Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Fred (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend Fred! I'm so glad to receive a letter from you today. it means that I'm interested . It is very nice to me! now I confident that we can know each other better .
I want to say that I do not have facebook and various other social networks because I do not communicate with people on the Internet. I like live chat when I see a man .
I love my writing . I think it's very romantic !
I like to wait for your answer and I have the excitement when I read your letter.
I want to tell you about one more reason that made me write to you ... How do you know I'm 28 years old and I have my family. on Actually, I really want to have my happy family, a loving husband and children. But it's not really find a good husband in Russia.
I had a friend , but we broke up a year ago ... It's hard to say all these things. But I feel that I need to tell you all about it , you to understand me better ... And so in the beginning everything was fine with my friend, we were the happiest couple in the world . At the time when we lived together it did not work all the time he promised me that he would find a job and will earn and support his family .
I was paying our bills , I bought food, pay the rent went to work , one word did everything that has to do loving man !
One day my friends told me that they saw my boyfriend with another ******* the street, they were kissing .
We had a serious talk and he told me that he has another girl ! I could not believe it ... I still do not understand how he could cause me so much pain ... My heart was broken in for a long time !
For a while he came to me after all this said that he loves me and wants to be with me . I told him that I'm sorry , but I do not I want to be with someone who cheated on me .
Russian men do not respect women , they do not appreciate or anything for them do some men abuse alcohol or drugs .
You probably know about this? I tell you all this to you because I want to be honest with you !
We will not talk much about the sad , now I 'm going to tell you about my hobbies and interests. I like many things. my favorite color is blue. I love to read stories about love. I'm pretty romantic girl , you probably already noticed it . I listen to different music. It makes no difference to me . But music should be beautiful. I love listening to retro music such as : Roxette, Scorpions, Ace of base, Celin Dion, Savage garden the list goes on and on ... I also like pop music , such as : Lady gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavin and many different artists . So I love R & B and club music because I love to dance.
I like to watch a lot of different comedies, melodramas , militants adventure movies : American Beauty, ****, Casino, Scent of a Woma, Requiem for a Dream, The Twilight Saga , Tiatanik , A Beautiful Mind, Knockin 'on Heaven's Door, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hachiko:
A Dog's Story, Romeo and Juliet, Eight Below, Monsters, Inc. , Shrek, **** in Boots , Hamlet, this list can go on too very long =))) I am fond of sports , as I have already told you . I love tennis and badminton outdoors. I also like swimming and just sunbathing .
You see , I'm a bit romantic , so I'm dreaming of what would travel and learn different cities and countries.
Unfortunately I have not been as in other countries. I hope that when or whether I will be able to see the interesting and beautiful places!
I love children very much and because of that I wanted to become a teacher , when I was a little girl . When I have free time, I I love to read . I love all kinds of books .
My favorite authors of Russian literature , Chekhov, Turgenev , Tolstoy.
I told you about my hobbies and interests. I want to tell you that I I want to love and be loved. I want attention from men whom I will love ! I give him all the tenderness and love . I want to be divided thoughts with a loved one . I would like to sharing all my personal secrets with her beloved man .
At the end of his letter, I would like to ask you a few questions , and I hope that you will answer them, it will let me know you is not much better.
Have you had a serious relationship when either ? If there were , why , separated or divorced ? You were married ? What do you dream ? what do you expect from our relationship ? I would be very glad if you answer me .
I would like to ask you to send me your picture. I wonder you see how you are.
I end my letter , I hope to receive your reply soon .
Your new friend Galina
Letter 2
Hello my dear Fred!
I hope I can call you a friend, because I think that you're a very nice person.
I am very glad you told me ! I want to thank you for interest to me. Thank you for your understanding . I feel I made the right choice when I wrote to you the first time. I I feel that our friendship becomes stronger every day and I'm pleases.
In this letter I want to tell you about my family . My family is the biggest and the most important place in my life!
My father's name Vladimir . He is 55 years. My father works in the FSA, More information about the work of my father, I can not even say it because even for I have a big secret. My father this year retires.
My mom in '52 and she worked as a doctor . its work is very difficult , sometimes mom comes home at night.
This is a very demanding job - treat people , but she copes .
My brother works as a carpenter . His name is Andrew . Him for 31 years. he collects furniture at a furniture factory .
I also have a grandmother , she was 85 years old . My grandmother lives in the village . its house 100 kilometers from my town .
When I was a little girl , I came to it in the summer. me liked to stay with her and my grandfather . He was 5 years older than my grandmother. After the death of his grandfather grandmother 's health deteriorated.
We tried to convince her grandmother to move into our apartment she does not want .
Grandma says she will stay where she was happy with loved ones. We respect her feelings , and we do not insist on this, but we just worry about our grandmother.
I love to cook ! When I was a little girl , and my mom and dad I worked preparing food for them . I found very different recipes and tried to surprise them every day.
I guess that all foreigners think that all Russian drink *****. But it is not. Of course in Russia, a lot of alcoholics. I almost do not drink alcoholic beverages , I can only drink in a festive day and only a glass of wine or champagne .
Now when I have a job , I always try to help my parents.
In this letter I told you about the most important part of my life.
This is my family . I hope it was not boring for you.
Please tell me about your family? What do you enjoy? me interesting to know everything! I look forward to your next letter !
I want to know more about you. I love to talk to you !
DOSVIDANIYA. That's how we say "goodbye" in Russian !
Your friend Galina
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