Scam Letter(s) from Linda Buli to Jeremy (Canada)

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Letter 1

Dearest One,
I am very much happy to hear from you.I am the first duaghter of an ex military/ex president been an opposition party to the present Government of COTE D`IVOIRE. On the 19th sept 2002 my father/mother including every members of our family was murdered by the unknown REBELS during the time they attack our house by shooting and looting, even this is one of the things that contributed to the present crisis in our country today.
God so kind I was not in town when the incident occurred, the plans of the REBELS is to kill every members of our family so that no one will rise up to revenge as time goes on. I am in our country without any one knowing although I am on hiding so that the unknown REBELS will not get to me and kill me like they killed all the members of our family. Why I still stay back in our country is to transfer the $18.5mUSD which my late father deposited in the custody of AFRICAN JOINT SECURITY ASSISTANCE COMPANY, he deposited the fund as a family treasure containing AFRICAN ART WORK FOR EXPORT for security reasons, as security company does not operate as bank where some one can deposit his/her money openly.
Before the death of my father he gave me the covering documents of the fund deposited in the security company, as I am his first duaghter and he so much loved me that was why he made me the beneficiary of the two iron trunk boxes containing the $18.5mUSD. Right now I wish to transfer this fund to you so that you will assist me to invest the money into any viable sector in your country, also you will help me to join you in your country for me to start up a new life with you there immediately the fund gets to you. since I am no longer safe as far as Africa is concern at the moment, I wanted to transfer the fund before leaving the country because this fund is my last hope and the only hope I have now.
Before I even pick you to assist me I have prayed and slept over it asking God to provide for me a Godly minded person that will assist me in this transaction. I will give you more details of the transaction in my next mail. Also i will apreciate you, to reply me back on my private email: for security purpose.
Awaiting to here from you.
Rose Guei.

Letter 2

My dearest Lovely One,

Good day and how are you today?

Thanks very much for your mail, so I will like to let you understand that it is my willingness to go into partnership with you,it is true that I do not know you for the first time rather have we meet before,but I believe that my contacting you is based on trust which GOD the most merciful has placed on us through our believe and be in the present to assist a person in need just as I have wished every good humanbeing should do

Dearest lovely one,I want you to understand that we have a political problem going on in this country now and many souls are dieing because of the war so I want to leave this country and join you which made me to seek for your assistance in claiming out my consignment out from the security company where the boxes that contains the money was deposited by my late father as I have made you to understand as containing family tressure which is not money and I do not want the security company to know this under any circumstance as I do not want anything to happen to me as you can understand that Africa is a very bad continent with full of hatered and wickedness portrating in the minds of it citizens which have kept us behind in the whole continent in the world.

Dearest lovely one,I want you to do everything human possible to see that this boxes is claimed out from the security company and transfer to your country for onward investment in your country.

I went directely to the Security Company after reading your mail and introduce you briefly to them as they work 24 hours no stoping, although i did not gave them your contact informations as i did not have them, and furtunately they accepted to recognise you. so i am giving you the information of the deposit, for you to contact them and discuss arrangement on how to transfer this my consignment to your country, as quickly as this consignment is transfered, i will fly down immediately to meet with you. below are the security company contact: when contacting them you can tell them that you are my father's business partiner or you are my fiance so that they will believe that you knows me very well. below are their contacts:

TEL: +225-08-16-85-31. FAX: +225-2156-7556

Understand something very important, the security company do not know that the consignment contains money, my father did register it as containing family valuable/treasure effects, so if they ask you the contents, please do not let them know it is money, just tell them family valuables/treasure effects.

Give them the registration code and referrence numbers if not they will not talk or respond to you.


Please do let them know that they need to do this transfer as soon as possible, as to enable me rejoin you, as it is my wish for them to transfer the consignment to your country as you may know that i am in danger here. Please try as much as you can to get this done as I will like to leave here as quickly as possible, leting them knows that it is money, I am not safe here and I am very much afraid of my life.
also when they transfer the consignment to your country, by then you can open an account where you will lodge the whole money for onward investment which you will be the caretaker and i further my education in your country.

I think the security company knows the best and safest way to get transfer the consignment to your country, i am informed that they use diplomatic means so that the consignment will not searched or inspect by any costom or police on it's way,so effect arrangement in this regards.

Do let me know of your correspondences with them as quickly as you contact them, but they may ask you for the slip covering the deposit so I have enclose it to you here, again though i have also taken it to them. but please my dear, do not disclose this and the existance of this money to anybody, all the information i am giving to you should remain top secret to us two alone, promise me. !
I also attached my another pictures for you to knows me very well and also my brith certificate also kindly forward yours on your next mail along with your contact informations such as your full name and phone number so that i may call you when necessarry,
I can't wait to meeting you and i will be glad for us to be together, hope it will work.
With love and kisses,

Letter 3

Hi my lovely horney,
I am very much happy as to received your mail and was so much sorry for your illness, hoping that almighty God will be with you and also heal you very soon. Horney you asked me question as to regards to the money, horney my money is not in the bank rather it is in the security company custody and this security company does not wark as bank, so try to understand what you and I is doing don't because of SANDRA you misunderstand me, please becarefull of what you and I is doing, horney it is not only me have problem in this world her own maybe truth but I am suspecting her because of she use my pictures to send to you that is where i am so much afraid and haing a feeling that she was sent by the enemies of my DAD.
So horney I have sent you the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT and also sent you my ID CARD together with the my BIRTH CERTIFICATE so horney please try to remove me out from this wicked country, also as I earlier told you that the security company does notr know tha real contents of the boxes as my father did registerd it as FAMILY VALUABLE not as money because of security reasons, also horney please do not waist more time, I really knows that it is not easy to get the money which the security company told you to send but because of what I am passing through here so do try to look for the money today and tomorrow and send it to the security company so that they will change the ownership in your name so that you will be the irightfull beneficiary of the consignment by then they will proceed further for the delivering of the boxes to your country.
Horney again try to make sure that you finalise this matter this week so that when you receive the boxes this week by then I will be coming over to meet with you immediately without further delay.
Horney here you will also find my another pictures which I have sent to you I do this because the love is increasing every bless day so horney I saw yours too you are a fine man indeed, I will be happy to see you face to face in your country very soon.
With love and kisses ,

Letter 4

Attention to: Jeremy langley:


Ref:/TAS/RHB-LM 208695000COB..

Your mail was well received. Your fiancee Miss Rose Guei Did appraoch our office since few days ago confirming your mail to our company, As a matter of fact, the PYRAMID TRUST SERVICES INC.. offers you the best security services, we have a modus of apprandi which makes us to be among the leading and most sucessfull security firms in the sub-continent.

Note that the above referrenced consignment will be transfered to you in your country, through special Diplomatic courier services, of the (PTS)-Diplomatic Corps, in respect of the Diplomatic immuinity.

While you are advised to reconfirm your full address for cross-checking and also forward us your ID CARD copy or your DRIVEN LINCES copy or your INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT copy so that our Diplomat will use it to know who you are before handling over the boxes to you, Before proceeding for the delivering of the consignment to your country, A CERTIFICATE OF CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP will be obtain in your name so as to enable you to be the rightfull beneficiary of the consignment as the DIPLOMAT will not hand over the consignment to you without your name be change as a rightfull beneficiary of the consignment. So this CERTIFICATE OF CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP will be issued to you through our company LAWYER and will also nutralise in the highy court of justice here in ABIDJAN, so to obtain this CERTIFICATE OF CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP in your name will cost you ( 750.$ US ) once again, as soon as we obtain this CERTIFICATE we will immediately send over to you throguh attachment or by fax before the DIPLOMAT will take off for the delivering of the said consignment.
You are advised to make this payment through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER or SEND IT THROUGH MONEY GRAM TRANSFER, as it is much more faster and convinient to us.

Send to Dr. Chico Kone, (MD),


Call or email this office on the control number. We can as well provide our bank account detail information, at your request.

But it will take us 48 hrs (working hrs) to complete this transfer to your country.
If seek further operational detailed clarification, you can call our office to speak to our Controller General/Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Chico Kone, tel, direct == +225 08-16-85-31.

While we look forward to hearing from you and serving you again, please accept the heart-felt complement of the management and staff of the PYRAMID TRUST SERVICES INC.


Very truly yours,

Ms. Linda Williams, ( COMPANY SECRETARY)



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