with us for us to help you to get back all your money .. cus we told you to send us the 500$ so that we can start prossing this case and now you are here requting... more information.. well just lets us know when you are ready and serious to send the money .. so that we will also get you more information ... we have done our best to arrested ... this three men that gose the name with Doris Asare ... and now you dont want to send this 500$ just to prossing them to court and get all back your money for you ... well like we said just lets us know when you are serious to send the money and get back to us .. and we will also get you more information ...Thank You
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