Romance scam letter(s) from Franca Fernando to Joe (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Joe,
I am also looking for a serious relationship.
I am single, 34 years. I am in Florida, USA, I was brought up in Ghana, Africa.
Which country do you live?
Letter 2
Hi Baby,
I am okay and i hope you are okay too.
Thanks for the picture but i was expecting you to send me another picture.
Letter 3
Hi baby,
How are you?
I arrived Ghana last week Saturday, and on Monday this week was Easter holiday
I hope you remember that i told you about my assets.
The assets is 90 kg of gold that my father deposit in savings company.
I went to the company yesterday to see the manager in order to claim the assets. The assets is intact and i need your help to claim it.
Why I need your help is because of the following reason.
My father deposits the assets with a condition. The condition is that without someone from a develop country that has a working experience for some years or business person that is capable to manage the assets; the assets should not be release.
My father gave this condition due to the fact that I cannot manage the assets during the time he deposit the assets in the savings company.
When the assets is release, we will sell it and whatever we get from the sales, you will get 30% share.
Please I need your support.
I will be waiting for your reply.
You can call or send me sms, my phone number is +233240709878.
I will send you a scan copy of the document when I hear from you.
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